Brilliant Earth Review (NEW Update-2021)

Brilliant Earth Review (NEW Update-2021)

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Brilliant Earth Infographic
Brilliant Earth Infographic

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Brilliant Earth? 

Brilliant Earth is one of the first reliable online diamond sellers with a firm stance in the diamond jewelry business for more than a decade. What’s the ‘X’ factor of Brilliant Earth that makes them perfect for engagement rings? Let’s find out. 

Pioneers in Ethical Diamonds and Recycled Metals 

One of the very first brands that take ethical diamonds seriously, Brilliant Earth uses recycled natural diamonds and lab-made diamonds. This is an alternative to unethical diamond mining practices. 

You can get either lab-made diamonds or those ethically mined from Russia, Canada, and Namibia, and Botswana. The interesting thing is, lab-made diamonds aren’t like cubic zirconias. They are actually exactly like natural diamonds. On top of that, lab diamonds are cheaper than mining. They’re also available in several colors on Brilliant Earth besides so you can get your heart’s desire. 

Gorgeous with a Lifetime Guarantee 

Diamonds are uniquely crafted with gorgeous cuts and designs that are mostly made in the lab. There are two types of guarantees you can get from Brilliant Earth when getting the engagement ring diamond. 

The best thing is you get lifetime upgrades on all diamonds purchased and lifetime cover on all manufacturing defects for the setting you picked. 

For those of you who want to see the diamond you buy at a near-touch range on screen, all Brilliant Earth diamonds get delivered with a GIA Grading Report. You also get ASET and Idealscope Images of the diamonds on the site. 

You can get diamonds like Round, Oval, Square, Emerald, Cushion, Pear, Princess, Marquis, Heart, Asscher, and Radiant from this diamond ring seller.

Even more gorgeous packing! 

You receive Brilliant Earth Diamonds in handcrafted boxes made from wood that comes all the way New Zealand. Moreover, the wood comes approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) so you’re not destroying the environment.

What’s more, if you’re ordering above $1,000 whether it is a diamond or a gemstone, Brilliant Earth provides a biodegradable jewelry cleaner that’s free from toxins. 

Note that this may not be applicable for gemstone jewelry. 

Social Commitments

Apart from donating 5% of every purchase to charities that help people suffering from unethical diamond mining practices, Brilliant Earth does so much more. 

The best thing about this diamond engagement ring seller is their carbon-free commitment. They collaborated with recently to offset their carbon emission. Besides, it directly benefits the Tropical Rainforest Conservation in Brazil.

Brilliant Earth fights deforestation drives with the rainforest alliance and also created the Brilliant Mobile School. Moreover, they also donate to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Funds. 

30 Days Return Window 

You can return the items you’ve purchased from Brilliant Earth within 30 days of purchase. They offer a no-questions-asked policy on all stocked items. However, note that you can return the custom diamond rings. The best thing is Brilliant Earth even offers free return shipping too.

But if any item is damaged or if you receive a tampered package, it must be reported within five days of receiving the tracking number.

Get to know more about the return policies of Brilliant Earth. 


Brilliant Earth offers the option to ‘Create your Own’ engagement ring via the website. Also, you can choose based on the design, shape, size, and every characteristic as per your desires. From tiny things like changing the gold purity of the band to varied settings or sizes, they can help. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Brilliant Earth? 

While there are many pros to buying Brilliant Earth, cons are there too. First off, you shouldn’t buy diamond engagement rings from Brilliant earth is that if you’re concerned about getting premium diamonds.. That’s because Brilliant Earth diamonds may be lab-made or recycled. 

As they are ethical about selling diamonds, the cost of the diamond automatically rakes up. So if you’re looking for a budget buy more than ethical reasons, Brilliant Earth isn’t a good option. Quite some time ago, Brilliant Earth also didn’t have ASET images and other specifications. But today, it’s one of the best websites to get your diamond with or without the engagement ring.

History of The Brilliant Earth 

Wondering who owns Brilliant Earth or when was it founded? One of the most famous diamond ring sellers around the world, Brilliant Earth was founded in 2005. The founders are Eric Grossberg and Beth Gerstein from California. 

Both Stanford Alumni, Brilliant Earth currently has several locations spanning from San Francisco to  Boston, Washington D.C, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and Portland. Moreover, the company is also approved by the Responsible Jewellery Council too and diamonds by the Kimberly Process Certification.

Brilliant Earth began with the motive of helping communities affected by unethical diamond mining practices. Besides winning several awards, Brilliant Earth has Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds with transparent service. 

What Types Of Diamonds Are Available On Brilliant Earth? 

Brilliant Earth is one of the few diamond vendors online that offer a wide variety of ethical diamonds from which you can choose your engagement ring. 

