Black Engagement Rings For Men Any Good? Find Out Now!

Black Engagement Rings For Men Any Good? Find Out Now!

Have you seen black rings emerging as a trend among men? Congratulations on catching the trend alert, but it’s more than just a ring gone viral. Black engagement rings for men are becoming the most popular wedding band choice today and you need to know why. Let’s find out!

Why Choose Black Engagement Rings for Men?

Many cultures around the world have reflected black with masculinity. It has to do more with black wedding rings meaning than just a fashion trend. One of the cool men’s ring option, we are going to find out what makes black engagement rings for men so special.

·      Bold, Strong and Invincible

The universal symbol of black in indestructible. It boasts power and coolness like no other color and no wonder it has been the embodiment of masculinity and everything it stands for!

·      novel, Unique and Different

The black metal trend for men’s engagement ring is just picking up. If you wear it like a man, you might just be picked as the role model for many men around you!

What options of Metal can you choose with Black Engagement Rings for Men?

When you’re thinking about surprising your man with a black metal engagement ring, it is not uncommon to be shocked by how cheap they are. But, if you look right, you will be astonished how vast your options are.

·      Titanium

When titanium is mixed with rhodium black, it is made into black metal with MOHS hardness of 6. A popular ring option for accessories, Titanium is very affordable with prices less than $50 when chosen in the plain band.

·      Tungsten

Harder than Titanium with a MOHS hardness of 7, black Tungsten is actually titanium particles on top of a tungsten. It is not hypoallergenic and can be found at prices as low as $5!

·      Black Gold

When your typical white gold band is coated with black rhodium, it gives birth to black gold. This expensive variety has 6 on the MOHS scale and needs a helluva lot of maintenance. But, it is premium quality metal for men’s engagement rings!

·      Black Diamond

The most elusive type of metal for men’s engagement rings, black diamond is made with proprietary technology that crushed black diamonds to create a solid diamond band of MOHS hardness 10. It is resistant to chipping and natural wear ‘n’ tear too. This is as best as it can get for men’s engagement rings in black!

5 Amazing Black Engagement Rings for Men

Looking for that perfect premium bind of engagement ring that shouts confidence and uniqueness for your man? Get in line on the best wedding rings for men in black because we have chosen the best to show off. Just click on the image to directly buy it from the seller as we are proudly sampling them for you here as a free unpaid promotion!

·      Black Gold 2 Row Men’s Engagement Ring in Black

Mens 0.86CT 14K Gold Rhodium Round Cut Black Diamond 2 Row Man Wedding Band Ring

Set in 14K Black Gold with layered black diamonds totaling to 0.86-carat weight, this two-row ring is bold and ecstatic for any man. Proudly Made in U.S.A and sold with GGA certification.

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $1,150

·      Cadena Black Engagement Ring for Men

 SI Diamond  Men's Ring in 14K Black Gold

With up to 40 S1 diamonds amounting to 0.6 carats in weight, this black engagement ring for men from Diamondere is a classic in 14K Black Gold. It has an artisanal brush finish in an outrageously sleek design.

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $1,512

·      Black Diamond Wedding Ring for Men

Black Diamond Wedding Ring in 14k White Gold (8.5MM)

Set in white gold with black diamonds, this enchanting design might not look all black but has the minimalistic charm. It is set in 14K White Gold and reviewed by 6 customers who bought it on the Blue Nile.

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $1,400

·      Men’s Black Diamond Ring

Image result for Mens Diamond Engagement Rings 0.30 Carat Mens Wedding Bands with Black Diamond in 18K White Gold

Akin to the above ring in 14K White Gold, this fascinating diamonds engagement ring for men in black has 5-star reviews on Yelp an available in a range of colors with black diamond accents of total weight 0.30-carat weight in diamonds.

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $1,450

·      Two Tone Men’s Black and Rose Gold Wedding Ring

Diamond Men's Band in 14k Two-Tone Gold (11mm)

With a brushed finish in 14K White gold that almost looks like black and rose gold, this cool men’s wedding ring from ShaneCo can be engraved with your online order. It has 90 brilliant cut diamonds too!

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $3,550

·      Black Diamond Platinum Elysium Men’s Black Wedding Ring

Image result for elysium platinum black diamond ring

The best stone to gift your man and make him say yes, the all-diamond black engagement ring for men is the most expensive on Elysium. There are others at the price range of $1,400 in black diamond metal too. Click on the picture to explore!

Price of Black Engagement Ring for Men: $7,919

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