16 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying An Engagement Ring!


1. Setting an out of reach budget

Based on our latest research, we found that over 95% of men who bought an engagement ring, have chosen one that was higher than their original budget. That finding was found both on low and high budget who were questioned. “Looking back at time, I would say that sticking to my original budget wasn’t as hard as i though it turned out to be, but once I found the diamond i figured she would love, I got away with it too far”. Says Mark Temple, 28 yo. from Chicago who participated in our research. “Now I understand that the proposal is enclosed with so much emotions, that a diamond engagement ring is important to complete the excitement, but not all the excitement is down to the particular diamond”, adds Temple. For sure he could find an engagement ring that wouldn’t break his budget.

2. Giving Up On On-line Shopping

On-line shopping is growing daily and for sure holds now a very large cut of some markets, including the engagement rings market. It is now clear that shopping on-line saves time and money, especially when it comes to large sums of money. “I was afraid of a fraud, I don’t mind buying a TV on-line for 200$ but a few thousands of dollars for an engagement ring, are a big risk for me, too big”. Tells us Aharon Zucker, 32 yo. from New York, who was afraid of the risk of getting scammed on-line and just drove to an outlet store at Jersey. “If I knew about some of those trusted website that supply unbiased reviews, I might have payed some hundreds of dollars less than I did, as I just showed the Jeweler a nice ring I found on WHITEFLASH and asked him to create one especially for my fiancée”, adds Zucker.

3. Skipping the intelligence gathering step

It is very important to remember, that engagement rings will always have one more important meaning than an emotional symbol of a couple’s relationship. Engagement rings are also a very important fashion accessory, therefore, you just might have o take into consideration the fact that your engagement ring, should first be at your real finance’s taste. “The best method in my opinion, is to ask my best friend”. says Melany Timsel, a 25 yo. “in a serious relationship”, “and yes, my boyfriend already knows exactly who he should ask”. A true friend could tell 10 times better than any man, what’s her flavor. it is that simple, because girls just chat about those issues occasionally.

4. Sticking to big brands only

For some reason, engagement ring shopping makes guys go crazy; maybe it’s because of the emotional energy, or maybe it’s the high payment that is required. We found that most 25-35 yo. men who found a high budget engagement ring at a well known store, wouldn’t settle for an equivalent of value engagement ring that was almost half the price but was sold at a smaller on-line store. Looking for the reason, researchers claim that is only “the fear of being scammed”, says Jonathan Oriley, head researcher at market research center of Dallas Texas. Oriley explains, that “a small on-line store is harder to locate in review websites and so are out of the game for the average shopper.”

5. Cover up your privacy

Most men asked in the research, say that they use to avoid looking for engagement ring at home, so “she” wouldn’t find out, but what they didn’t notice, is today’s Google search history, mutual mobile and laptop account and so on, so once she used your phone for a sec, she must have found out. What can you do? Shay Rozen, CEO of Undercover Media, suggest you will use an “incognito tab”, a neutral computer- at work or a library, and always pay attention to logout of your Google account, avoid making bookmarks and make sure you close all incognito tabs when done!

6. Making A High Season Purchase

It is well known that in between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day most Engagement Rings are sold, therefore we recommend on making a purchase right before or right after the proposal season. It is a matter of 25%-30% price gap, says Eddie Weiss, Head of Marketing at a big Online store. With the right return and refund policies, you shouldn’t worry about keeping the ring to yourself for a few weeks.

7. Buying just an engagement ring, all by your self

Here you have some great options:

  1. take a friend, see who is next in line and make a purchase together.
  2. buy a set, ask for the store to offer you a set including earrings, necklace and off course wedding bands.

A joint purchase might absolutely fix you with a much reasonable price and even an upgrade to your engagement ring.

8. Do not pay with a method that she might find out!

if your future to be fiancee is evolved with your financial status, and you two share an account or a credit card, make sure she wouldn’t get a notification of a large redraw or billing. If you plan to pay cash, make sure it is kept safely both from thieves and the indoor curious!

9. Basing your knowledge and research on a friend that you trust “with your eyes shut”

We always recommend on getting some knowledge about such important issues. Buying an Engagement Rings or Wedding bands, is a very important matter, both financially and emotionally. Always allow yourself the time and patient to observe some of the online reviews, customer complaints, consumer’s organizations evaluations and more.

10. Making a rush purchase- to get it done

It is very important to allow about 6 weeks in order to make a wise purchase, that includes the time of learning, research, negotiation, making of the diamond engagement rings and shipping. Take your time in order to pay enough attention to each and every detail.

11. Giving up the paper sheet

Every diamond has its paper. always make sure to look at the GIA or other authorized diamonds authority who examined the diamonds you are interested at. It is your obligation to demand one.

12. Trusting any sales person or customer care men with your eyes shut

Since we are already on 2016, it is time for you to know that all you need to know about your engagement ring is available on-line and for free. Have questions? ask them, Second thoughts? You should have. Though we appreciate any of our recommended stores, and even some of those who we couldn’t recommend, it doesn’t mean that we thrust anyone without a doubt. We ask you to always be patient, ask for details, confirm it and consider. The taste of a good deals ends the moment you find low quality.

13. Wrong size

That is pretty easy today! Put yourself in Sherlock Holmes shoes, take some photos, still a ring of her favorites or have someone to ask her! We know that almost every store allows re-sizing for free, but why even bother? Nothing better than a clean shot!

14. Great Diamond, Bad settings

Is your future to be fiancee a nurse? M.D.? working with gloves? be sure to take into consideration any of your lady’s lifestyle’s influence. For example, we recommend a three stones setting with smaller diamonds, in case of her using gloves on a daily basis!

15. Wrong Shape

Halo, Oval, Round  or Emerald, whatever it is that she likes, you should find out and get it. However, always remember to try and fit the shape with a descent settings, that will not make the Diamond look smaller, less shiny or other. Great shape will make any girl blush, especially when you get the best quality.

16.Making a Rushed Purchase

A 100 reviews on your next 2000$ laptop, but only 2 minutes for your 5000$ engagement ring? Don’t just go out and get any nice ring, you need to take your time to make sure that you have picked out the perfect engagement ring. Make sure that you shop around, and see what the various jewelers, both online and brick and mortar stores have to offer.