Barkev’s Review

Barkev’s Review

The review of Barkev’s follows-

Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Barkev’s Jewelry?

If you’re thinking of getting your diamond engagement ring, we recommend Barkev’s. Let’s find out a detailed review of Barkev’s diamonds so that you can buy your dream engagement ring at the best price and quality. They have an amazing shopping support (not a chatbot!) on their website to help you find your dream ring!

·      Insured Free Shipping

All the items you order on Barkev’s is insured. You don’t have to worry about your packages getting lost in the mail. They also provide FREE Shipping on all orders, so no extra Fee. You will receive the order within 1-3 weeks depending upon your location.

·      Try it at Home Service

A unique offering of Barkev’s diamond engagement rings are that you don’t have to buy multiple to select your favorite from home. You can avail the try it at home where you can order multiple rings shortlisted by you to choose one within 5 days. Although you need to pay $200 as a deposit which will be refunded in full if you don’t make a purchase.

·      30-Day Returns

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase on Barkev’s, you can register a return, provided you purchased the item within 30 days. You are provided with a return shipping label you can use. It takes up to seven days to process the returns.

Please make a note that two complimentary returns are allowed per year for every customer.

·      Diamond, Black Diamond and Moissanite Engagement Rings

Besides the wide variety of diamonds on Barkev’s website, they also feature black diamonds, precious stones such as sapphire and moissanites too. You will definitely find your dream ring here.  

·      Diamond Upgrade Program and Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime commitment from Barkev’s for their products is the Diamond Upgrade Program. If you purchased a Barkev’s diamond graded GIA or AGSL, you can avail diamond upgrade wherein you will receive the 100% of your diamond price. However, the new diamond must be 50% higher than the older one. For smooth transactions, keep your original invoice close.

Also note your WAN or Warranty Authorization Number if you noticed a manufacturing defect on the diamond engagement ring you purchased from Barkev’s. Please keep in mind you will have to pay a $50 deposit to cover the shipping fee when you do avail the lifetime warranty at Barkev.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Barkev’s?

You thought long and you though hard. Now you have your doubts about buying your diamond engagement ring on Barkev’s. How do you overcome it? By finding the truth about the cons of buying on Barkev’s.

·      They also sell Lab Grown Diamonds

For some, this can be a killjoy. So, we don’t judge if you think that way.

·      Fine of $250 for Absence of Certificate

If you do not produce the diamond certificate or report you were provided with the item at the time of returning, you will be fined $250 as the cost of replacing it.

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Barkev’s?

You will find a wide variety of engagement rings on Barkev’s. Follow the list and click on the one you want to know

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Barkev’s

PayPal Credit is offered on Barkev’s in case you do not have the complete amount to buy the engagement ring of your dreams atm. You can use your personal credit card as well to avail the loan.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Barkev’s diamond engagement rings are sold on their online store. Barkev’s do not have a physical store. You can write to them via email or contact form.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Barkev’s Engagement Rings?

When you are disappointed with your purchase of the diamond engagement ring from Barkev’s, you need to call them up and process your return. FREE return shipping is valid throughout all the orders. You can call on this number to get started- 1-800-227-7321. You will receive a return authorization code and instructions.

Send the item within one day of processing return. You should pack it in the original box with the invoice and diamond report to avail the refunds or replacements.

Contact Information Of Barkev’s Engagement Rings

You can contact Barkev’s in many ways-

  • Phone: 1-800-227-7321
  • Email:  info@Barkev’
  • Contact Form

Does Barkev’s Have A Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Barkev’s Blog is filled with educational articles about jewelry. It will guide you to buy the right engagement ring besides teaching about Lab Grown Diamonds. They are simple and casual in their tone on the blog. We loved it!

Barkev’s Jewelry Full Review

100% Made in America, Barkev’s jewelry is a long standing symbol of beauty and affordability. It is 35 years old with straightforward terms, policies and conditions. They offer the widest variety of diamonds and lab grown diamonds besides precious gemstones and black diamonds. You can effortlessly return the engagement ring you purchased from Barkev’s within 30 days of receiving with FREE return shipping. Keep in mind that no returns accepted sans return authorization code.

Considered the durable and strong jewelry, Barkev’s is considered heirloom quality jewelry based on all the reviews online. You will always find stylish and trendy options to buy from on Barkev’s.

According to the technical data, the Website Barkev’ was created in 2004, in September. It is registered in Sottsdale, Arizona. Manufacturing in Los Angeles, Barkev’s collection on Vimeo is entertaining to watch.

Currently headed by Barkev Meserlian, the CEO of Barkev’s diamond engagement rings, this is a unique jewelry that sells conflict free diamonds as well as lab grown diamonds.  If you love their business ethics, you can also start an affiliate jewelry by enrolling for their Affiliate Program.

Barkev’s Jewelry Complaints

After scouting for one week, we could not find a single registered complaint against Barkev’s jewelry or diamond engagement rings. Their record is the cleanest as an online diamonds seller. You can trust and buy from Barkves to always help you find the dream ring or fix it to be perfect!

Is Barkev’s Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

No. Defintely no. Barkev’s is a genuine American diamond jewelry seller with a credible and reputable history. It is not officially registered on BBB.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Barkev’s Final Verdict

After investigating and evaluating for weeks, we have come to the conclusion that Barkev’s is a trustworthy jewelry with a wide following. They are honest and trendy. We are definite you will find your dream ring here!

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Barkev’s

– User Friendly

The official Barkev’s website is easy to navigate for a teenager. It is smooth and easy to load too.

– Variety

There are dozens of diamond engagement ring varieties on Barkev’s online store for diamond jewelry.

– Shopping Support

There is shopping support or live chat option on this website. It was not a chatbot. We LOVED this. It was a real human answering our questions.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay by

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal Credit


Shipped within 1-3 weeks. No shipping to P.O box addresses.


All Barkev’s orders are shipped with insurance. They don’t offer third-party insurance services for the jewelry.

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