Anjays Designs Review

Anjays Designs Review

  • User friendly 17/20
  • Variety Of Diamonds 17/20
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance 19/20
  • Insurance 18/20


Why should you buy your engagement ring on Anjays Designs in 500 words?

One of the best online jewelers of the past decade, Anjays Designs manufactures eye catchy engagement rings that are unique in all respects. With a magnificent designer by your side, most buyers of Anjays Designs claim a happy buying experience with total support from the diamond experts.

To know more about the perks of shopping with Anjays Designs,

·             Custom Jewelry Designer

Anjays Designs is one of the proud online precious jewelry sellers with the best unique designs. Anjays Designs can make your dream engagement ring come true. With expert knowledge and best technology, the diverse variety of engagement ring designs with AD is vast. Wearing what you love is the best way of proposing to your loved one as well.

·             Experience of 25 years+

Having served a considerable number of customers for 25 years in the past, AD is a renowned jeweler with the expertise of making the dreams of many couples a reality. When you shop with Anjays Designs, not only does good fortune follow your love, but you also get the best of offers too.

Regardless of what your fantasies are, if you are ready to design a custom ring for your beloved, AD also provides customer service support to help you design a ring that fits well within your budget too.

·             Free Shipping

Amongst the majority of precious jewelry sellers, you will find Anjays Designs the best if you want a fast order as well. Most of the verified buyers reviewed on Wedding Bee and other famed wedding websites that the delivery happened 2-3 days before the maximum advertised time when purchased on AD.

On all orders, Anjays Designs offers a free and fast standard delivery option for $0.00, making the best accessible online diamond engagement ring deal as well.

·             Best Customer Service

Unlike infamous online precious engagement rings seller such as Martha Stewart or Samuels Jewelers that take more than a day to respond to queries of customers, Anjays Designs provides a reply within 24 hours at maximum.

To our queries, AD responded beyond satisfaction and helped us design and get a quote on a dream ring too. The amiable customer service representatives went beyond the extra mile to help us choose a gorgeous, affordable and worthy engagement ring.

·             100% Money back Guarantee

Yet another significant charm of AD is that they have a strict 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every purchase. Unlike most online custom designers, Anjays Designs offers a seven day refund on order from the date of receiving.

When ordering your precious engagement ring from Anjays Designs, wait for the confirmation email that also provides the tracking information of your package within 48 hours. Consult the customer services for any worries or discrepancies in the delivery of the order.

Anjays Designs Story Facts

Anjays Designs boasts a unique claim on all its products: The rings are better than their pictures look. True to its core, Anjays Designs is a booming online diamond jewelry retailer renowned for his custom jewelry designs.

Anjays Designs is headed by Anjay, a CAD Custom jewelry designer from LA. Their office can be found at the address- 510 W. 6th #310 Los Angeles CA 90014 or via phone- 818-800-3770 or by the email contact form on the

official website.

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Anjays Designs

in 200 words?

You should not buy a priceless possession like an engagement ring without thoroughly checking up your designer, especially if it is bought online. When you shop with Anjays Designs, you shop with a virtual diamond designer cum seller. Without keeping guard of the legitimacy of the diamond geezer, you should not pay any bill when shopping online.

As most custom rings also prove to be impractical, it is for you to pick the right design. Imagine, it is just like getting a tattoo!

  • You can only pay via credit cards

Anjays Designs does not approve any payments other than credit cards exclusive of Netbanking, Paypal or Cash on Delivery. If you’re looking for an online jeweler with a wide range of payment options, AD is not for you.

  • Delivery Failure possible

Listed on the official website Anjays Designs, you will find that Saturdays are not counted for delivery while the order can be canceled within 48 hours of placing the order. The company claims that the buyer will be directly intimated by email with the reason for the cancellation of shipping as well.

  • CAD generated

If you think Computer Generated Images are a sign of scammers, you are wrong. It is true that Anjays Designs Designer Anjay is a CAD custom jewelry maker. The same is why all the images you will find on the website are based on accurate measurements and curves of the ring that you wish to customize generated by a computer only after scanning the original ring.

Anjays Designs Full Review

With a slogan of ‘Nature-Inspired Computer Engagement Rings’ Anjays Designs has become a credible diamond engagement ring designer online within 25 years. Founded by the eponymous man Anjay, the designer jewelry has an abundant customer base with 90% more than happy to flaunt and pride on the custom designed precious jewelry.

Unlike usual diamond sellers, online Anjays Designs responds to each customer query within 24 hours and takes patience and time to give optimum support to the buyer. With negligible cons such as the use of Computer Aided Designs, AD offers legitimate precious stones and jewelry too. In addition to Loose Stones, AD also has unique engagement rings in the price range of $650 – $3000. Loose diamonds on AD are advertised at prices ranging from $200 to $15000.

Referred to as matchless beauties, Anjays Designs also offers free standard shipping (delivery within 2-4 days) on all its orders. For those who prefer faster shipping, there are two more options for swift delivery too.

Custom designed engagement rings usually are distrustful due to the dishonest manufacturers. However, Anjays Designs are a team of highly trustworthy and legit online engagement ring sellers with credible experience. The customer service team is highly equipped to handle all complaints and suggestions well, in addition to offering maximum help to distressed customers.

