7 Ethical Diamond Sellers With A History Online

You’ve seen the movie blood diamonds? So you know the problems in the diamond industry. If you want to purchase a diamond not tarnished by the blood of terrorism and gang wars, you need to buy from certified ethical diamonds sellers with a credible history online. As they comply to the certifications and offer the origin of your diamond in-detail, ethical diamond sellers will always have you back. Let’s find out the truth about 7 best diamond sellers online who don’t bend the ethics.

Why Buy from Ethical Diamond Sellers?

Do you want the blood of innocent people on your conscience? To mine your 0.5 carats of diamond, perhaps five people gave their lives. Or, they were mutilated by goons. Wearing such a diamond on the ring that symbolizes the purity of your love and matrimony is definitely not auspicious. You and I and many more millions believe the same.

That’s why there are certifications such as the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme to ensure you’re buying the real thing without the taint of corruption. It’s the standard certification almost all the ethical diamond sellers have. Another option is to buy from Canadian diamond sellers because they ensure conflict-free diamond with more certifications than KPSS.

Our Handpicked List top 7 Ethical Diamond Sellers online

Diamond mined from sensitive areas are not even bought by ethical diamond sellers. From adhering to certifications and donating to victims of blood diamonds, we have selected 7 best diamond sellers online who are ethically conscious and sell nothing but conflict-free diamonds. If you buy with conscience, this list is all you need to pick the right engagement ring.

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1.    Brilliant Earth Ethical Diamond Seller

Known for their superlative dedication to ethical sourcing of diamonds, Brilliant Earth is first on this list because they are the No.1 diamond seller for buying with trust. BE uses recycled precious metals that are not outsourced but entirely made in USA. They even donate 5% Profits to charities to stop conflict diamonds. It is centered in California and offers a wide range of diamonds from ethically sourced to lab made.

You can browse the engagement rings on BE with ASET images and High definition photos to make the perfect buy of your diamond.  

Established Date: August 2005

Returns Window: 30 Days

Website: https://www.brilliantearth.com/engagement-rings/

2.    Blue Nile Ethical Diamonds

A diamond seller with long-standing reputation of credibility, Blue Nile is available on various platforms. We trust Blue Nile because their diamonds are conflict free and the store was founded almost two decades ago in 1999. Their rigorous ethical sourcing of diamonds is centered around Kimberly Process and partnership with UN against conflict or blood diamonds.

Diamonds on Blue Nile comes from Australia, Russia, Canada and Africa, all sourced from conflict-free sources. They strictly confirm Blue Nile doesn’t buy diamonds from conflict areas such as Zimbabwe.

Established Date: 1999

Returns Window: 30 Days

Website: Blue Nile

3.    Ethical Diamonds from Ritani

One of the powerful and popular diamond engagement ring seller online, Ritani offers complete transparency for their diamond products. It can be tracked because Ritani uses Kimberly Certification Process. Ritani is also affiliated to Responsible Jewelry Council, JKG Group. This group donates and invests in enhancing living conditions in Namibia.

Established Date:  1999

Returns Window: 30 Days

Website: http://www.ritani.com/

4.    Brian Gavin Diamonds History

Yes, BG diamonds are conflict free. They strictly adhere to Diamond Act of 2003. Brian Gavin diamonds are 100% conflict free and come from Russia, Botswana and Namibia. Every diamond you choose will have the certificate showing origin. They do not buy precious stones from Sierra Leone and the company is infamous for making gorgeous diamond rings for engagement and wedding.

Established Date: 2009

Returns Window: 15-Days

Website: https://www.briangavindiamonds.com

5.    Ethical Diamond Seller WhiteFlash

One of the best diamond sellers online, WhiteFlash proudly sells nothing but conflict-free diamonds. They are the big players because Whiteflash offers direct donations to families affected by blood diamonds mining and trade. Every diamond on Whiteflash is accompanied by the Kimberly Process Certification. Part of UN Global Impact called KP, Whiteflash sells legit diamonds and improves the labor issues in affected areas.

Whiteflash also supports Jewelers for Children (JFC) and Diamond Developtment Initiative (ddi). Another charity of Whiteflash worth mentioning is The Gravity Light Foundation for providing electricity to people who do not have it.

Established Date: 2000

Returns Window: 30-Days

Website: https://www.whiteflash.com

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James Allen is another Ethical Diamond Seller you must not skip on while searching for conflict-free diamonds. With the ending of the blood diamonds in Sierra Leone since 2002, things are better. Do you know Kimberly Process has certified 99% diamonds in the world at present? It’s easy to find the good diamonds now. Ask your questions in the comments below to know more.

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