7 Tips to Save Money when buying your Engagement Ring

7 Tips to Save Money when buying your Engagement Ring

Saving money for your wedding is not news. Everyone gets to that point before their marriage and if you’re there, we’d like to help you out! Our experts picked the complete list of ways to save money for your engagement ring so that your wallets are thick when you start a new life together.

Why Save Money when you’re Estimating the Budget of your Engagement Ring


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Although you might want your fantasy to come out when you’re planning your wedding, don’t let it overtake your senses. Remember that spending all your savings on a pricey engagement ring will not ease the tension you will face due to lack of money after the wedding. Take practical decisions when buying an engagement ring. Our experts will point you in the right direction to save maximum money on your engagement ring buy!

7 Tips to Save Money when purchasing your Engagement Ring


Money is crucial for making a foundation to your life. If you’re wondering about tricks and tips experts use to save money for engagement ring purchases in 2018, we’ve got you the perfect 7 tips! Start exploring how you can save money on the engagement ring and add it your honeymoon trip or savings account from diamond pros.

1.      Start Planning Early

What you need as tools when you’re starting out on the journey to buy your engagement ring, it is planning. A well-defined plan will help you buy the ring of your dreams. In any case, even if it doesn’t, planning will help you buy the second or the third best ring on your list for sure. Moreover, you must not set restricted goals like one month salary or 50 days savings. Instead, think link 6 months’ salary or taking a loan with viable instalments!

2.      Join Hands to Save

Another easy way to save up money for your engagement ring is by sharing in the cost of your ring. By splitting salaries or taking up light part time jobs together, you can manage your relationship simultaneously finding financial solutions.

You can always talk about the cost of the engagement ring with your fiancé and figure out a way to earn the money you need for the ring. As you very well know, two hands make more money than one!

3.      Stop Lavish Spends

Now that you know the total money you need to buy your dream engagement ring, start being responsible. Grow up and start saving money for your expenses than spending it right, left and center. You need to find ways to make cuts in your monthly expenditure, depending on the estimated amount you want to spend on the engagement ring.

4.      Accept the Inclusions

Another way to save up on the money for an engagement ring is by accepting the flaws that come with the diamonds. Your cornerstone needn’t be flawless. In fact, inclusions make dynamic patterns and add uniqueness to any diamond. Hence, rather than sticking to flawless (FL) rating of diamonds, choosing Slightly Included or Very Slightly Included varieties.

You can also hide the flaws in a diamond by instructing your diamond cutter to choose a shape that mars it. Besides cutting, you can also decide contoured prongs for the diamond rings to hide the inclusions from plain-sight or make it look eye-clean.

5.      Online Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Choosing traditional stores (retail) vs online stores is decade’s old and still running debate. If you’re looking for ways to save money, brick and mortar diamond stores are not the answer. You need online stores that offer special discounts on top of coupons on festive times by signing up for their newsletters. Unlike retail stores, online sales people don’t interfere or coax you to buy. They don’t rip you off as you can compare with numerous reviews before buying your precious rock for engagement ring too!

6.      Switch to the Cheaper Metal

An interesting and trendy way to save up on your engagement ring is by choosing an engagement ring made of cheaper metals such as 14 K Gold, White Gold or even Sterling Silver as opposed to costly platinum. The lower carat variety of Gold or Silver can save you beyond 100% when compared to diamond rings.

7.      Go for Gemstones

Wanna know the best way to save on engagement rings? Switch from expensive diamonds as your centerstone to Gemstones such as Ruby, Emerald or even the Titanic Blue Sapphire!

As diamond is just another gemstone, you can choose rare or special gemstones that fit with your zodiac or color palette and simultaneously save money. Moreover, gemstones are called healing crystals and exponentially rising in popularity!

Before you go …

Ready to start saving for your engagement ring? Start with a budget and plan. Get a journal and name it Engagement Ring Savings Journal. Begin your savings routine right now because every second can add to innovative ways to earn and save money for your dream wedding ring!

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