8 Different Diamond Certifications In The World You Must Know

8 Different Diamond Certifications In The World You Must Know

Are diamonds the most precious stones in the world? Besides, it costs a fortune to get a good diamond. Hence, it is important that the diamond you buy is genuine. That’s why, we gathered our diamond experts to brief on how to understand, compare and contrast Diamond Certifications In The World so that you can avoid costly errors. Get started!

What Is A Diamond Certification?

When a gemologist assesses your diamond under magnification, the 4Cs and all the features are taken into consideration. Diamond certification helps to understand the value of the diamond you have. It is a must-have for diamonds so that you can buy and trade-up or sell it for the right value whenever you feel.

8 Types Of Diamond Certifications In The World Explained

Is Diamond Certification Important? What Are Good Diamond Certifying Laboratories Around The World? Which Lab Should I Choose To Certify My Loose Diamonds? What Is Diamond Certification Best? Get all your answers right away!

1.      GIA Diamond Certifications

Gemological Institute of America or GIA is the best in the world for assessing values of diamonds. Diamond certification GIA is the best in the world done by 4 certified gemologists for every report. You can send it to GIA for certification. It takes up to 6 weeks to get a diamond graded from GIA laboratory.

2.      HRD Diamond Certifications

The second best diamond certification laboratory in the world, HRD Diamond certificate is run by Antwerp World Diamond Center. The four-decade-old lab follows standards same as the GIA. The reliable certifying body for diamonds follows the rules of IDC (International Diamond Council). It is a popular governing body for those who want GIA standards when buying diamonds in Europe!

3.      GCAL Diamond Certifications

Gem Certification and Assurance Lab or GCAL assesses the quality of your diamond. However, GCAL is not the same as GIA. It can follow either GIA or AGSL but ensures the highest quality of grading for precious diamonds.

Originating from New York, GCAL certification for diamond is a reliable laboratory that uses DTC DiamondSure, DiamondView, and FTIR Infrared.

4.      AGS Diamond Certifications

Established in 1934 by the name of American Gem Society or AGS evaluates and assesses diamonds on a parameter different than the GIA. The scales and grades for diamond are Ideal to Poor unlike excellent of GIA. AGS is a jeweler founded organization that offers polish, fluorescence, and symmetry besides the 4Cs of the diamond.

5.      IGI Diamond Certifications

International Gemological Institute or IGI is from Antwerp. The largest laboratory for diamond certification, IGI is slightly below AGS and GIA certification strictness. The inconsistencies in diamond grading by IGI is varied as it has many branches all over the world. We must advise that IGI is constantly bettering in their grading every day.

6.      EGL Diamond Certifications

European Gemological Laboratory or EGL is not one of the top tier laboratories for getting your diamond assessed or graded. However, the inconsistencies in the diamonds tend to be high for EGL and hence are highly discouraged as a trustworthy certificate for getting a good value on your diamonds.

7.      PGS Diamond Certifications

An unbiased gemological society for grading diamonds, PGS or Professional Gem Sciences is based on U.S.A (Chicago and Los Angeles). The best fact about PGS diamond grading reports is the map of inclusions or flaws in your diamond, finely detailed. PGS is a reliable lab for grading your diamonds as it grades diamonds within days of procuring it unlike the long wait of GIA. They indicate hearts and arrows on the diamond grading reports too!

8.      GII Diamond Certifications

Gemological Institute of India or GII was established in 1965 and is one of the labs untrusted in the diamond certification business. It offers several geographical origin certificates of the gemstone so that you know where it comes from. GII is a non-profitable charity trust organization in Mumbai, India that offers gemological courses too!

9.      GSI Diamond Certifications

Gemological Science International or GSI popular in the U.S, India, Belgium, and Israel. It is affiliated with the Jewelers of America, Diamond Dealers Club of New York and World Diamond Council too. IT grades the bulk amount of diamonds of large carat sizes. Popular for its swiftness, GSI is second to AGS and GIA.

Why should you get your Diamond Certified?

Certifying your diamonds from a certified lab from the above will help you assess the value of your diamond without getting ripped off. Diamond certifications help you know the true characteristics of your diamond rock. It is a must-have if you’re unsure about the quality of your rock. Moreover, diamond certifications will help you deduce the price of the diamond price at any time!

Before you go … 

Diamond certifications around the world differ by the parameters they use to assess diamonds and other precious stones. Ask us everything you’re doubtful about diamond certifications in the comments below!

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