11 memorable Games for your Bridal Shower

11 memorable Games for your Bridal Shower

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A beautiful event for the bride, your bridal shower is where you are the center of attraction. Bridal showers need fun and tradition on the same boat. Are you ready to plan an eventful and memorable list of games for your bridal shower? We’ve got the best games for you.

Let’s get started!

What is a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower etiquette can only be kept when you fully understand the essence of bridal showers. A bridal shower is an event where guests present gifts that would be useful for her marital life. It is a pre-wedding celebration aimed at surprising the bride and her guests.

When you’re having the bridal shower, it is important to surprise the guests with games that the maid of honor arranges. If you’re the maid of honor, scroll away!

11 Amazing Games for your Bridal Shower                                                  

1.    Guess the Age

This is a special game where you have to collect a series of photos of the bride and groom from different ages or timelines. Put it up on a board and ask the guests to guess the year or age of the bride and the groom in the picture.

This might sound ritualistic, but it is fun with guests and family guessing events in the life of the bride.

2.    Love Movie or Song Quote  

This is an interesting game where you can either choose love song lyrics (or play the song) or quotes from movies. Divide your guests into pairs of two or three and ask them to guess the name of the son or the name of the movies to score points. You can declare a winner at the end by totaling the points of all teams.

3.    Quiz on Bride and Groom

For playing this game at your bridal shower, you need to prepare a quiz on the bride and groom. As usual, divide your guests into groups. Now, ask questions about the bride and the groom to different teams. Trust me, there’s fun in getting the answer wrong too.

4.    Ideas for Dates

Next game is to get a jar and fill it with probable date ideas for the married couple. While it might sound boring if you just write and stuff the jar, you can divide the guests into teams and ask them to form ideas, and say them aloud before putting in the jar. It would be fun! You can wrap the jar as a gift for the bride too!

5.    Best Moment with the Bride

Another interesting heartfelt game to play and make your bridal shower memorable is by asking guests to describe their best moment with the bride. Some might have more than one, but remember to give chance.

6.    Who said it?

Create a list of quotes from the bride and groom about general things. Now, divide your guests and ask to answer who said it. This is a traditional game called He said/ she said. Have you played it?  

7.    Find that Guest

You can also create a Quiz with statements that are true about the guests at the event to let them know each other. Ask every guest to pick a chit that says something like the below about one guest.

  • He is married for 14.5 years
  • She speaks French
  • He is wearing blue cufflinks

The fastest pair wins!

8.    Make the Tastiest Wedding Cocktail

Divide your guests into teams of two and give them each a pitcher and an assortment of fruits to make cocktail out of. Whichever team makes the cocktail the bride likes the most, wins. Perhaps you can feature it at the wedding too.

9.    Dress the Bride with Paper

Another game that always turns out successful is divide the guests into teams of three. Now, ask them to dress up one person in the team in toilet paper for the paper bridal dress. The best one the bride picks after rampwalk wins.

10. Ring Madness

This is a special game. Give every guest a ring and a list of rules which says they can take the ring of the person who says the word bride. The person with the maximum rings at the end of the game wins. Fun right?  

11. Wedding Phrase Timer

Divide your guests into teams of two or three and ask them to write down the wedding phrases in five minutes. The team with the most wedding phrases like ‘here comes the bride’ or ‘just married’ and so on, wins!  

Before you go …

Which was your favorite bridal shower game from the above? Share it with us!

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