9 Embarrassing Questions On Choosing Your Engagement Ring Are Answered

9 Embarrassing Questions On Choosing Your Engagement Ring Are Answered

With couples spending an average of $6000+ on engagement ring it is a serious purchase that you should invest equal time as much as your money. Do you know an average proposer spends years on a relationship before actually proposing to get married? And, how long do you spend on the ring purchase? An engagement ring is supposed to stay with you throughout your life, just as your spouse. So, don’t make ridiculous mistakes that might actually threaten you to lose your love.

Instead, listen to our experts who have drafted almost a dozen questions on choosing your engagement ring like a pro!

Questions On Choosing Your Engagement Ring

Do I need to think about other rings than the engagement ring? When should I buy the wedding ring? Is the setting more important than the stone? Find your answers now!

1.    Buying an Engagement Ring by the Price than Like

Bookmarking the website of your favorite engagement ring seller and waiting for the BIG discount sale is definitely worth it. But, do you know diamond geezers show inflated MSRP so that you feel like you’re getting a good deal during super saver sales? Don’t be a prey to it. Instead, buy the ring you like and inquire about discounts afterward!

2.    Assuming her Ring Size or Band Width

Have you checked the ring size of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Not all rings can be resized because of the setting.

As I can’t say if yours can be resized, it’s better to be sure of the finger size than guess it. Ask it directly or get all traditional by sneaking up on your partner with a thread and checking the ring size while they are not looking. Another method is to invent a game that requires you to tie a twine on the finger. Save it after!

3.    Choosing a Fancy Shape of the Diamond

You might think the heart-shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of romance, but have you considered if your girlfriend actually likes it? If you have a classy girl or one who loves minimalist designs, fancy shaped diamond might just break the whole relationship. ASK HER or check if she has fancy shaped jewelry to know if she is into it before buying the diamond.  

4.    Engraving Something Stupid or without asking your partner

Engraving is a special and personalized method of making your engagement ring really special. Before you jump the gun with something outta the world, think from your partner’s side if it is the right thing to do. Mostly because engraved rings are often not-returnable. So choose a text wisely!

5.    Forgetting about the 4Cs

Do you know how to select a good diamond? Don’t just look at it, instead observe it. Click here to know about the 4Cs of diamonds. Don’t forget to look at the diamond from different angles and under different lights before you settle on one.

6.    Investing in a Pricy Setting than a Pricy Diamond

A diamond is easy to switch, but a set is not. Perhaps that’s why most people spend all their money on costly setting than on the stone. This is not only wrong but also foolish. Do you know that the highlight of the ring is actually the stone? If the diamond is of poor quality, whatever the setting you choose, it won’t win her heart!

Hence, prioritize choosing the diamond first and focus on the setting second.

7.    Spoiling the Surprise Proposal with a Home-delivery of the Ring

Are you thinking of surprising her? Then don’t sign up for home delivery? Or fix a time when she ain’t home. Store pick up is another way to protect your surprise too, if you’re ordering your rings online.

8.    Skipping on the Wedding Bands

If you invest all your money on the engagement rings, you’re unaware of what you need actually. Besides the engagement ring, wedding rings must be brought along with it because they both should match. At least ask your jeweler about the compatible settings for wedding rings by your engagement ring.

9.    Investing Way too Much on the Engagement Ring

Never Making a Budget for Engagement Ring Purchase is the biggest folly you can do. You need to keep money aside for other wedding jewelry as well as wedding function and your life after too. Are you ready?

Before you go …

Another renowned and embarrassing mistake with the engagement ring as we have seen is losing it before date. Don’t be that person; keep your engagement ring safely and in ONE place where you can remember later.

What other embarrassing things happened to your wedding ring? Tell us in the comments below!

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