BRIDAL SET: 8 Best Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo

BRIDAL SET: 8 Best Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo

Finding the dream ring and band of your choice is not easy. I know the times I have struggled with gems and diamonds alone for months deciding if I wanted protection or appeal on my ring. I chose once I was sure I didn’t miss any design. Be confident like me by choosing the right engagement ring and band combo from the below!

8 Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combinations

Are there special ring and band combos for engagement and bridal sets? Which is a trendy choice for wedding ring and band? Find answers to your questions in shimmers below!

1.      Passion Halo Wedding Set of Ring and Band from WHITEFLASH

Simon G. MR2132 Passion Halo Diamond Wedding Set


A stellar bridal set combo, Passion Halo set of ring and wedding from Whiteflash is a steal. It is available in Platinum as well as 18k white, Yellow and Rose Gold. The breathtaking diamond ring and wedding band is offered with a wide variety of center diamonds.

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $4,312.00


2.      Petite Twisted Wine Ring and Band from BRILLIANT EARTH



A sweet and distinct engagement ring with a flair, this petite twisted wine ring is set in a scalloped pave setting in 18K White gold. The claw prong on the diamond ensures durability while you can choose 18K Yellow or Rose Gold in addition to 14k Rose Gold or Platinum as well! Get this MADE IN U.S.A engagement ring and band combo NOW!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $2,180 (minus the diamond, i.e, for setting and band only)


3.      Micropave Eternity Ring and Band from RITANI



A bridal set designed for high maintenance honeys, this micropave eternity ring and band combo is set with a pear shaped diamond in the center.  You can choose from platinum to 18k white, yellow and rose gold in addition to 14k white gold. Once you’ve chosen the setting, go ahead and choose the central stone available in shapes such as pear, heart, round, princess, emerald and many more!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $3,550 (for setting only)


4.      Intricate Grid Solitaire Set from FASCINATING DIAMONDS

Image result for Intricate Grid Solitaire SeT FASCINATING DIAMONDS


Designed to fit with an ethereal charm, this woven setting princess ring has a diamond carat weight you can choose based on your budget or preference. The engagement ring and wedding band set is available in 14K White, Rose and Yellow gold, same as 18K. You can also add platinum if you’re budget is breathable for $1000 extra. The finest grid work on the bridal set is a stunner!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $2,972 (for setting only)


5.      Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Set from JEWELRY BY GARO

Image result for 1.84 Carat Fancy Blue Diamond Engagement Ring Set, Bridal Wedding Rings Set, 14K Rose Gold Unique Halo Pave Certified Handmade


Putting the spotlight on a blue diamond with handmade halo pave in the most charismatic design, this engagement ring and band set is a steal. It is set in 14K white gold and is the best affordable, yet lux choice. You will receive a certified appraisal and free resizing with the jewelry.

Moreover, if she doesn’t like the piece, you can return it for free too!


Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $3,575

6.      Twist Diamond White Gold Wedding Set from WEXFORD JEWELERS


A fashion faithful bridal set from Timeless Bridal, this bridal set has twirled band contouring to the engagement ring like straight outta dream. The beautiful engagement ring and band from Wexford jewelers is set in 14k White gold with brilliant cut diamond. The central diamond is shimmered by the four prongs upholding it. Prepare to be amazed!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $3,940


7.      Trillion Solitaire Wedding Set from CHINCHAR MALONEY

Wedding set in 14k yellow gold with .15 carat trillion white diamond in bezel setting.  A matching wedding band is stacked on top.  It is triangular and has small brilliant white diamonds set in it.  Front view on white background.


A popular and radically elegant designer from Portland, Chinchar Maloney is famed for its rock being Trillian cut. The urbane design speaks freshness and brutish class made for women with finest sense of fashion. I love the band and ring together as well as what it creates. Embrace the vogue in you and select this engagement and band with options such as 14k Yellow, White and Rose Gold.  You can have a brush or mirror polished finish to the band too!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo


8.      Seven Stone Wedding Set Ring and Band from ZOARA

Seven Stone Wedding Set in 14k White Gold


A timeless treasure from Zoara, the Seven Stone wedding set has 3 giant diamonds on the engagement ring and 4 small diamonds on the wedding band. It is available in platinum to 14k white and yellow gold in addition to 18k white gold, and yellow gold. It has an undebatable charm to the stone like a queen!

Price of Diamond Engagement Ring and Band Combo: $8,520 (Setting only)


Before you go …

Choosing the right wedding band is as important as the engagement ring. That’s why you should broaden the search and purchase jewelry that appeals to your lifestyle. Please check the jewelers above as most of them are rated on popular bridal registries too. Tell us if you’ve purchased from any of the above.

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