11 Tricks to Bring down the Price of your Engagement ring

11 Tricks to Bring down the Price of your Engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring is like an investment. It takes a few thousand dollars and sometimes even tens and hundreds to get the right ring you want. Imagine you’ve found that amazing engagement ring you can live with, for the rest of your life. When you look at the price, you’re shocked. If it could be a bit down, you could manage it. What do you do? That’s what today’s blog post is all about.

Which are the best tricks to bring down the price of your engagement ring?

Whoever you are, getting your favorite engagement ring at a few bucks lesser can’t hurt right? All of us have been there, trying to negotiate the price down for the dream engagement ring. Next time you do, have the following seven tricks up your sleeves too.

Let’s find out the what you need to say to bring down the price of your engagement ring while shopping online or offline.

1.    Get your Diamond Separately

First thing first. Get your rock separately from the ring you saw. Ask about the carat of the rock you saw on the ring and go hunting for similar stones. This way, you can get the whole ring made custom for a lesser fee. Often, the diamond on the ring is impossible to judge. So, getting a cheaper rock separately can bring down the price of the engagement ring.

2.    Go for a Fractional Carat

Often, pricy rings are made in magic carat. A magic carat is like 1.00 or 0.99 or 1.5 or 2.00 and so on. You get the point how whole numbers are pricy in the diamond market? Instead of going for a magic carat, buy a diamond of fractional carats such as 0.97 or 1.32 and so on. It will get you a better price for the whole ring when you go for diamonds with erratic carats.

3.    Ask for a Certificate

Often, the appraisal report or gemstone certificate is given when you pay extra. Ask your jeweler to include it in the bill to get a few hundred dollars off. If they refuse to give the certificate, I would say RUN. That’s because diamonds without certificates might as well be pebbles!

4.    Compare with others

You can always note the ideal size of diamond or the ring you like. And then, go to a variety of stores online and compare the price of the said ring or loose diamond. It can give an idea of different diamonds and different prices too. Choose the one best for your budget and fingers!

5.    Check the Fluorescence

Another factor that brings down the price is fluorescence. Click here to know more about fluorescence of diamonds in detail. If your diamond is fluorescent, you can use that to negotiate a better price. You can also choose a diamond with fluorescence, but with better carats and cut to get a better price too!

6.    Get a Colored Diamond

Just like fluorescence, in diamonds colors come at a lower price than white or colorless. You can get a champagne yellow diamond, pink diamond or even blue diamond for a lower price and good carat size for the same price of a colorless diamond.

7.    Pick small stones than a solitaire

The bigger your diamond is, the more you have to pay. Instead of going down on the cut or clarity, you can go down on the size. Moreover, 20 diamonds sparkling on a finger much better than one single solitaire if they are set for maximum brilliance. Think about it and share your thoughts below.  

8.    Go for a Fancy Shape

Another boon to buying a cheaper diamond is not sacrificing the brilliance. You can get a fancy shape diamond instead of the pricy round shaped diamonds to bring down the price of your ring. Fancy shapes are always cheaper than the round diamond.

9.    Go down on Symmetry or Polish

Just like colors cut costs, you can choose not-so-good symmetrical diamond to pull your prices down. The better symmetry of a diamond, the more brilliance and hence more expensive. You can also go for diamonds with polishing imperfections such as lines and marks without sacrificing the carat size.

10. Can a lower Cut do?

The best way to go for a huge diamond (if you want) is with a stone of lesser clarity and cut. When you go for a cheaper cut, the diamond loses a bit of brilliance, but it still looks gorgeous because it is a diamond.

11. Get a different Gem than diamond

You can also get precious gemstones such as ruby, spinel, emerald, blue sapphire and moissanite instead of diamonds to cut the total price.

Before you go …

Did you find a way to bring down the price of your engagement from the steps above? Tell us in the comments below.

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