The Amazon’s Engagement Rings- Is It Really That Good?

The Amazon’s Engagement Rings- Is It Really That Good?

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Why should you buy your diamond engagement ring, watch and jewelry on Amazon Jewelry?

Amazon is one of the best e-commerce engagement ring sellers around the world. Delivering and selling engagement rings in dozens of countries is not fake. Amazon is a conglomerate of jewelers and not an individual diamond seller or so. The same is why; the deals you will find are exclusive and enchanting.

Having bestsellers ranging up to a cost of even $94,000(Top Seller Diamond Earrings), Amazon has already made a strong background being a reputable precious jewelry seller for even precious metals like Gold and Platinum.

·         Appraisals

Unlike more online engagement ring sellers, Amazon products come with a free appraisal. An appraisal evaluates the cost of your stone at the market price depending on its value. By analyzing the cut, clarity, color and carat, a certified gemologist provides the certificate. Most verified buyers on Amazon claimed that the appraisal shows a bigger amount than in reality, but guarantees the swooping savings you imagined too!

Moreover, having an appraisal for your engagement ring also makes it easy to insure your precious jewelry along with the home owners insurance package.

·         30-Day Risk Free Return

When you buy online, it is natural to feel worries about the lack of security than that of a traditional jewelry store as you haven’t seen the ring yet. However, when you buy on Amazon, rest assured about your purchase because Amazon has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with the product, you can return it for a 100% refund within 30 days.

The same is not applicable on custom made rings.

·         Special Packing

Most Amazon engagement rings are delivered in customized wooden boxes. Fortunately, there is no Amazon logo on the box and wooden tint on the box makes it look luxurious. All packages are exclusively insured to cut stress and misplacement too.

·         High Definition Images

Yet another striking benefit of shopping your wedding jewelry on is because it provides an elaborate set of information about the ring. From high resolution photos that detail the ring well to appraisal information, Amazon engagement ring buying experience is also hassle-free.

Amazon does not provide 3600 videos for all its products, but provides up to 4-5 individual pictures of the product with 10x zoom on individual sellers. However, for exclusive collections such as Amazon’s own Curated Collection, there are high-definition 3600 videos.

·         6 Month Financing

Comprising of an elite financing option that saves the customer hundreds of dollars in interest, Amazon offers exclusive financing for engagement rings. For every customer who buys any precious jewelry over $149, an option of 6-month-financing without interest is available too!

An amazing financing option, Amazon Engagement Ring Financing takes the mind off the debt with its zero interest, if yoy can pay for your ring within 6 months.

·         Exclusive and Selective Designs and Jewelers

From local jewelers in L.A to New York, Amazon is a giant online engagement ring seller. Unlike individual diamond seller websites, Amazon lets the customer peak at his or her option in a wide frame.

The uniqueness of buying on Amazon is its vast diversity and variety of precious jewelry including little-known local to exotic jewelry designers with high credibility.

Why shouldn’t you buy your diamond engagement ring on

As if online diamond buying is not radical enough, if your fiancé gets to know you bought her best friend bling on Amazon, your marriage will not have a high podium to begin with. There is nothing as romantic as a traditional hunt for an engagement ring plus proposal and Amazon should not be a choice for your wedding ring if you think so too.

·         Bloated Prices to Highlight discounts

Amazon features jaw-dropping discounts and lightning deals on bridal jewelry including diamond engagement rings by overpricing the items.

According to prominent Cataloguer at Philip Auctions House in New York, Kristen Dowling, ‘many items on Amazon are priced up to double the original amount’, to give the customer a fake feeling of large savings even at the end of an exorbitant deal.

·         Multiple Jewelers is not an independent jeweler or diamond seller. Amazon is but the chief of many jewelers. Hence, the difficulty in placing customized or tailor-made deals are next to impossible. According to testimonials on Amazon, even if you find a customized ring, it will take you months before you receive the final product, through mail.

·         No Free Lifetime Cleaning Services

When you buy a wedding ring directly from a jeweler, you have the assurance of quality as well as guarantee that the ring will be resized and maintained professionally at no extra cost in the future too. However, when you buy on Amazon, you have to shell out money for lifelong maintenance on your own.


