7 Best Engagement Ring Designs For 2019

7 Best Engagement Ring Designs For 2019

 We have rummaged every new piece on your favorite engagement ring stores to find you amazing new designs. With pear and oval-shaped engagement ring designs gaining traction since January this year, you need to look at a lot of new designs, perhaps even with a fresh pair of eyes. Each ring looks stunning and unique.

If you find the one you like, click on the image to head over to the main website where you can buy the jewelry directly from the jeweler. They are trustworthy and we get no commission what-so-ever. This is a cherry-picked list of amazing engagement ring designs that our ring experts saw!

7 Fresh and Stunning Engagement Ring Designs in 2019  

When you’re hunting for engagement rings, you want to see every design there is before you make your buy. While traditional stores are impossible to skim through because of their vastness, online you can cover a lot of ground looking at breathtaking new designs at the ease of a click.

Our team decided to put together a list of seven most unrivaled engagement ring designs that we are smitten with, from credible jewelers you can buy online from. Start away!

·      Eros By Spinelli Kilcollin


Source: Spinelli Kilcollin

A bespoke ring design featuring three colors of gold, Eros has rose gold connectors holding three rings in a layered setting. Out of which, one is set in diamonds channeled on white gold and the other two are plain bands set in 18K Yellow gold. SK describes the inspiration of the ring design has to do with the multi-layered feature of love itself.

Price: $6,000

Metal Available

18K Rose Gold connectors

18K White Gold Ring

18K Yellow Gold Ring

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·      McTeigue & McClelland Fleur De Lis Ring

McTeigue & McClelland Fleur De Lis Ring - Rings - 505719786

Source: Barneys New York

A spectacular engagement ring design handmade with care, this is pricey, but unique too. The ring showcases two yellow diamonds in a radiant cut with the center stone made of emerald in the emerald cut. The shank of the diamond ring is set with accent stones and two bezel cut diamonds can be seen up and down the center stone, on the gallery.

Price: $22,000

Metals Available

Platinum and 18K Yellow Gold

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·      Ballerine Solitaire by Cartier

Ballerine Solitaire Pink gold, diamond

Source: Cartier

A beautiful designer engagement ring from Cartier, Ballerine is minimalist yet breathtaking. It is made in pink gold and set with diamonds. The central round diamond has a weight of 0.23 to 0.39 carats and the four petite diamonds total 0.03 carats. Cartier describes the ring as inspired by harmony, balance, and dance.

Request Price

Metal Available

Pink Gold

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·      Twin Ring by Carbon&Hyde

Source: Carbon&Hyde

When I laid eyes on this ring, I was stunned. It is a unique ring improvised on a classic. The open ring is a trendy new design that features two pear diamonds highlighted by paved diamonds around the shank. It is a lovely ring that charms with the asymmetrical pairs together, perfect as an engagement ring. The pears weight 1.00 and 0.75 carats while the pave set diamonds total up to 1.00 carat too.

Price: $16,000

Metal Available

14K Yellow Gold

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·      Emerald Belt Ring by Shahla Karimi

Shahla Karimi Emerald Belt Ring_14K_18K_Y

Source: Shahla Karimi

Another abstract beauty beyond words, this Shahla Karimi design is for women with a refined taste in fashion. It is a futuristic ring that boasts the sense of symmetry in 2019 in a captive setting. Boasted as art deco, this ring is set with two bezel set diamonds in emerald cutting. The proportionate stones are highlighted by their VS1 clarity. The stones weigh a total of 1.41 carats.

PriceL $6,700

Metal Available

  • Platinum
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 18K White Gold
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • 14K White Gold
  • 14K Rose Gold

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·      Future by Bulgari

Wild Pop High Jewellery 18 kt white gold ring set with turquoise elements, one cabochon star-sapphire (11.45 ct) and pavé diamonds (4.98 ct) Stock Code: RS558

Source: Bulgari

A trendsetter design that features three different stones, The Future ring has turquoise elements with a cabochon of star sapphire in the middle with 11.45 carats! The pave diamonds that highlights the beauty of the ring totals up to 4.98 carats. The simple 4-prong setting makes it a design that complements every attire you wear.


Metal Available

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·      Large Blue Topaz Teardrop Ring by Nina Runsdorf

Source: Nina Runsdorf

This is by far the most unique design of engagement ring in 2019. The large teardrop rests against the finger cozily without snag while flaunting its beauty. That’s because the ring is a slip on jewelry that looks naturally beautifies your fingers. It is a ring for a goddess or princess and no less. It is set with a huge blue topaz surrounded pave diamonds. This is radical, but a new hype that cannot be ignored. Isn’t it pretty?

Price: $6,950

Metal Available

18K White Gold

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