The Amazon’s Engagement Rings- Is It Really That Good? is not an independent jeweler or diamond seller. Amazon is but the chief of many jewelers. Hence, the difficulty in placing customized or tailor-made deals are next to impossible.

Diamonds Direct Engagement Rings Review

Diamonds Direct has been selling Conflict-Free legit diamonds since decades in wide varieties, both online and offline. Have a jewelry that was badly made by another jeweler? DD can recycle it expertly for you. Moreover, they even let a customer keep an extra ring at no cost until the resized ring was back!

Metal Guide for Engagement Rings

Your engagement ring stands for your love. Hence, it is necessary to pick an engagement ring metal that befits your lifestyle too. Tell us about your favorite metal, how you picked the ring, pros and cons you had to endure en route, in the comments below!

10 Mistakes Guys make when they Buy an Engagement Ring

When you are in love with the woman of your dreams, and you are ready to ask her to marry you, it is important that you do it right. This means not only do you need to plan out the perfect proposal, but you also need to find the perfect engagement ring.

25+ Tweaks to Clean, and Maintain your Diamond Engagement Ring

Want to keep your precious bauble at its sparkling best throughout the wear? You must then keep the diamond clean and well maintained using the right solvents, periodically.