Tag Line or Slogan of Engagement Ring Jewelry on Amazon

As Amazon is not the engagement ring seller but a central force that links the customer with the jeweler on its virtual store, there is no one-specific tagline. From Tiffany to the Blue Nile, every jewelry you will find will have the Manufacturer’s Slogan.

Check the seller when you are browsing for engagement rings to reveal the Tag Line.

How big is the Amazon Engagement Ring collection?

Having a wide variety of jewelry under its umbrella, Amazon customers can choose from multiple styles or even custom made patterns easily now.

A leaping step for progress, Amazon has also launched a branded collection of bridal and engagement rings titled- Amazon Curated Collection. With a wide range of filters including rating, to centre stone, precious metal, carat, material, clarity, cut, price and discounts, Amazon Curated Collection offers up to 720 designs of engagement rings.

Amazon refuses to disclose its size of precious jewelry, but one can find hundreds and thousands of products in diamond engagement ring jewelry.

Quality of the Photos of Engagement Rings on Amazon

Providing high definition images of the product is a must-have for online jewelers and Amazon does an excellent job of it. As the biggest con of buying online is the impossibility of seeing the ring in front of your eye, it is important to provide high definition zoom-in images for a transparent shopping experience for customers.

Amazon provides up to 5 images per product, with its signature Amazon Curated Collection providing the detailed 3600 video of the ring as well.

What varieties of engagement diamond jewelry are offered on

Amazon offers categories of Engagement Ring Styles such as solitaire, 3-stone, halo, channel-set, round, princess, cushion and marquise cut diamonds. As Amazon has a big database of precious engagement rings, comparing the prices of different carat diamond to ring from varied sellers is easy.

Moreover, Amazon is infamous for its vast expanse of customer reviews as well as wide selection of products up to thousands of engagement rings along.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings on Amazon

For people finding it hard to invest in a pricey engagement ring instantly, Amazon financing can be of real help. As aforementioned, Amazon offers a zero interest financing option for people who are willing to shell more than $149 on an engagement ring and repay it within 6 months.

For a better experience of shopping, apply for an Amazon Store card, which gives you the freedom of placing orders without having to pay at the moment.

Amazon offers financing options such as,

·         6-Months Financing

If your minimum purchase crosses $149 and you pay back within 6 months, you avail the product at zero percent interest.

·         12-Month Financing

Provided that your minimum purchase exceeds the sum of $599, you can repay an engagement ring within a year to avoid interest charges.

·         24-Month Financing

Special conditions must be referred with your Amazon Assistant.

What is the price range available for Engagement Rings on Amazon?

A giant business magnet with ties all over the world, Amazon narrows down profit sharing of sellers to a minimum. Being a large investor, it is effortless for Amazon to buy vast jewelry collections without having to pay slashing-costs. The same is why you will find incredible options of vintage to classic, retro and trendy engagement ring styles in affordable rates to choose on Amazon.

Amazon offers a wide variety of products of a price range of $30 and upwards as you can choose precious to cheap metals as well as tiny diamonds according to your preference and budget. Amazon offers engagement rings of prices up to $76,000 as well!

Amazing discount deals are a defining trademark of Amazon, thanks to its extensive diamond engagement ring options. Customers can select an engagement ring based on its Centre Stone, Metal, Clarity, Cut, Carat, Color, Cost, Value, Designer, Ratings, Return Policies, Warranty, Style, Shape and Size.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Amazon sells its products via the e-commerce official website. Although diamond engagement ring jewelry on Amazon is a collection of varied jewelers, Amazon also offers its own signature collection without a retail store. However, for selective individual sellers advertising the designs on Amazon, depending on whether they have a physical store, you can browse the ring physically at a store before buying.

Amazon on its own, is strictly an e-tailer without any retail stores.

Diamond Source of Amazon Engagement Rings

Just as described above, Amazon is a group of jewelers and hence, the sources of diamonds are based on the individual manufacturer credibility.

