7 Best Beach Wedding Destinations In The World

7 Best Beach Wedding Destinations In The World

With up to 2.4 million weddings happening in the U.S alone in a year, only 33% happen in a church or similar religions places. Moreover, with almost half of the couples having casual weddings than formal weddings, the hype for beach wedding has increased. Today we will find out in detail about the pros and cons of a beach wedding as well as the 7 surprise beaches to have your destination wedding. Excited? Let’s start!

Why a Beach Wedding?

Do you know the cost of destination weddings has actually stayed still, well under $10,000? On the other hand, at-home to at-church wedding costs have spiked drastically. Benefits of a beach wedding are many, but we will pick out our five favorite reasons.

We will find out what makes beach weddings easy, beautiful and mesmerizing for you.

  • Keep it Casual

The best thing I personally love about beach weddings is how informal it gets. If you host your wedding in the church, there is no room for jokes. It is a formal event in a holy place. Beach, on the other hand, loosens you up.

  • Picturesque Beyond Words

Depending on the beach you choose, your wedding is going to be gorgeous and picture-perfect. Choosing the right beach after accounting the temperature, tides and waves can help you get the best shots. Marrying your sweetheart while the waves rush ashore is certainly heavenly music for matrimony!

  • Have Fun on the Beach

After the wedding, you have the beach to have fun. From cousins to family and friends, beach weddings are like family vacations. You will create unforgettable memories while having a blast at the beach.

  • Cost-Efficient

A beach wedding takes very little costs because it is usually a private affair on a free beach. It can cut down huge costs you might otherwise have to waste on decorations. Beach wedding is double the fun for their costs too.

  • One of a Kind

Getting married on the beach is truly unique. It brings surprises and candid moments that will make it the best day of your life. Beach weddings are an eclectic idea for destination weddings because they offer an out-of-the-box creative wedding party.

Top 7 Beach Wedding Destinations in the World

Finding the right place to get married is essential because it is the first decision of your life together. You can make it romantic by tying the knot where you first met or in a fairy tale castle, but beach weddings have something no other destination has- the sound of the ocean. It is auspicious and mesmerizing for the couple and their guests.

Before you finalize on your wedding destination, check the following out at first.  

·      Montego Bay, Jamaica


Surrounded by clear blue oceans taking turns to bless you, Montego Bay is ideal. From photographers to event planners, it is easy to setup Montego Bay as your wedding destination. It is picturesque and idyllic with rich flora and fauna. The architecture is as sassy at the beaches too!  

·      Cancun, Mexico


Surrounded by teal waters, Cancun is just beside the Caribbean Sea. It is famous for its nightlife to vibrant coastal party hotspots. Choosing Cancun as your beach wedding destination is mind-blowing because the location is like a blue paradise. Avoid the break period of unis because this is the time college students come to Cancun too.

·      Hermosa, Costa Rica


A green destination ideal for any type of wedding, Hermosa is most famous for its beaches. Discover the beauty of calm blue oceans encircled by green meadows. The air is fresh and the view, mind-blowing. Why wouldn’t you get married here? This is a tropical paradise that adds an eye-popping color to your wedding albums.

·      Wineglass Bay, Tasmania


Named after its appearance resembling the rim of a wine glass, this turquoise and aquamarine oceans of Tasman are a big hit with couples from far and wide. The best Australian beach wedding destination, Wineglass Bay is surrounded by national parks, wineries, trails and ideal private touring by couples.

·      Goa, India


The beach wedding destination for partyholics, Goa features a collection of unrivaled beaches. From sea food to a vibrant music scene, there’s a lot to celebrate when you get married in Goa. The churches of Goa are also one of the things that makes it idyllic.

·      Maui, Hawaii


One of the hottest destinations for wedding, in Maui you have many options. You can even have an eventful honeymoon here because Maui is filled with sightseeing landmarks to lavender valleys you can explore together.

·      Lake Placid, New York


Set away from the hustle and bustle, lake placid was the winter Olympics venue too. It is filled with attractions such as Mirror Lake to cozy corners you can go strolling together. The wedding venues run out fast, to call right away.

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