Best Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Wedding Dress Neckline And Color

Best Wedding Jewelry To Match Your Wedding Dress Neckline And Color

The big day is nearing and you’re all set with your basic wedding purchases. The tables are set and the dress is altered to contour to your figure. What’s left is choosing the perfect jewelry to match your wedding dress neckline and color. Don’t fret; I have the formula to find the perfect accessories for your wedding dress that you will be smitten right away.


7 Options of Jewelry to Match your Wedding Dress Neckline

Which is the best jewelry for my high neck wedding gown? Can I wear a gaudy necklace with my strapless gown on the wedding day? What is the best earring for a sweetheart neckline of wedding dress? Let’s find out.

1.    Jewelry to Match Strapless Wedding Dress

As the strapless exposes your neck and leaves room for a lot of jewelry, the best suggestion is a gaudy necklace and a solitaire diamond studs for earrings. If you want to leave the neck free, get a chandelier earring that matches your wedding dress and skip on the necklace or go for a solitaire diamond chain.

2.    accessories for Off-Shoulder Bridal Gown

Much like strapless, you have room to play around with an off-shoulder dress. Go for a simple bridal set with matching earrings and necklace with white gold. Another option is to add white gold bangles and bracelet to complete your look.

If it’s a one-shoulder dress, wear a bangle or bracelet on the empty side and pair it with chandelier drop earrings that reach until your shoulders.  

3.    Sweetheart Wedding Gown Jewelry

You have a lot of room to experiment with earrings in a heart shape to complement the neckline as well as solitaire pendant necklace that falls into the cleavage. Drop earrings are our favorite for heart shaped wedding dress neckline.

4.    Perfect accessories for High Neck Bridal Dress

Skip on the necklace and pendant because it will make your neck look crowded. The best thing to accessorize a high neck wedding gown is a chandelier or drop earrings. If you choose studs or pearl drop earrings, make sure you wear a chain bracelet embedded with sparkly stones too.  

5.    Jewelry for V Neck Bridal Gown

We love seeing brides wear a tiara with the V-neck wedding dresses because it contrasts the shape and highlights the hairdo like no other style. Go for drop earrings and a gaudy bracelet that reflects off your bridal wear.

6.    Bateau Wedding Dress Jewelry

The best dress to expose your collarbones, a bateau bridal gown is best for choker necklaces, especially made of French lace and pearls. If you do wear it, put up your hair and compliment with pearl studs to walk out like a queen.

7.    Jewelry with Netted Neckline dress for Wedding

Often called the illusion or invisible neckline for wedding gowns, the best jewelry with this neckline is a gaudy and chunky earring. Skip the pendant or necklace because it causes more trouble than beauty by snagging onto your gown. Don’t forget a minimalist plain band bracelet to complete the look!

Jewelry to Match your Wedding Dress Color

You know how certain metals complement the tints of your dress color? Combine it with your wedding dress and you have the style of a goddess to dazzle on your special day. Let’s see how to do that exactly/

·      White Gold Jewelry to Match White Wedding Gown

If you want to look like a queen in your white wedding dress, go for jewelry made in white metal such as platinum, white gold or silver at best. Diamond jewelry is a big yes for white bridal dresses. Gemstones can work if you complement it well.  

·      Gemstone Jewelry for Colorful Bridal Dress

Getting married in Hawaii in the Aloha suit with flowers? Compliment the rainbow colors in your wedding theme with gemstone jewelry. If your wedding ring has color, gemstones will shimmer straight outta heaven when you wear it on the wedding day.

·      Golden Jewelry for Candlelight White Wedding Dress

Is your wedding gown golden? We call it candlelight white and the best jewelry metal to pair with golden wedding dresses are yellow gold. Diamond to zirconia complements the dress well when paired with the yellow metal.

·      Rose Gold Jewelry for Ecru White Bridal Gown

Called Ecru white for its baby pink shades, if your wedding gown is in this exotic color, you need an exotic metal. Select rose gold necklace to earrings, bracelets, head chain and anklets to complement your one of a kind bridal gown.  

Before you go …

Or, share your wedding dress neckline and color in the comments below and I will tell you which jewelry to wear exactly to make you look like the best girl on your special day!

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