It is illegal to sell conflict or blood diamonds and the hundreds of diamond jewelers on Amazon also ensure that most diamonds come with a source certificate on its conflict-free origin. However, for the products that do not come with a free Diamond Appraisal, it’s hard to tell. Amazon’s own hallmark wedding jewelry collection called Amazon Curated Collection also offers appraisals verifying the conflict-free source of diamonds. Moreover, Amazon assures that the Amazon Curated Collection diamonds are certified by the Kimberly Process as well.

In case of doubts, ask Amazon Assistant or Customer care to prove that the diamonds you acquire are not blood diamonds, prior to purchase.

What are the Refund and Returns Policy of Amazon Engagement Rings?

Amazon accepts returns of engagement rings returned within 30-Days of Buying if the customer has received a wrong, damaged or low-quality product unlike expected.

As most refunds are quickly processed almost within a week after receiving the item, returning dissatisfying engagement ring from Amazon is EASY!

For custom made rings, you can also directly sell the item to another customer via Amazon trading platform and still get your money back unlike most online engagement ring sellers. Along with the description of your engagement ring, Amazon also displays whether the ring is resizable as well as any unique returns policy.

Warranty Options Provided on Amazon Engagement Rings

Every purchase is valid for a 100% Refund when returned within the Return-Window provided by the jeweler or Amazon, mostly up to 30 days. You can also trade your engagement ring on Amazon or sell it at a better price traditionally.

As most diamond engagement rings on Amazon are pricier than shown, you always get a better deal. Moreover, with appraised diamonds and precious metal engagement rings, the warranty is valid for life as the value is ascertained in the jewelry certificate or appraisal.

Contact Information of Amazon Engagement Rings

In addition to jewelry seller contact, Amazon provides a wide variety of contact options such as

  1. Email Contact Form
  2. Live Chat with an Executive
  3. Email: [email protected]
  4. Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States;
  5. Phone: 24×7 Helpline at 1800 3000 9009
  6. Amazon Assistant Service: Browser Extension
  7. Help Community Forum

Does Amazon have a Jewelry Education Blog?


Amazon provides a community forum and Q&A section where potential customers can clear doubts or chat directly with the seller about the product in a public space via the registered Amazon ID.

Founder and Founding Date of Amazon Jewelry

Started as books store from the garage of Jeff Bezos on 6 July 1994, Amazon was first named ‘Cadabra’ which was misheard for Cadaver and hence, pulled out. Within a year of its launching, Amazon launched the website and in 1997 even offered $18 per stock. Amazon began selling diamonds and jewelry items ten years after its founding and the rest we know as history today!

Founder, President and CEO: Jeff Bezos

Executive Customer Relations: Mr. Brett O’Keefe

Amazon Jewelry Story Facts

Amazon jewelry is unlike most jewelry because not all jewelers can sell on Amazon. In addition to pictures and authentic descriptions, sellers are required to meet the Jewelry Assurance Standards as well. All diamond jewelry on Amazon must comply with certification from IGI, GIA, GCAL and AGS.

Amazon started as a book selling service from the Owner’s garage while it began selling jewelry only in 2004. Unlike most engagement ring websites, Amazon is a collection of jewelry sellers putting the effort to sell worldwide wide Amazon Web Services.

Today, Amazon displays millions of products starting from $30 to $1 Million in precious jewelry including diamond engagement rings. Although Amazon is a mediator, the jewelry bought on AZ is reliable and valuable. Being a herculean business spread globally, Amazon takes narrow profits and offers huge discounts. It is possible to find a few thousand difference on Amazon products, if you search well and are well timed.

Amazon offers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in addition to providing multiple modes of payment to reliable appraisal and 100% Refund with most products. Having a variety of styles from classic solitaires to trendy halos in blue sapphires, Amazon also offers 6-months, 13-months and 24-months financing options to help relax the affordability of the jewelry.

Being a medium for sellers and customers, Amazon is not an exclusive jewelry retailer but offers legit value and variety for your money.

Amazon Jewelry Full Review

A bit like Etsy, Amazon is well-established, trustworthy and vast! If you’re not careful it is easy to fall for bloated prices on Amazon Engagement Jewelry, but Amazon has one of the most positive histories of selling jewelry and diamonds online.

