Blount Jewels Rings Review

Blount Jewels Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customers Shopping Support
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on BlountJewels in 59 words?

Nevertheless two weeks is BlountJewlers obligatory standard time for engagement rings shipments. Looking around the industry, this is the slowest we have seen. BlountJewels is indeed the most expensive engagement rings shop we have been to. It seems that these guys are only focusing on our society high class engagement rings buyers, who can actually stand the payment required.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on BlountJewels in 57 words?

BlountJewels is a very exclusive online engagement rings shop, offering a “supreme” customer service, some of the fanciest engagemgent rings designs that we have seen, along with an extra ordinary levels of GIA approved diamonds. Happened to be and you are one of the guys who just parked his Porsche in the garage, BountJewels is for you.

BlountJewels facts

Founded in 2010, by Anthony Blount, BlountJewels is a privately held company Located in Silver Spring, MD, USA.

BlountJewels – the full review

Since its beginning, Anthony Blount, the founder, has made it clear that this company is all about high class customers, which means that all- engagement rings, all other products, customer service, technical support and more are all aimed at those who does not have the spare time in order to take the research by themselves. We rank BlountJewels as one of the most expensive online engagement rings stores, but we must mention the absolutely wonderful unique designed engagement rings. When taking the tour along BlountJewels collections, being rich or not, you sure do get a bit of the glamour. Though aimed mostly for wealthy people, we find BlountJewels financing programs, convenient, both credit card and a loan. It seems that those who purchased engagement rings on BlountJewels are always discreet, so we could not find any positive or negative reviews, complaints or other comments that relate to this website. We did find some Youtube’s about the BlountJewels marketing program, but we believe that it should not effect your decision of making a purchase. The BlountJewels Blog has only one post, we believe that they have just given up on it (what a shame), and as for customer’s service contact options, we only found an e-mail option, which is a bit poor.

BlountJewels customer complaints

There you go- we failed, we could not find any complaints about BlountJewels engagement rings. We did find some complaints about their marketing methods, but that’s none of your concern.

Is BlountJewels a fraud?

No. BlountJewels is a trustworthy online engagement rings retailer. We have confirmed the accuracy of its business information, payment methods, brands authentications and more, we assure that this website is legit.

My final conclusion

BlountJewels is a bit different online engagement rings dealer, it’s a prestige one, with very high prices and what they call a “supreme” customer service. Though we could not fund ant testimonials about the quality of the service given, we recommend paying a visit.

BlountJewels Ratings

User Friendly 17/20

The landing page is outstanding when it comes to design, photo quality and more, but when it comes to essential information it seems a bit tricky and makes you contact the customer service.

Variety of Diamonds 14/20

Minimal but magnificent, we loved what we have seen, wish we could afford any but yet the number of engagement rings is only a few dozen.

Customers Shopping Support -/20

For the first time, we must leave this rating Unrated, as for the contact options… we better leave it empty, an only e-mail is out of style for a long time now.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 13/20

Welcome again, we can only tell you about the wonderful financing options, credit cards or personal loans, which may draw some positive light on BlountJewels. Shipping is usually two weeks, that is we believe the longest time offered around the market.

Returns, Refund and Trade in -/20

Again, we have no choice but to leave this issue for you to deal with BlountJewels when the time comes.

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