The friendly online portal offers many filters based on size, shape and informational tabs to get to know your jeweler as well as tips on picking the perfect jewelry for your beloved. If you’re considering Anjays Designs for your engagement jewelry shopping, you’re with the best.

From diverse varieties to unique experience in custom diamond engagement ring designing, Anjays Designs is a well-established jewelry shipping all across the U.S. In addition to email contact; you can also telephone or reach AD by their official address.

One most important thing to remember when buying custom made engagement rings from Anjays Designs is that: Custom designing takes the time to prepare. Hence, if you’re in a hurry, take your business elsewhere. From a month to two, custom engagement ring designing will depend on how clear you are about your preferences to the jewelry expert at AD who converses with you. Anjays Designs has a mission statement of bringing joy and happiness to their buyers and their guarantee of 100% money back within seven days is proof of the same. From the ease of navigating the web portal to breezy shopping, you will find AD as the best amiable place to look out for engagement rings online.

Anjays Designs Complaints

The jeweler Anjays Designs has no record of complaints or even a registry at Better Business Bureau. According to our rigorous research, AD has an established database of genuine buyers who are enthralled with their purchases. The few complaints that we found on the wedding websites against Anjays Designs are not 100% authentic, yet claimed discrepancies in contacting customer care than question the quality of engagement rings at Anjays Designs.

There are no shocking scams associated with this brand of diamond engagement jewelry, and if you’re planning to purchase from the same, you should hurry before they get too busy. Currently, our trial of contacting the customer care at AD was a huge success as they responded well and prompt to our queries. Hence, keep your second thoughts aside and shop at Anjays Designs today itself!

Is Anjays Designs a Fraud?

Just because Better Business Bureau hasn’t reviewed Anjays Designs does not mean that AD is not legit. There are thousands of customers that AD has served over the last 2+ decades with high success rate. Anjays Designs is headed by a CAD Customer Jewelry expert with real-time experience of making and providing high-quality precious jewelry. In addition to their satisfaction guarantee AD also offers 100% money back guarantee when the ordered item is returned within 7 days to the jeweler. You can choose to write to the designer via the email form or call up via the official number to seek help in designing your dream engagement ring. In addition, Anjays Designs has no retail shops, but an office in LA for a face-to-face deal on your precious wedding ring.

Anjays Designs Final Verdict

Being a reputable online jewelry seller of custom jewelry, Anjays Designs is one of a kind. Including the presentation of the online store to the customer service responses, AD ranks as one of the best online diamond vendors. Regardless of whether you want a diamond embedded engagement ring or custom designed bauble, Anjays Designs has the best expertise you seek for your dream day.

After our rigorous checks and expert consultation, we have come to the verdict that Anjays Designs is a jeweler not to be missed if you’re looking for a truly unique and evergreen engagement ring. Even though AD does not have a retail store to check the designs physically, but Anjays is an experienced diamond jewelry maker with brilliant ideas up their sleeves. The same is why all the quotations you will receive on your uniquely made diamond engagement ring will be a long process too.

When you shop with Anjays Designs, you bring your heartfelt dream ring to reality. Not only is that a perfect match for any wedding, but it is also an ideal match for life!

Anjays Designs Ratings

– User-friendly 17/20

Set in a clear web portal with contrasting options writing, Anjays Designs is easy to navigate as well as to pick your dream engagement ring. Most users vouch that the digital interface is easy to make a huge investment such as an engagement ring that lasts a lifetime.

– Variety Of Diamonds 17/20

With a wide range of varieties, AD is filled with the top layer of diamond jewelry only for the best. If you want your diamond ring to be one of a kind, Anjays Designs is cutout for you. It is easy to find the right answers when you’re shopping with AD because it has easy to locate options such as Spring collection, Unique Engagement rings, New Arrivals, Pearl Rings, Loose Diamonds and Jewelry Education blog.

– Shopping support 18/20

Anjays Designs does not have live chat support although you will find multiple options to get in contact with the jeweler if you have any questions even prior to purchase. The customer service is amiable and highly helpful for people who are new to jewelry shopping online. The guiding service is highly beneficial to people who expect prompt virtual messaging services as well.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance 19/20

  • Payment

You can only pay through credit cards when paying at Anjays Designs. Moreover, you have no cash on delivery or debit card options as well. In addition, all orders are proclaimed as shipped pending credit approval.

Anjays Designs only sells to credit card holders, that too solely to the original address on the credit card. For a change of billing address, the credit card company used for the card transaction should provide a permit. Every order placed should have a street address as well.

  • Shipping 17/20

Three options of shipment at Anjays Designs are

  • Standard at $0.00
  • UPS FedEx at $30
  • UPS International at $30
  • Insurance 18/20

A firm manufacturer’s warranty for the ring purchased to keep the defects far off is also exclusive to Anjays Designs.


2 Reviews

  1. I bought my wife’s engagment ring and wedding band from Anjaysdesigns. The rings of this company are unique and they bring happiness. Already I have bought 2 rings, I’m going to buy 3 when my baby was born, my wife like their rings.

  2. Absolutely exceeded my expectations, stunning ring!!! The unique craftsmanship and quality is unlike any we saw at any jewelry store!!! Can’t wait to get the matching wedding band???


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