Filled with genuine reviews, it is hard to find fake reviewers on Amazon in the Precious Jewelry Section. Amazon has innumerable styles starting from vintage to trendy, classic and traditional as well as gaudy to pick your dream engagement diamond ring from. Having worldwide services and excellent customer care, Amazon offers a vast variety of local to global jewelers and engagement ring options.

Founded more than two decades ago, began selling diamond jewelry 13 years ago. Being the chief of a group of jewelers, buying your wedding ring on Amazon will not give you lifetime cleaning benefits from the jeweler as in a traditional case, but you save money in the long run!

Most diamonds and jewelry on Amazon come with an appraisal and it is mandatory for all jewelers to abide by the Jewelry Quality Assurance Standards which includes FTC Guidelines, Conflict-Free Diamonds, Kimberly Process Certification, Stamping Records, Grading, Hypoallergenic Standards, Casting, Polish, Finish as well as Diamond Certifications from IGI, GIA, GCAL and AGS.

Choosing a wedding ring on Amazon is easy and interesting. Giving dozens of filters including color, clarity, setting ,shape, rating, cost, brand, certifications and shipping options, Amazon is a competitive jewelry seller for buying engagement rings online. Offering 100% refund in case your fiancé did not quite like your pick, Amazon offers a matchless customer care service too.

A well established global seller, Amazon is offers financing options in addition to multiple modes of contact. Although custom made jewelry takes 1-2 months to arrive at the customer’s address, readymade jewelry can be ordered by priority shipping as well.

Amazon also has a signature collection named Amazon Curated Collection with high definition photos as well as 3600 videos to observe the rings closely. Regardless of your budget, buying a diamond ring for your beloved on Amazon is an affordable experience as there are diamond rings ranging from $30 to $1 Million too!

Amazon Jewelry Complaints has heard complaints from multiple sources including their own 100% transparent review system on site, but the fact is Amazon addresses the concerns swiftly too. Gizmodo rates Amazon products to be overpriced beyond value including the inflated prices on black diamonds, but it is your choice to pick what you prefer or want to pay when you shop for jewelry online.

All the complaints on Amazon are addressed duly and you can check the same via the official website.

Shopping on Amazon might sound risky or weird at the first glance, when you’re looking for a symbol of your love, the engagement ring; however, Amazon is by far one of the best affordable and credible precious engagement ring sellers online.


BBB rates Amazon a solid ‘A’ for online trading services based on 3.57/5.0 Stars, out of which39 are positive, 27 neutral and 517 negative. Being a host than a seller, it is easy to face difficulties when shopping on Amazon although; Amazon Customer Service always addresses issues effectively.

Engagement Ring Jewelry on Amazon Final Verdict

According to our thorough analysis and observation, Amazon is a credible seller with a stellar experience selling jewelry since 13 years and more. Amazon has huge tie ups with prominent jewelry all across the planet, which helps in providing a diverse platform of endless varieties of diamond engagement rings to choose from.

We exclaim how brilliantly Amazon Jewelry works and assure that the jewelry sold on Amazon is legit. If you’re not satisfied, you will face no trouble returning and getting a 100% hassle free refund with Amazon!

Ratings of Engagement Ring Jewelry Amazon

– User friendly

Amazon is a highly user friendly website with half a dozen help and assistant options always around. Set in clear colors and proper fonts, Amazon fares excellently on the amiability of the web portal.

– Variety

Offering hundreds and thousands of precious jewelry items including diamond engagement rings, has endless variety. It is usual to find your neighborhood jeweler to an exotic diamond geezer from Paris, when you shop for your dream ring on Amazon.

– Shopping support

Amazon offers multiple help support portals including Live chat, Email, Phone Contact, Email Support form and Mails. For shopping diamond bridal jewelry, you can also avail Amazon Assist.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance

Payment: You can pay on Amazon via Visa, Mastercard, Credit Card, Gift vouchers, Amazon Pay Balance, Financing, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.

Shipping: Amazon offers jewelry shipping with insurance in addition to multiple shipping options such as

  1. Prime: FREE
  2. Prime (Under $35): $5.99 per order
  3. Non-Prime: $8.99 per order and $0.99 every extra item;
  4. Gift cards: $3.99 Per Order

Amazon offers FedEX and UPS options of shipping and custom options take up to two months to reach the customer.

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