Ada Diamonds Review: Tips For Buyers ONLY!

Ada Diamonds Review: Tips For Buyers ONLY!

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Diamonds are such a big deal, thanks to DeBeers and their exhaustive marketing back in the day. That’s why most brides and people in general, love ethical diamonds. Let’s talk about a pioneer today. 

What is Ada Diamonds? What are their pros and cons? How to order from them?

Ada Diamonds are a luxury lab-grown diamond seller and designer who ventured into the industry out of a lack of finding the right options themselves. This environmentally conscious company offers premium lab-grown diamonds at 10% to 30% of mined diamond prices. However, their settings are madly expensive. 

Are they worth investing in? If you’re planning to spend thousands on a mined diamond, why not spend the same amount on an even better diamond! 

Spare 10 minutes with me and I’ll tell you all about their strengths and pitfalls so you can make the right decision whether or not to buy from them. We’ll be discussing their history to complaints, financing, shipping, payments, diamond varieties, customizing process, return policies, trade-ins, and much more!

Why Should You Buy From Ada Diamonds? 

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Ada is a popular household option for ethical diamonds and is no longer a private company for the absolute elites. What makes it even more special? Let’s find out next. 

White-Glove Concierge Service

With a comprehensive six-step process for onboarding clients with premium demands for lab-grown diamonds, Ada aims to create the most personalized engagement ring ever. The different stages are:

  • Consultation: Send an inquiry and the concierge will get back to you within 24 hours via appointments at New York/San Francisco salons. 
  • Curation: A large selection of hand-selected diamonds that adhere to the characteristics you’ve selected are shared. 
  • Customizing: This is where the design team creates prints and prototypes of your ring.
  • Production: Hand setting and the making of the diamond engagement ring is carried out right here in the United States.
  • Quality Control: HD Video and appraisal are shared on par with the highest standards in the diamond industry.
  • Delivery: You get the ring and you’re satisfied! 
  • Premium Diamonds ONLY!

Known for its high-quality lab-grown diamonds with the elitist light performance, Ada Diamonds are selected for their superlative features. Light factor and performance are on high priority for Ada diamond selection. 

That also means Ada Diamonds reject a ton of diamonds to find those perfect ones for you!

To get more precise, Ada Diamonds are Type IIa. If you didn’t know, Type IIa represents a level of purity that’s close to the quality of <2% of natural diamonds. The uniqueness owes it to the little to negligible nitrogen atoms in the crystal lattice.

In fact, Type IIa diamonds are the most valuable diamonds with the purest features in the world of these precious stones. Some of the popular Type IIa natural diamonds are the DeBeers Millenium Star, the Hope Diamond, and the Cullinan diamonds.

Freebies and Complimentary Items 

Apart from offering full insurance and one of the best jewelry warranties, there are so many benefits of investing in the premium diamond engagement jewelry seller Ada Diamonds. They even have exclusive invite-only programs and functions for patrons.

Ada Diamonds offers a lifetime trade-in for your lab-grown diamond purchases too. You can get the full purchase value of the diamond you invested in or for upgrading into a newer stone. Nobody offers resale values as Ada does. 

Moreover, you also get complimentary repairs and replacement of diamonds in case there’s a mishap within the first two years of purchase. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to work by another jeweler, negligence, erratic wear, and heavy impacts. In such instances, you can pay additional charges for the repair and Ada will help you in any way they can!

Personalized Diamonds Made From Memories 

What’s a diamond? If you remember elementary science well, it’s an atom; and we’re all atoms. That’s why you can create diamonds from pretty much anything! 

Ada Diamonds takes this knowledge a few dozen notches higher by creating lab-grown diamonds from any object of significance sing the Lavoisier Diamond Process. 

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than this level of customization. Hopefully, the patent-pending diamond personalization process will be back to life in 2022. 

Charitable and Caring

Ada Diamonds has the Sixth Element Program where they are currently supporting six social causes. They are also proudly working with Pledge 1 Percent to brighten the future in the following ways: 1. Donating 1% of profits every year, 2. Pledging 1% of Ada’s equity to fund non-profits, Volunteering & Mentoring in local communities.

Ada has partnerships and works with many other luxury brands and companies.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Ada Diamonds?

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While you know most of our diamond review sites often have a long list of pros if they’re good. But with Ada Diamonds, the common list of pros are so long that each advantage above is perfectly unique. 

That being said, what makes it a bad choice if you’re interested in a diamond engagement ring? Here goes-

You Won’t Find Any Ready To Ship Jewelry

While you can find ‘ready to ship’ jewelry on Ada, the diamonds should be preselected like you’d do at a local diamond jeweler. You can prioritize premium quality or carat weight for these diamonds. Check out their pricing tables for more information.  

Can’t find accurate prices right away

One of the ways that buying diamonds online works is because we can compare the characteristics and prices of diamonds with different sellers at the same time without much legwork. However, on Ada Diamonds you can only see the pricing of products that are ready to ship.

