10 Crucial Questions to Ask your Diamond Stone Appraiser

10 Crucial Questions to Ask your Diamond Stone Appraiser


Grading and assessing the value of diamonds along with their price is called a diamond appraisal. Although independent appraisals are ideal, you cannot trust every appraiser you meet. To avoid costly errors when submitting insurance claims, you must start with the right questions when selecting your diamond appraiser.


What are the Most Important Questions to Ask Diamond Appraiser


1.      What equipment do you use to Grade Diamonds?

Not every appraiser uses the same equipment unless you confirm so.  A certified appraiser always has a set of master stones, thus named for the perfect grades. In addition, a good appraiser must have 10x to 60x Microscope, Dichroscope, Fibre Optic Lighting, Interference Figure Ball, Refractometer, Specific Gravity solutions, proportion scope and lenses to start with.

2.      Are you a Graduate Gemologist? What is your total experience?

Ask your appraisal for the educational qualifications and certificates or licenses they hold as a competent authority to appraise stones. You can ask if the appraiser has Fellowship with Gemmology Institutes as well as affiliation with jewelers.

In addition, ask about the total experience in years or projects of appraising diamonds.  

3.      Which are the types of light you will observe my diamond under?


Besides diamond pen light, certified appraisers use UV light (long and short wave) too. Moreover, the best lighting setup of an appraiser consists of above 5000 degrees Kelvin or the GIA Lightbox. They can use a colorimeter, desk lights and room lights to assess the optical traits of your rock.

4.      Can you share your Professional Portfolio with me?

Also referred to as the history of the appraiser, you can seek profile of the appraiser before sending your precious stones for checks. As the professional portfolio lets you assess the expertise and capability of the appraiser, it can help you pick the right appraiser for your stone.


5.      Do you offer Upgrades on Diamond Appraisals for Insurance Purposes?

Diamond appraisals are not forever. As the diamond price changes by the second, you need to get an appraisal annually for insurance purposes. The same will need an upgrade year after year, depending on the insurer you’re working with.

Insurance costs 1% of the total price of the diamond value. Hence, ensure that your diamond is correctly appraised to avoid paying a higher premium for insurance.

6.      Can I watch or observe while you appraise my stone?

While most appraisers let you watch the process of appraisal without disturbance, not all allow so. Hence, inquire about the same before the appraising starts. In case you’re doubtful about the history of the appraisal, accompanying during the appraisal will prevent diamond switching scams too.

7.      Has the diamond undergone treatments?

After assessing the appraisal, you can ask about the history of the stone. From artificial to organic treatments, an appraiser can detail the treatment reports of the stone easily. Your appraiser can also identify diamonds with fracture filling, heat or diffusion treatments. If your jeweler did not disclose the enhancement, you can seek justice from a court of law regarding the same, once you appraise the diamond.

8.      Can you defend your appraisal in front of a Federal Court?

This is one of the most important questions to ask an appraiser. If you see the disclaimer that the appraiser is not liable for the report in a court of law, you must skip the person right away. As all appraisals must be accurate and the responsibility of the appraiser, it must be seconded in a court of law.


9.      Show me a Demo of How my Appraisal will Look when Finished

An appraiser with credible experience will always be able to provide you sample template to the appraisal you will finally receive. You must ask this before beginning the appraisal process because every appraiser has a unique way of grading the stones. Getting a peek at the appraisal template or sample will give you the clear idea whether the appraiser can evaluate the diamond as you want.

10. What are your consultation and appraisal charges?

Another important question for the diamond appraiser is the cost of the appraisal. It is true that you can get an appraiser for as low as $25 on the streets. However, if the appraiser has not evaluated the stone properly, you might end up paying huge premiums and still end with a poor quality diamond when you submit the claim.

Ensure that you get a confirmed rate of the appraiser and compare the same with others in the market. Do not go cheap when appraising your stone because if you lose the stone, the cheap appraisal can cost you HUGE!

Before you go …


Asking the right questions to the appraiser ensures you’re getting a fair deal. It will prevent the appraiser as well as the diamond vendor scamming you into a poor quality diamond. Ask these questions to your appraiser to get the total value for your purchase.


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