Are You Engraving Your Wedding Ring? Don’t Forget These Rules

Are You Engraving Your Wedding Ring? Don’t Forget These Rules


Are you Engraving your Wedding ring? Don’t Forget these Rules

Did you know engraving began in the middle ages?  Engraving is the act of transforming a circle of studded metal into the symbol of your love. If you’re considering engraving your wedding ring, start by finding answers to all the questions about engraving in your mind. That will set you at ease and give you creative ideas on how to go about it.

Should I engrave my engagement ring?

If you want to make your ordinary wedding ring into a novelty piece, it is best to get it engraved. But if you’re worried whether the ring will be pleasing or may have to return it, jewelers don’t accept engraved rings. You can sell it at a pawn shop, at best. That’s why it is best to check with the jeweler directly about the pros and cons of engraving your wedding ring before you actually commit to it!

What is the total time taken to engrave rings?

While most jewelers can get your engraving on the wedding ring done within a day, it depends on your engraving text itself. The total time to engrave a wedding band can take up to two weeks as jewelers tend to send the ring outside for engraving too. In any case, you must cross-check it with the jeweler than have an illusion of the date.

Which is better: Engraving inside or outside?

When you decide to get the engraving done on the outside of your wedding band, it can clash with the design and look of the ring itself. However, engraving outside on the ring is ideal for plain wedding bands.

On the contrary, engraving is commonly done on the inside of the ring to ensure privacy. It can prevent conflicting with the design or setting of the ring itself. In any case, it is your call. If you have a special engraving for your engagement ring, there is no harm in getting it done outside too.

When to get the Wedding Ring Engraved?

Ideally, it is best to get the ring engraved before you begin wearing it. While some consider it bad luck to remove the wedding ring after getting married, others find no sense in such placebos.

In any case, it is your decision to make. If you’re renewing your vows at a later date or celebrating the anniversary, that is an ideal time to get your rings engraved too.

What are Fonts for Engraving Wedding Rings?

Depending on the jeweler you choose to get your wedding bands engraved, the choice of fonts can vary. There are two options of engraving- machine, and hand. From two to six fonts, there can be various options.

Also, remember that engraving font for men’s and women’s wedding can differ too. A custom font for your engagement ring engraving and literally make it eternal.

How much does it cost to get wedding rings engraved?

Depending on your choice of font and text, engraving your wedding ring can vary. On an average, machine engraving on engagement ring costs $25 for 15 characters while hand engraving costs up to $75 for 8 characters, according to The Knot.

Which are the Wedding Rings that cannot be engraved?

  • If your wedding band is covered with stones, there wouldn’t be any space to engrave on it.
  • If your ring is made in tungsten or solid diamond, engraving it wouldn’t be possible.
  • If your engagement ring has holes and prongs on the inside, it cannot be engraved.

How to Get your Engagement Ring Engraved?

  • Select a credible jeweler and check their previous engraving for wedding bands.
  • Write down the Engraving Words Clearly for the ring.
  • Cross-Check with the jeweler on the cost and availability of the font you want to be engraved on the engagement ring.
  • Set a Time so that your engraved wedding ring comes in your hand before the wedding itself.

Top Favorite Ideas for Couples When Engraving your Wedding Ring

  • Get the Date of your wedding and Name or Initials of the Bride and Groom engraved on your Engagement Ring.
  • Engrave your Wedding Ring with a Quote from Vow or one that you both Love.
  • Add your Nickname or Special Names on the Ring that you both know.
  • Select a favorite Bible Verses to Engrave on your Wedding Rings.
  • Engrave your Engagement Ring with Lyrics of your Favorite Song from your first dance or favorite artist.

Before you go …

Another brilliant and special engraving idea is the sign of a kiss inside the band. It’s special, sweet and personal, right?

What other ideas do you have about engraving your wedding band? Leave us a message and share it with our readers.

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  1. Let’s not be cynical. Love is forever. Your wedding rings are forever. A good wedding ring inscription will be as meaningful on your golden wedding anniversary as it is on your wedding day. Bad wedding ring inscriptions, on the other hand, are like bad tattoos. You’ll forever be asking, “What were we thinking??”


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