13 Shocking Tips for Diamond Ring Buyers from Experts

13 Shocking Tips for Diamond Ring Buyers from Experts

Buying a diamond ring is not easy. You need planning and strict diamond education to make a good buy. Essentially, if you’re not careful, you can end up getting scammed easily when buying diamonds online. To avoid costly mistakes, consult with our experts for stunning tips for diamond ring buyers.

13 Tips for Diamond Ring buyers Who are New to Precious Stone Jewelry


Are you wondering how to buy a valuable diamond ring like a professional? We’ve got your back!

1.      Check the Credibility of the Diamond Seller

The first thing to do when you’re looking for diamonds online or offline is to assess the credibility of the diamond seller. You can do so by going through the website or reviews from credible diamond advisers such as DiamondPeaceArmy!

As there are many diamond geezers selling blood diamonds and fraudulent pieces with erratic clarity or with inclusions that bring down the value of the diamonds, checking is vital!

2.      Talk with Verified Customers

Another way to ensure that you’re buying diamonds for engagement rings from trustable diamond sellers online is by checking out the customer reviews. You must make sure that the reviewers you talk to are indeed verified customers. You can seek forums on Wedding Bee and similar other online diamond customer review websites for leads.

3.      Ask for Certified Appraisal

Genuine diamond sellers in U.S.A sell their products with certification, also known as diamond report. Each laboratory uses certified gemmologists to estimate the value of a diamond under multifarious magnifications.

There are a wide variety of diamond appraisal laboratories such as GIA, AGS, IGI or EGL. In fact, GIA and EGL are equal in parameters used for investigating the complete value of the diamond.

4.      Consult your Fiancé about the Diamond

The next big thing to choose a diamond engagement ring that never loses its value, you must consult implicitly or explicitly about the diamond ring you wish to buy with your fiancé. This will help you avoid high-costs as you cannot return customized diamond rings to most credible online diamond sellers.

5.      Ensure the Diamond Looks Great under Different Light

Now, you must assess if the diamond ring actually looks great under different lights. With diamonds, its often impossible to assess the fluorescence and inclusions of the gem under the artificial light of diamond jewelry stores. Take the diamond for a swirl and check how it looks under different natural light because you will be wearing it for the rest of your life.

6.      Re-Check the Trade Guarantee of the Diamond Ring you buy

Another important factor that evaluates the diamond ring buying experience is the trade guarantee. While most diamond sellers with established history of decades will offer trade-up guarantees. In fact, jewelers also provide life time manufacturing guarantee. If you’re unsure about your choice of the ring or size, it is best to buy the engagement ring from a jeweler with trade-up warranty.

7.      Choose a Strong Setting for your Diamond Ring

Another factor that judges your choice of diamond ring is the setting you choose. While some women prefer classic settings, others fancy trendy, hot or new settings. You must always pick a setting that is correct for the diamond shape. Otherwise, there are high chances of losing the precious ring before you know it!

8.      Check Pros and Cons of the Diamond Shape

A little known secret tip to select diamonds that last the lifetime to tie your matrimony together is durability. You must be aware and sure about the inclusions, strength and nature of your diamond before you buy it. Choosing a good shape also depends on your nature of work.


9.      Create an Estimated Budget before you prance into a Diamond Shop

Read more about how to create milestones for diamond ring engagement budget. From $1000 to $100,000 and beyond, we have a brief of how to look for diamond engagement rings that suit your budget. Without a budget, you might end up spending the complete savings money on a fancy rock, only to start life as paupers together with your partner!

10. Always Buy conflict-free diamonds

Another way online diamond sellers scam people is by selling diamonds that are conflicted. It simply means that the diamonds shown to you have no proof of history or most probably was mined using blood money. In many parts of Africa, diamond mining directly funds the terrorist activities. Hence, the name blood diamonds are given. If you want a good diamond, actively seek a Kimberly Process Certificate from the diamond seller you’re buying from.

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Use the expert advice above and treat yourself to diamonds rings of high quality and clarity. As wedding is not a concurrent affair, it is best to choose the symbol of your love, the engagement ring after due evaluation. Leave a comment if you’re confused with diamond tech terms below!



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