10+ Brilliant Ways to Check if your Diamond is Real at Home

10+ Brilliant Ways to Check if your Diamond is Real at Home

Buying a diamond is like buying a house. The stone will represent your holy matrimony and prove as an investment for your life together with your beloved. IF you want to know how the pros check the authenticity of a diamond without using any equipment, we can teach you all that in five minutes!

What are the best ways to check if your diamond is real from your home

Wondering how to check if you got ripped in your diamond buy? Don’t worry we’ll teach you everything you need to know in the next FIVE minutes!

1.      Hunt for the Stamps

Diamonds are pricey stones. The same is the reason why, credible jewelers always write the setting type or purity of the metal on the inside of the jewelry. You must actively search for stamps such as 916 if it is gold; 950 if it is platinum and 925 if it is silver for purity checks.

2.      Get a Glass of Water

Another way to check if your diamond is fake is by dropping it into a glass of water. According to physics, the real diamond will sink to the bottom of the glass unlike fake diamonds. Experts say the fake rock will float on top or sink to the middle area, at maximum!

3.      You’ve Got Fog?

If you’re short of fancy equipment to test your diamond, get your mouth cleaned, because we’ve got a cost-FREE way to ensure your loose diamond is the real deal. What you need to do is blow your steamy breath onto the diamond. The fog will remain for the first second, but it will evaporate quickly for real diamonds. If you see fog on the rock even after 5-6 seconds after you blow on it, the rock is fake. The reason is that diamonds conduct heat unlike fake diamonds.

4.      You need an X-Ray for your Rock

Another brilliant way to check if your diamond is fake is by going under the X-Ray machine with it.  As diamonds portray radiolucent property unlike the radiopaque property of fake diamonds, it will not show up on the X-Ray machines!

5.      Get the Morning Paper!

Diamonds are highly refractive in nature. This is why you must keep your loose diamond on top of a newspaper and try to read the texts. If you can read the texts, your stone is not a diamond. This is because diamonds are just awesome at refracting light that you will not be able to read anything through it.

6.      Use a Magnifying Loupe

If you’ve got a magnifying glass or microscope, get your rock under it to start evaluating and comparing with the attributes of real diamonds. Magnifying loupes can also be available fro ma certified gemologist.

7.      Do a Qwick Dot Test

Just like the newspaper test, this test checks the authenticity of diamonds based on its refractive abilities. To do a dot test, you need a paper and a pen. Draw a dot on the paper and place the diamond on top of it. Now look at the diamond. If you see reflections of the dot through the stone, you have a fake!

8.      Turn up the Fire and Burn that Rock

Heat Probe tests are fancy tests to ensure your rock is real. If you don’t have the fancy machine to do the heat probe test, get your matches and candle to get started on a homemade test to check your diamond.

Hold your diamond on top of the candle fire for up to 30 seconds. Once it is very well heated, place it in a tub of cold water. If the rock shatters from within, it proves the low tensile strength of the material such as quartz or even glass. Original diamonds will not break or chip under the heat probe test.

9.      Check for Fluorescence

Today, there are diamond look-alikes swamping the diamond engagement ring industry. IF you want the real deal when you pay money for a diamond, ensure that you’re not buying a cheaper moissanite or so with this quick diamond test.

Diamonds radiate null to blue fluorescence while fake diamond stones such as moissanite show yellow, green and grey fluorescence.

10. How to Do a Sparkle Test to Check your Diamond

A real diamond will sparkle like fire within. The brilliant play of light is exponentially higher than fake diamond varieties such as cubic zirconia or moissanites. To check the sparkle of a diamond, hold it under any home light. If you notice rare sparkling lights within the stone, the rock is a fake!

11. Get the Penlight and look for Rainbows

Get your penlight and the loose diamond. Now, shine the penlight through the loose diamond you have. If the light that comes out shows a rainbow shade of colors, it is doubly refracted. You have a real diamond. Congratulations!

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Still in doubt? Call the manufacturer or get the rock appraised by a certified gemologist!

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