12 Silent Rules when picking the Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

12 Silent Rules when picking the Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

If you’re wondering about the best tips and advice to prep you to pick the best diamonds for your engagement ring, our experts can help you out. We created a list of twelve unshared and little-known rules to help you become a pro at diamonds in the next ten minutes!

12 Rules to Keep in Mind When Choosing Diamonds for your Engagement Ring

Are you stuck on how to avoid getting ripped off buying diamonds online? We can help you out.

All you need to do is reserve the next ten minutes without getting disturbed and start reading!

1.      Always Take a Second Opinion when picking choosing diamonds

Diamonds are very valuable. The same is why, you must not choose diamonds for your engagement ring because the sales person or a website said so. Purchase diamonds after appraising it with a certified gemologist.

2.      Never Purchase Diamonds from New Vendors

It is important to ensure the diamonds you buy are real. To do so, you must purchase diamonds and precious stones for engagement rings only from reputable vendors. You can check the complete review of diamond sellers online and offline, all across the Earth on Diamond Peace Army!

3.      Always Check for Reviews before Buying Diamonds

Whenever you’re prancing around on a jewelry store wondering about the best ring to propose your love, don’t be in haste. Check professional comments about the ring and the rock on various diamond reviewing websites and forums before making the final call.

4.      Never Purchase Diamonds without Guarantee or Warranty

Ethically sourced diamonds even has a lifetime warranty. Although avoiding premium diamond vendors is good to save money, you must avoid diamonds without any type of manufacturing guarantee to avoid getting ripped off.

5.      Always seek GIA Certificates for your Diamonds

The only way to ensure the real value of the diamond you buy is with diamond certifications. GIA certifications are accepted around the U.S. It takes into account the ethical sourcing plus everything about the clarity, cut, carat and color of the diamond you buy along with its value in your currency.

Read more on Diamond Certifications HERE!

6.      Never Purchase Diamonds without Checking it under Different Lights

Different diamonds have different fluorescence. Diamonds that radiate fluorescence and graded differently. Although colorless diamond fluorescence fetches more than you must not buy it without testing under varied lights.

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7.      Always Research Beforehand about Diamond Grading and Value

Diamonds are not just rocks today. It is a multi-billion dollar industry with widespread scams too. Always read up about the 4 Cs of diamonds to quickly assess the authenticity of the diamonds you browse at an online or offline store.

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8.      Never Go to a Diamond Shop without Planning an Estimate

Diamonds are categorized based on many factors. And, before barging into a diamond shop to buy your precious ring, you must have a plan or estimate of the budget of the engagement ring. Otherwise, you might land in debt, way before the matrimony!

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9.      Always check the Durability of the Setting of your Engagement Ring

Once you’re done selecting the diamond, it is time to check how durable the setting fits with the diamond. Consult experts when doing so. Read more on Diamond Settings before buying your engagement ring HERE!

10. Never Choose a Strange New Shape of Diamond on a Whim

Shapes of diamonds are responsible for its durability. If you choose a fancy shape incompatible with your diamond ring setting, diamonds can even break or chip faster than you think! Read more on Diamond Shapes before buying your engagement ring HERE!

11. Always Buy diamonds with Upgrade Guarantee

Diamonds sold from established diamond sellers are ideal as it offers upgrade guarantee, often free of cost. In case it is not added to the ring, skip the jeweler or request one. Upgrade guarantee will help you tweak the diamond engagement ring in the future without hassles!

12. Never Buy Conflict or blood Diamonds for Engagement Ring

It is important to ensure your diamond purchases for engagement rings are worthy as much as you think. To do so, you must actively ask for Kimberly Process Certificate as many diamonds are sourced unethically. Often, diamonds from South Africa are termed as blood diamonds due to their involvement in funding terrorist activities in the continent.

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