9 Most Famous Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings

9 Most Famous Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings

Looking for best diamond choices for engagement rings? We’ve got a list of top nine best affordable and unconventional engagement ring designs with and without the central diamonds. Choosing any of the below will make you a superstar bride/groom with rare taste in jewelry!

9 STUNNING Diamond Choices for Engagement Rings You Never Knew

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Explore the newest style of diamond choices engagement rings that makes you look amazing on your special day.

1.      Invisible Setting in your Diamond Ring

What is the Invisible Setting in your Diamond Ring

When your diamond engagement ring is set with prongs that do not look to gaudy or even prominent, it is called invisibly set diamond rings.  The mounting keeps the diamonds intact without letting the looker spot the connection and prongs. It looks as if the diamonds on your ring are held by nothing at all. Invisible set of diamond engagement rings look sexy and super cool for trendy users!

You can buy diamond engagement rings set in Invisible Setting, from Novori, Adiamor, Whiteflash and DiamondsFactory!

2.      Engagement Ring in an Alphabet Shape

What is Letter Shaped Engagement Rings

When your diamond engagement ring is made in the shape of a letter, it is called letter rings. You can add variety color of metal and diamonds to highlight the alphabet shaped diamond engagement ring of your choice. It is a trending and new type of engagement ring with many benefits. As you can create the ring in the first letter of your name or fiancé, or even a blend of both your names, the ring is preferred by many brides and grooms today.

You can buy Letter Shaped affordable Engagement Rings from VistaBella, RIMON, HK Jewelry, RubyLane, Annielka and Avienne & Co!

3.      Multiple Contrasting shapes in Engagement Ring

What is the Multiple Contrasting shapes in Diamond Rings

When you choose an engagement ring, it must be unique. If you’re into rebellious designs, the best choice is to opt for engagement rings in contrasting shapes and sizes or colors. From square+ circle to rectangle, oval and cushion cut, there are diverse options to choose unique diamond engagement rings of your choice.

4.      Hedgehog Engagement Ring

What is Hedgehog Diamond Engagement Ring

A playful, yet spiky animal, hedgehog shaped diamond engagement rings are becoming mainstream nowadays. Made in colourful diamonds or metal alone, these rings are a unique and oddity in diamond engagement rings to impress the lookers.

You can buy cost effective hedgehog shaped engagement rings with black diamonds to metal overlay from BoucheronParis, Kate Spade and Chopard!

5.      Wired Diamond Wedding Ring

What is Wired Diamond Wedding Ring

There is nothing more epic than diamond engagement rings held together by fragile looking metal pieces or designs. The best thing to do is opt for a wired type of engagement ring with your choice of metal. It might look fragile, but once you choose a sturdy metal, the engagement ring will look super cool and durable too!

6.      Hammered Platinum Ring with Flawed Diamonds

What is Hammered Platinum Engagement Ring

A new fashion style in the world of engagement rings, platinum hammered engagement ring is an affordable choice. Moreover, the best diamonds to pair with the rugged looking platinum band are diamonds with inclusions. The blurry look of diamonds when paired with hammered platinum bands for diamond engagement rings are a sure-fire hit with couples looking for unconventional bridal jewelry.

7.      Cluster Set Engagement Ring with Tiny Diamonds

What is Cluster Set Engagement Ring

Another brilliant way to make your engagement ring look stellar is with cluster set of diamonds. When an engagement ring is set with multiple tiny diamonds around a centerpiece, it is called a cluster set engagement ring. You can also skip the centerstone and add tiny diamonds throughout the ring to bring about a sparkling brilliance around it.

8.      Crown or Tiara shaped Engagement Ring

What is Tiara shaped Engagement Ring

When you buy a diamond engagement ring that is shaped as a tiara or crown, it makes a unique effect. A new trend in diamond engagement ring styles around the world, tiara rings are best for glamorous women with a fine taste in jewelry.

9.      Coral Metal Engagement Rings

What is Coral Metal Engagement Ring

Made in a unique design that appreciates coral reefs on the ocean beds, coral engagement rings can be made with our without diamond centerstones. Although they might look problematic or not-so-durable, they are best for people looking for engagement rings in the best designs.

You can find stunning coral metal engagement rings at affordable prices from Arosha here!

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Another bonus pick for diamond choices for engagement rings include Pink Gold Engagement Ring Diamond in the Shape of a Heart. Tell us the most unconventional choice of diamond ring you saw.

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