9 Ways to Protect and Wear Diamond on Holiday like a Boss

9 Ways to Protect and Wear Diamond on Holiday like a Boss

You’ve got your shiny bauble of an engagement ring. And, now you’re off on your honeymoon. How can you wear a diamond on holiday like a boss without losing or tearing it? Our experts are here to help you out. Get started on Diamond Ring Caring Tips if you’re off on a Holiday soon!

9 Tips to Remember when Carrying Your Diamond Ring on Holidays

Just married couples have a lot of rave about. If your upcoming trip needs you to change flights, it is best to plan ahead to keep from losing your priceless engagement ring. And, we have got a bunch of extremely practical and useful ideas for couples wearing a diamond on holiday!

1.      Do you have any proof of the diamond ring being a personal good?

The first thing to do when you’re taking your diamond engagement ring on a holiday is to ensure that you have the documents to prove it is your personal goods. Any goods purchased on your travel is subject to checks and customs. Hence, take a picture of you wearing the engagement ring before the travel or the bill of the purchase to prove it was bought before travel in your native country.

2.      Do you Have Insurance for your Ring?

Another commonly neglected factor when travelling with diamond rings is the insurance. Check with your insurance agent to prepare how to carry or store your ring. While some insurer’s don’t recommend traveling with precious jewelry, it is best to cross-check the fine print details with your diamond engagement ring insurer or jeweler first.

3.      Do you have a Safe Box for your Engagement Ring?

When you’ve already planned to take your precious diamond ring on holiday with you, next step to think about is storage. To store your diamond ring safely, you need sleek boxes that are well-protected and clutter-free to ensure the safety of your ring. Consult your manufacturer for the best boxes to carry your wedding jewel!

4.      Do you know the temperature and type of area your holidaying at?

When traveling on holidays with precious jewelry, many things can go wrong. The best way to avoid tarnish of the precious jewelry is by ensuring the terrain, atmosphere or heat of the place you’re visiting is not harmful to your jewelry. In case the place is too dusty, pack your ring into the safe storage box!

5.      Do you carry diamond ring cleaning paraphernalia on you?

All you need to clean a diamond ring is a soft bristled brush, soft soap and a microfiber cloth plus some water. Try to clean the diamond ring after every outing. Also make sure the clean process is gentle to avoid harsh rashes and scars on your precious jewelry.

Always carry things you need to clean your diamond ring when traveling to ensure your precious rock is always clean and safe.

6.      Do you know how to hide your diamond engagement ring?

Not every place is a great place to flaunt your 10 carat huge engagement ring full of sparkles. If you love that rock, be sensible on where to show it off. Once you’re sure, you need to travel to remote places, avoid wearing the ring. This is because catching the attention of thieves and robbers is easy when you’re wearing a giant engagement ring that screams ‘pricey diamonds for steal’!

7.      Do you know how safe your destination is?

It is not good to prance across strange areas with high crime rates on your own with a giant diamond on your finger. If you’re going to underdeveloped countries or areas where it is not safe to be wearing gaudy jewelry. Always research beforehand to know the crime rate status and safety of your destination before donning precious jewelry or rich looks. It might prove a cause for misery in the future!

8.      Do you add your engagement ring to Carry on or Check-in Luggage?

It is best to carry the engagement ring in your carry-on luggage than the luggage you send away to the cargo. This way, you are answerable to the officials at the airport, than face deportation or delay in boarding when the cargo luggage is scanned. Moreover, luggage can get lost. So, just don’t put your precious engagement ring in the luggage you’re parting with!

9.      Do you have a safe pocket to carry your ring discreetly?

Whenever you’re traveling it is good to pack clothes that have secret slots and pockets. Such clothes can be of good help when you want to hide your precious engagement ring in a wink. It will save you hassles and keep your priceless jewel safe.

Before you go …

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After reading these 9 tips and crossing them off your checklist, you’re ready for your trip. If you’re stopped at any security, you will be ready to move on, sooner than later with these preparations. Get started right away|!

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