For other products, you’ll have to send an inquiry instead of ‘add to cart’.

That being said, you can easily track down the prices of diamonds and diamond engagement rings of Ada via their blog page.

Expensive settings

While their diamonds are 10% to 30% cheaper than mined varieties (and that’s HUGE), Ada Diamonds is all about premium and luxury services. While their lab-grown diamonds may be similar to Brilliant Earth, what actually ups the bill is the setting you choose. 

But this isn’t a bad thing necessarily. You must’ve seen innumerable reviews talking about the defectiveness of the setting or deterioration that leads to even loss of diamonds. With Ada Diamonds, this won’t happen as every ring setting is customized for the diamond.

Prices are costlier than usual 

Although diamonds and settings together can rake up your bill on Ada Diamonds, you’re paying for premium service, stones, and settings. That being said, their prices are lower than natural diamonds of the same features. Hence, you can get a splendid stone without spending so much with Ada Diamonds. 

Not possible to browse and select own diamond

Most of the diamond sellers online try to provide all the details but on Ada Diamonds, you can’t even browse the diamonds. But again, that’s not a bad thing if you look at it longer. 

Ada Diamonds don’t have an online inventory of diamonds because they find the perfect diamond for you when you finally make an appointment. Also, they have direct connections with diamond growers from around the world. 

Only very premium diamonds are available

If you’re thinking of getting a budget diamond, think again because Ada isn’t the place for that. While you also only get a lesser selection of diamonds online when compared to James Allen or Brilliant Earth at cheap rates because they aren’t curated like at Ada.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the diamond you selected on a budget site and the company will look for an alternative, which they’ll also push to you instead of finding the perfect one.

History of Ada Diamonds Jewelry 

Source: Ada Diamonds

The motto at Ada is “We Marry Art, Science, & Environmental Progression to Produce Pure Poetry Worthy of Your Love”. Named after Lady Ada Lovelace, the first-ever computer programmer, Ada Diamonds also donate to relevant charities.

Began in Jason Payne a few years ago, Ada was born out of necessity. Jason shares his girlfriend wanted an ethically sound ring instead of blood diamonds. However, when they set out to get lab-grown diamonds, they couldn’t find loose lab diamonds or designers to set it in a way his lady love wanted. 

Ada Diamonds was launched in 2015 to solve that and has become a feather in the diamond online industry today. With a completely transparent process and a strong vision for saving the planet, Ada started out with just a million from friends and family to get where they are now.

Ada gets diamonds from growers around San Francisco and Tel Aviv. With two physical stores situated in New York and San Francisco, all Ada Diamonds jewelry is set in the U.S.A.

Ada Diamonds Ring Infographic
Source: Ada Diamonds

What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Ada Store? 

Ada Diamonds is popular for its top-of-the-line diamonds from the lab-grown world. The brand doesn’t sell any mined diamonds or jewelry set with them. The best thing about AD is their valet-jewelry experience with the world’s best-created diamonds.

Source: Ada Diamonds

You can find the perfect diamonds with Ada because it’s connected to diamond growers from around the world. The same is why they get to pick the best of best before most other designers or even the public. 

What’s specifically best about them is they predominantly use H+ colors and SI1+ clarity of diamonds but you can find diamonds of D to H colors and clarities of IF to SI1.

Because these aren’t natural diamonds, finding exquisite colors of yellow, pink, blue, or grey is possible at merely a part of the price of mined diamonds. Check up with their team if you are interested in any other fancy color diamond too. 

How To Buy Diamond Ring On Ada Diamonds?

While there are many photos of the setting to get an idea about the style, there are no pictures or videos of diamonds on Ada Diamonds. While Ada has premium interests on their mind, I would’ve personally preferred to look at a few stones, even if it’s just for namesake. Genius has its own conditions, right?

Unlike buying diamonds or diamond engagement rings on most online shops, the buying experience at Ada Diamonds is truly unique. You can’t add a diamond and throw it with a setting into the cart to order with Ada.

The team at this diamond shop only meets with you via virtual or face-to-face appointments. The process of inquiring and ordering from this is a straightforward process that we’ll describe below. 

  1. Choose the shape of the diamond from the various options on Ada.
  1. Choose the carat weight of the diamond you want after crosschecking the color and clarity as shown below. 
  1. Send the inquiry after detailing all the things you would love to see in the ring. 

Once you send the inquiry, one of their experts will get back to you with all the details about your inquiry. You’ll automatically be enrolled for white-concierge service with the inquiry. The best thing is they’ll be with you every step of the way until you’re satisfied. 

How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Ada Diamonds? 

Known as the ‘Kings of Customization’, Ada Diamonds only offer customized jewelry. Their argument is that almost all of the mass-produced settings for engagement rings come with three basic problems. Firstly, they use the cheapest materials and craftsmanship. 

