Blue Nile Engagement Rings Review

Blue Nile Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Only Buy Your Engagement Ring On blue nile In 135 Words?

blue nile is the first and biggest online diamond company, which is probably the world’s leader and will stay the world’s leader for the next decade as we see. I was very happy to see a lot of educational stuff about diamonds, that allows anyone to easily read and learn the basics as a beginner shopper. There are countless reasons to shop for your engagement ring on blue nile, we can mention that a leader is one for the hard work behind it, which means that blue nile has been doing so much for their diamonds, from picking a rock, thru the artistic work of the jeweler, customer care and shipping. You should buy your diamonds and engagement rings on blue nile, because they are the biggest, and as some girls say: “bigger is better”!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Engagement & Wedding Rings on blue nile in 128 words:

It is not easy to find the answer…

blue nile is the world’s number 1 diamond engagement ring retailer on-line, and it seems that they have worked pretty hard to get this title. blue nile offers some unique diamonds, along with a mounting, setting, packaging and shipping.

blue nile is the number 1 in sales of diamonds and engagement rings on-line, but you should know that some of their work is made by agencies, and still it always comes out perfect!

HD photos? Videos? blue nile is giving you a real look at what you get!

blue nile “The Source Of Brilliance™” Facts:

Blue Nile is an online specialty retailer of fine jewelry. Blue Nile was founded in 1999 and today is the largest online retailer of diamonds.

Here are some dry facts for the world’s largest diamonds retailer:

CEO: Harvey S Kanter
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States
Revenue: 473 million USD (2015)
Founder: Mark Vadon
Founded: 1999
Net income: 9.7 million USD (2015)
Operating income: 14.2 million USD (2015)
blue nile offers some of the most exclusive diamonds from around the world, and all of those are unique and will only be seen at as there are limitations set on all vendors to distribute only for blue nile.
all policies are normal and there was nothing special or customer helpful to write home about.

blue nile Full Review – The Big Rock!

Blue Nile is with no doubts the biggest diamond company online. Blue Nile is based on the idea of helping us, ignoramus who actually shops for our first diamond. How Blue Nile does help us?

blue nile actually educates for diamonds, you’ll find all there is to know, free of charge.
blue nile has a very large price range and a variety of cuts, shapes and carats, larger than a human can explore.
blue nile is available 24/7 (I was only sneaking to the toilets with my laptop late night so my fiancé to be wont find out what I am doing).
The customer service provided while searching is wonderful (I drove him nuts, with dozens of questions) and always received clear answers Etc’

Honesty , Honesty and little more Honesty

I must be honest with you (actually I don’t, but I want to ;-)), I have spent hours of viewing, reading, searching and driving crazy the customer service, and what I found divides in two:
blue nile are the nicest, easiest, recommended company for what I call “window shoppers”. All you can ask all you can see and all you can dream of will probably be answered. On the other hand:
blue nile are absolutely awful in taking care of un-pleased customers (got the wrong ring, defective settings, unable to deliver what was ordered etc’)
At a glance, with almost 20 years of experience, a very high volume of sales and a huge audience of customers, there is a very good chance that you will be happy and satisfied with your purchase (like I am).
For the slight chance you won’t be, read our customer complaints!

Is blue nile a fraud?

No (happy now?) blue nile might have some issues with disappointed customers, but it seems that most of complaints are being taken care of in the end. I am really happy; it sucks writing about fraud companies. Taking some of the cons aside, blue nile is the biggest diamond retailer today, at a few levels above all others, which makes them supervised and inspected occasionally.

Our Final Conclusion:

blue nile is the biggest on-line diamond engagement rings dealer. blue nile offers some of the most expensive diamonds, mounted in a variety of rings, in all shapes, cuts carats and flourishing. While there are so many options out there, you should always remember that blue nile is not another option, but THE on-line diamond and engagement rings retailer, blue nile is the biggest, and therefore a bit more expensive, in order to cover all these expanses for high quality diamonds. We wish that blue nile would offer some high quality photos and videos!

Blue nile Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

The traditionally designed blue nile site might not be friendly to the eye but sure is friendly by means of understanding, learning or gathering the information you need in order to choose your way of getting the right ring. If you are not an analyst, and would like to see for yourself any diamond before making a buy- blue nile is not for you!

Variety of diamonds 18/20

blue nile is for sure one of the biggest online stores, offering a very large variety of diamonds, settings and rings. A nice jester is that some very common diamond styles displayed on the landing page and catch your eye directing you to the next step. The variety is as big as you can imagine, unique and real.

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

An interesting method of blue nile, allows you a 24/7 phone call service, weather the online chat is only available during the day (US times), weekends included. We received a negative impression about the blue nile customer service, that had left a large number of un-pleased customers, so make sure you get the correct answers at any moment.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

A pleasant surprise under this issue, all products are made, packed and shipped no later than a night from order time, a standard suggestion is a gift package. Though blue nile packaging is not the best one we have seen, it is OK, we found the shipping and payment policies standard according to 2nd and 3rd best on-line so nothing you should worry about!

Returns, Refund and Trade in 17/20

A 30 days return, but unfortunately no lifetime warranty and no trade in options, make blue nile a very late industry retailer, a disappointment to us. We would expect a leader, to be one at all types of a diamond retail- from the diamond itself to a payments, returns and trade- ins. We find blue nile under the red line for that topic.

4 Reviews

  1. I like the bluenile designs, the prices are extremely high…. Trying to look for a reduced offer

  2. i had my engagement ring from blue nile
    had my diamond at a very good price but for some reason the ring was a little expencive
    overall i am pretty happy and so is my fiancce!

  3. Blue Nile DOES offer a upgrade program :

    AND a lifetime warranty!

  4. Blue nile are awesome
    Got an offer of .6 carats with d color on top but f on bottom – for the price of an f

    Perfect for me!


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