Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

Brian Gavin Diamonds Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Brian Gavin Diamonds In 103 Words?

Brian Gavin is an era maker, with driving thoughts and outlines, another benevolent method for esteeming jewels and a substantial crowd who is fulfilled and suggests future purchasing. Brian Gavin precious stones has made it path through the web deliberately with dependable plans and costs that rival greater and littler brands.

Brian Gavin Diamond’s quality is the uniquely cut super-perfect stones. Of these, by far most are their Hearts and Arrows cut round precious stones and the Brian Gavin Blue gathering.

So while this store has only been on-line since 2009, Brian Gavin has a long time presence at the diamond engagement rings market.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Brian Gavin Diamonds In 108 Words?

Brian Gavin Diamonds are magnificent, it is nevertheless one of a kind a one-man show that we can only admire for the high quality shapes, it seems that prices are as high as the sky. We may assure you that all Diamonds Engagement Rings sold by BGD, are high quality and sure fit the price, but it is only aimed at the top of the price paying customers. We would be happy if there was a line of stones, in the perfection styles and shapes of the master, that might be legit in price for the ones of us who can not pay as much as the 90210 people.

Brian Gavin “We Set The Standard” Facts:

Established on 2009, Brian Gavin Diamonds is a long time designer of high quality diamond engagement rings, linked to top retailers, who is now going his own way. The shop Address: 7322 Southwest Fwy #1810, Houston, TX 77074, United States

Business Hours:

Sunday 9AM–1PM
Monday 8AM–8PM
Tuesday 8AM–8PM
Wednesday 8AM–8PM
Thursday 8AM–8PM
Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday Closed

Is Brian Gavin A Fraud?

Brian Gavin diamonds is a very well known company, owned by the co founder of Whiteflash, which makes it one of the larger diamonds organizations on the states. Examine customer complaints and official economical reports, can approve that Brian Gavin diamonds are not a scam.

Brian Gavin Customers Complaints:

What do people complaint about? We really couldn’t find. The Brian Gavin experience is aimed at a very unique and professional audience, who might differ a one diamond engagement ring from another. it is obvious that the Brian Gavin Diamonds buyers are there for a reason. the one aspect of personal attitude and private attention, has been created by the Brian Gavin staff who acts as one big family, dealing all customers with patient, enthusiasm and a helpful tips for the need to customize each and every future to be fiancee with the perfect engagement ring. We assure that non of the complaints about Brian Gavin Diamonds should be treated as a con to these professionals.

Brian Gavin Diamonds – The Full Review:

Brian Gavin (born 14 November 1957) is a fifth-generation diamond cutter from South Africa. Referred to as “Brian the Cutter,” Gavin is best known for establishing a quality benchmark and grading system for hearts and arrows diamonds, a specialized precision-cut form of the round brilliant diamond.

Brian Gavin himself is the co-founder of Whiteflash, and over a decade later has made it independently with Brian Gavin Diamonds, creating a whole new world of estimating and viewing diamonds. Brian Gavin diamond insists on giving the customer a perfect purchasing experience, by keeping a first in line website, a powerful customer service and high quality products for reasonable prices.

Brian Gavin is not only the name of the brand but it is the person who probably knows all market’s and industry’s secrets. We have encountered a hand full of members, mostly family, who stand out there for you, in order to achieve perfection when it comes to quality of diamonds engagement rings.

When it comes to everything else but quality of the rock, we have examined some of the customer care specialist, the sales persons and the policies, all have shown us that the Brian Gavin Diamonds are probably the top group of high end jewelers in the market.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Review- The Final Conclusion:

As a one of a kind person, we believe that MR.Gavin and his associates, have been making a change on the diamonds engagement rings market in the past years. We can assure that a quality of an engagement ring, that goes by the hands of the master, is a top of the line and will sure make the impression on the future to be fiancee. Our conclusion takes a measure of all reasonable issues that one must deal with before, making a purchase, and we can highly recommend making one on

Brian Gavin Diamonds Ratings:

User Friendly 17/20

Once clicking on to Brian Gavin, you will definitely see that you have arrived at your destination. The website provides a clear and simple landing page, allowing you to go direct into the diamond or any other product you are into, with very nice pics and ideas of what to look. The search engine is easy to filter and should help you get to your goal shortly.

Variety Of Diamonds 18/20

This is nevertheless one of the most widespread diamond websites in the world, Brian Gavin has over 50,000 different kinds of loose diamonds, engagement rings and other jewelries, all presented at top quality. The real specialty of the variety, is that all diamonds viewed on Brian Gavin, are top of the art and from a genuine quality.

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

Though at a glance the communication methods might seem a little old- fashioned, what matters here is the high quality of the anyone we have contacted. we have always gotten sincere answers, great value tips and referred exactly where we wanted to get. We believe that the high standards of customer service are a sign for the high quality of Brian Gavin’s work, starting at diamonds and ending with packaging and care.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Payment is available via major credit cards, PayPal and bank wire transfer and is protected by the most up to date online security companies. Outside of the US, payment is available by bank wire transfer only. Shipping dispatches within 48 hours, and is always free and insured, a 20$ extra fee is charged for Saturday delivery, 5000$ is the limit of an overnight or 2nd day FedEx delivery.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 17/20

15- days refund is available, less than what we are used to accept in the market, along with an only 1- year buyback policy, which allows you to receive only 70% of what you have paid for. For sure the Texas Brian Gavin company is very strict under this issue. It is a very comfortable option to have a buy back, which is not usually offered by major diamonds stores on-line and on land.

4 Reviews

  1. I’ve had a nice experience with BGD, completely agree that customer care are a bit problematic, though Brian himself is a Diamonds Master.

  2. Brian and the gang helped me so much! i feel like i am buying from my dad, both their e-mails and Skype calls we made have always answered any question i had, made my engagement ring compatible to my budget, not pushing me to spend more than i have planned. before BGD i tried another big brand store but couldn’t get the attention i needed, just left for a more friendly place 🙂

  3. Seems like such a cool place!
    I forst contactes BGD 2 month ago, and ever since i keep in touch with the staff offering ne all about engagement ring.
    When i will find one, brian is my man for sure!

  4. Great value for money!
    I was looking for quite some time and i can honestly say that though i saw some cheaper rings, i find the brian gavin collection highky classic and inam glad to buy my engagement ring!


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