Secondly, they’re made to alter and fit a diverse range of sizes and hence, won’t be good for anyone size of a diamond. Hence, nothing beats the structural integrity of custom engagement rings. Thirdly, they may come with melee diamonds that are unethical. 

All you have to do to get a custom engagement ring from Ada Diamonds is send a detailed inquiry and they’ll get back to you with everything you need. 

The best benefit of Ada Diamonds is that they can customize the setting you want exactly as per wish. They’re so swift to answer your queries that no competitor compares even remotely. If you want a custom engagement ring made from the best lab-grown diamonds, this is the place to go. 

Brilliant Earth takes weeks to get back to you about customization procedures. In the case of Ada, there are no set timelines like 14 to 21 days because it’s more honest and based on real-time. 

Does Ada Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options On Ada Diamonds? 

Ada contact
Source: Ada Diamonds

At Ada Diamonds, you can pay for your order with different options as shown below: 

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire/ ACH/ Check/ Money Order 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Cash at showrooms 

You can also get help when paying for your engagement ring using layaway plans like Affirm. Keep in mind that all the prices quoted on the site or by staff via contact are in USD. 

[H2] Where Does Ada Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options On Ada Diamonds? 

When you’re buying on Ada, you’ll get free domestic shipping automatically. This also includes fully-insured shipping. Ada Diamonds also offers International Shipping in up to 70 counties at an extra charge of $75. 

They offer FedEx 2-day delivery for standard orders and purchases over $15,000 come with FedEx Overnight Priority shipping. But if your invoice is over $100,000, your diamond engagement ring will come via armored delivery. 

[H2] Does Ada Resize For Free Diamonds? 

Yes, you can get complimentary resizing at Ada Diamonds. However, note that free resizing is limited to once and takes two to three days to complete. Additional resizing requests will be carried out for nominal fees but are heavily avoided as it damages the jewelry. 

[H2] How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Ada Diamonds? 

Offering a 30-day return policy, Ada will provide you with a full refund minus restocking fees. However, bear in mind that you’re responsible for shipping charges. You can request a return shipping label for nominal amounts. 

[H2] How To Get In Touch With Ada Diamonds?

  • Phone: +1 650-416-7576/ +1 415-549-9090
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 170 Grant Ave Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States

[H2] Is Ada Diamonds A Fraud? Is Ada Diamonds Legit? 

[H2] Ada Diamonds- The Full Review

Source: Ada Diamonds

 Have you ever checked out the IG of Ada Diamonds? They constantly boast and share the lab-grown amazing diamonds that they reject in order to make room for the best of the best. 

Follow them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Ada specializes in a concierge type of customer service that stays with you every step of the way. From insurance to resizing, and a lifetime warranty, you’ll be safe with Ada. But keep in mind their jewelry starts from $3,500!

Ada Diamonds is one of the best places for getting the most premium lab-grown diamonds with a service that’s personalized exclusively for you. 

One of the unique things is, Ada doesn’t list out their diamonds or settings any more than a prototype. Their business model is unique but so is their approach to ethical diamonds. Committed to excellence, they believe lab diamonds are the future of our planet. 

You can’t order Ada Diamonds online and need an appointment to customize it. Moreover, they don’t have any readymade pieces!

The best thing is all their diamonds are eye clean, top of the line, absent fluorescence, and the best clarity. While their diamonds might be cheaper, the settings are anywhere from cheap! 

[H2] Ada Diamonds Ratings 

  • User Ratings 16/20

Ada Diamonds loads quickly and is very well set up to accommodate various features useful for browsing premium lab-grown diamonds. While their website doesn’t offer as much transparency as their competitors, Ada Diamonds offers transparency beyond others during your face-to-face appointment. 

  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 20/20

Unlike recently reviewed Mikado or good ole James Allen, Ada Diamonds doesn’t boast the total number of diamonds they have. That being said, no matter what your demands are, you’re bound to find the perfect diamond with the Ada Diamonds team because that’s what they excel at. 

  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 19/20

You can get in touch with the Ada team in several ways but you can’t order online. That also means you’ll get the best shopping support as the entire process will be personalized for you. 

  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 20/20

Pay with a credit card, wire, check, cash, or even Bitcoin on Ada Diamonds. They offer a lifetime warranty on all their diamonds and full resale value as well as upgrading features. 

Ada Diamonds accepts all major credit cards, bank wire, and Bitcoin. Cash is accepted in person at one of our showrooms. We offer financing through Affirm. Ada Diamonds does not accept ACH, checks, or money orders. All prices are in US dollars.

  • Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In 19/20

With a 30-day return policy on its diamond engagement rings, Ada will take your item back with a shipping label paid by you. Make sure to include all the original attachments you got with the jewelry from Ada for full refunds. 

Mind that delicate collection includes a $25 restocking fee and all other items $75 restocking fee. Learn more about lab-grown diamonds from Ada Diamonds.

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