Here are all the diamonds available here: 

  • Canadian: Diamonds that come from mines of Diavik and Ekati in the Northwestern area of Canada are available on Brilliant earth.
  • Botswana Sort: Natural diamonds are mined with ethical and respectful practices from areas of South Africa. The best thing is funds generated are sent back to the country for health care, education, and infrastructural developments. 
  • Russian: Diamonds mined from the Russian subcontinent of Siberia and White Sea Coast in the Arkhangelsk region provide employment to people in the remote area of Russia. Moreover, workers are compensated 2x what an average worker earns with working benefits, insurance, healthcare, and pensions. 
  • Recycled: Precious diamonds that are pre-owned are different from this but recycled diamonds are often used as new diamonds when original customers failed to complete their purchases. 
  • Lab-created: These are diamonds created based on the exact chemistry of real diamonds inside laboratories. 

What Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available on Brilliant Earth?

You can get diamonds in shapes such as oval, round, cushion, pear, princess, emerald, Asscher, heart, marquis, and radiant. Moreover, there are also super ideal cut diamonds and colored diamonds available with this vendor. Here are options natural diamond options available according to the 4Cs:

  • Carat: 0.25 to 11.58 
  • Color: J to D
  • Cut: Fair, Good, Very Good, Ideal, and Super Ideal 
  • Clarity: SI2, SI2, VS2, VS1, VVS2, VVS1, IF, FL

The cost of diamonds on Brilliant Earth ranges from $380 to $641,310. All diamond purchases on Brilliant Earth come with GIA reports.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made? 

Lab-grown diamonds are typically made from the small seeds of carbon that are taken from real diamonds. 

State-of-the-art technology with high pressure and heat makes lab-grown diamonds a possibility. It’s done using a process called CVD that follows the same form of natural diamond making. 

But instead of the mantle of the earth, it’s made in the laboratory. The best thing is atoms within lab-made diamonds are arranged in the same way as a real diamond.

Can You Negotiate With Brilliant Earth? 

While big brands often don’t bargain with the pricing, you can always work out a better deal with Brilliant Earth if you’re not satisfied with the final offer. Get in touch wit their customer service team right away. 

Does Brilliant Earth Offer Financing?

Yes, Brilliant Earth offers many financing options. 

These include Affirm (repayment at 0% APR), Wells Fargo (0% Interest when repaid within the first year), and Layaway plans for customers from the U.S and other countries. Read more about financing advice and options on Brilliant Earth here.

Where Does Brilliant Earth Ship to? What are the Shipping Options on Brilliant Earth? 

Brilliant Earth offers free shipping for customers within certain countries. 

For orders within the U.S.A, Canada, U.K, and Australia, the shipping costs are waived off. You can even customize delivery preferences such as delivery on a specific date, Saturday delivery, or even holding at a FedEx location with this diamond engagement ring seller.

Check out the Brilliant Earth Shipping page for more information.

Can You Try On Brilliant Earth Diamonds?

Brilliant Earth offers a special option called ‘Virtual Try On’ where you can select a diamond engagement ring of your choice. Hence, you can try it on from your home without having to go anywhere. You can even avail of virtual appointments with personalized video appointments with experts on Brilliant Earth. 

Read more on how to try Virtual Try-On from Brilliant Earth here.

Does Brilliant Earth Resize For Free?

One complimentary resizing for free after purchase of the diamond engagement ring on top of both ways shipping is also included here. Note that eternity rings from Brilliant Earth may not be resized.

You can also get resizing for newly bought diamond engagement rings for free within 60 days of purchase.

Stepwise Guide On How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings on Brilliant Earth? 

If you’re wondering how to send back the diamond engagement ring to Brilliant Earth, just check out the following seven steps. 

  • First Step: Contact the Customer Service Team. 
  • Second Step: Get a Return Shipping Authorization Code and ask for the Free FedEx Shipping Label. 
  • Third Step: Write the Code outside the package.
  • Fourth Step: Pack the return package with everything sent with it such as bill, report, and original packing. 
  • Fifth Step: For insurance, double box the package or ask customer service about it.
  • Sixth Step: Affix the return shipping label and drop the box at your closest FedEx. 
  • Seventh Step: Get the receipt from the FedEx office as proof for insurance. 

After inspection from the Quality Assessment Team of Brilliant Earth, your refund will be approved within seven days. 

Here’s how to return an order placed from Brilliant Earth.

[H2] How To Get In Touch With Brilliant Earth? 

Take a look at all the ways to contact Brilliant Earth via phone or and other means here: 

  • Phone: 1-647-498-5665
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: available on the Website 
  • Schedule appointments available directly via showrooms

Brilliant Earth Discounts, Coupons, and Promotions 

Customers can get discounts and promotions from Brilliant Earth of up to 15% Off, 20% Off, and more on Dealspotr, Coupon Seeker, Coupon Annie, or this promotional link right via Brilliant Earth.

How To Choose The Right Diamond For Engagement Ring On Brilliant Earth? 

Brilliant Earth advises customers to follow certain steps to find that dream-perfect diamond engagement ring. 

Here’s how: 

  • Find out your budget first. Ask your partner or find out what they’re expecting when it comes to diamond engagement rings. 
  • Pick a diamond engagement ring. You should start with a setting, and move onto the type and style of diamond ring you want. 
  • Choose a diamond. Depending on the carat, cut, color, and clarity, pick a diamond of your choice. 
  • Purchase it. Place the order or talk to customer service about placing the order. 

Thus, now all that’s left to do is propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Go ahead and do it with the finest diamond you just bought. 

Read more on how to pick the perfect diamond engagement ring on Brilliant Earth. 

Is Brilliant Earth A Fraud? Can I trust Brilliant Earth? 

No, Brilliant Earth is not a fraud.

As examined by our experts, Brilliant Earth is a reliable online diamond seller with legitimate certifications, diplomatic customer care, and diverse showpieces. It is a one-stop shop for all types of wedding jewelry shopping. And when you buy from Brilliant Earth, you can be ensured that your entrusted bond will be immortal. 

Is Lifetime Warranty On Brilliant Earth Good Enough?

Yes, the lifetime warranty of Brilliant Earth is ironclad. However, you should remember that this is applicable only to manufacturing defects. Moreover, if you’re getting vintage engagement rings, note that a lifetime warranty may not be applicable. 

Are There Insurance Appraisals Available With Purchases? 

All diamond ring purchases on Brilliant Earth come with a free insurance appraisal unless it’s not modified. It also includes earrings over $2,000 USD as well as vintage pieces. Moreover, if your purchase isn’t automatically covered, contact the customer service team. 

What’s New about Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings in 2021?

Brilliant Earth adopted a new standard of diamond standardization called SCS-007. This is a provision that offers diamond vendors and designers an opportunity to study unbiased facts on the environmental, social, and industrial effects of the diamond they want to buy. Put simply, this makes it failproof for unethical diamond miners to sell their conflicted stones anymore.

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings- The Full Review 

As all Brilliant Earth diamonds are manufactured with ecologically sound fundamentals, they are unique and breathtaking. The best thing is Brilliant Earth provides limitless troubleshooting and assistance programs to aid the customer to choose the perfect diamond. 

With flawless and generous lifetime guarantees that cover the manufacturing defects as well as trade-up options, these lab-made diamonds are truly a treasure to own.

Furthermore, Brilliant Earth diamonds are specially packed in handcrafted wooden boxes with a seal of trust. Apart from all these amazing features, Brilliant Earth diamond also comes with GIA Diamond Dossier, Grading Results, and Additional Grading Information. Moreover, this woman-owned business is one to watch out for ages to come. 

At present, Brilliant Earth is one of the few companies with a long and flawless track record when it comes to buying ethical diamonds as well as gorgeous engagement ring designs. It has all the different shapes, sizes, carats, clarities, and more available. 

Brilliant Earth Customer Complaints 

We encountered some complaints registered by verified purchases that claimed delayed delivery and delayed troubleshooting on BBB and other consumer forums. However, it has been highlighting that the complaints were closed down with a due response from Brilliant Earth after resolution with due care. 

Brilliant Earth Final Verdict 

Based on the unbiased analysis of our experts, Brilliant Earth has been inferred as a trustworthy online diamond seller with a satisfied customer base. Moreover, complaints were resolved, and upgrades were realized like a dream! 

We recommend Brilliant Earth for any prospective Diamond Buyer and especially those looking for engagement rings. 

Brilliant Earth Ratings 

User-friendly: 18/20

The website has a friendly interface full of quality photos, informative content, and ASET images elaborating the efficiency of Brilliant Earth diamonds. Most customers reviewed the product as hassle-free for everyday wear and long-term usage.

Variety Of Engagement Rings: 18/20

Customers relate to the product as ‘a perfect symbol of our love’ and picture-perfect. Moreover, one can also customize and tailor a Brilliant Earth diamond ring that suits one’s aesthetic tastes, perfectly!

Customer Shopping Support: 18/20

The Live Chat feature on BRILLIANT Earth’s Homepage is sturdy and effortless. After placing a request for Sapphire diamonds, we received a response from Brilliant Earth in under 2 Hours. They provided complete shopping support incisive of expert advice and calculations to choose the diamond that suits best!

Payment, Shipping & Insurance, