Ascot Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

Ascot Diamonds Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund & Trade In

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Ascot Diamonds in 50 words?

Well, this premium website only speaks out for high class and very rich customers, offering a large variety of diamond engagement rings, starting 2500$, but only a small sum is offered under 8000$. Most products sold for very high prices, might require some double thinking and might not fit your budget.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Ascot Diamonds in 50 words?

For the first or second time, it was hard for me to find customer’s complaints; I figured that most customers enjoy their purchases. With four different stores, an online website and over 35 years of experience, I can sense that your loose diamond or gold wedding ring from Ascot diamonds would not suck. Even engagement rings “dummies” should adore such website, I find it very easy to navigate, view and search.

Ascot Diamonds Facts:

Established on 1978, the 4 locations stores CEO is Matthew Klidjian, only a small number of employees are hired.

Ascot Diamonds- The Full Review:

Founded 1978, Ascot diamonds is definitely one of the market’s experienced retailer, operating 4 different stores and an online website, offering a large variety of diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, clearance diamonds, and men’s rings, Ascot diamonds also shows high qualities of customer care crew members, unique and stylish diamond designs. I find that payment and finance arrangement are from top possible upon the web or in store, worldwide free shipping and a great return and refund policy. On your first visit, you will surely notice the impressive design, the advanced search engine and the policies. I believe that Ascot diamonds is a lovely place to make your search and your engagement ring deal. This website is so clear, simple, nice and easy to use, that even a dummy like me enjoyed it.

Ascot Diamonds Customer Complaints:

No more than three different websites got me to put my hands on a negative review, and I infect found two! First, is a complaint about the DC store, concerning a patient less sales woman who just made a potential customer and her mom walk away. The second complaint is about a couple who ordered cobalt chrome rings and those did not match their will, but their money refunded completely.

Is Ascot Diamonds a Fraud?

Diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds and other expensive jewelries are often a source for scams and frauds, however, when we talk about Ascot diamonds, I can assure that this website is not a fraud, but one of the oldest and nicest diamond ring retailer.

My Final Conclusion:

We recommend paying a visit on Ascot, especially the Catherine Ryder collection, which is considered as atop of the art engagement rings collection.

 Ascot Diamonds Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

Ascot diamonds is maybe the friendliest online diamond ring, website, allowing anyone to have the experience of a rich person walking into a diamond shop, along with having all necessary information required for deciding upon a transaction.

Variety of diamonds 17/20

I enjoy so much checking Ascot diamonds for new designs and loose diamonds repeatedly, I can only cherish those people for making so many possibilities for different diamonds, settings, rings and other fine jewelries.

Customer Shopping Support 18/20

Ascot diamonds unfortunately do not offer a live chat, though I was replying very quickly by mail offering to make a phone call or an appointment. Other than the missing live chat, I find this website super co-operative with existing and new customer, before, during and after making a purchase.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

A payment is available with all major credit cards, PayPal or bank wire, Shipping is free with and will be shipped anywhere in the world FedEx go and I was even noticed by Sheena to pay attention to taxes that apply after purchase if shipping outside the US.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 18/20

Ascot diamonds allow a 30-day return policy, a lifetime trade in program (on diamonds only), refunds are available and here are some other bonuses: one- free engraving on rings, second- gift-wrap. Not only prior to purchase, this website also rocks in everything that is related above payment time.

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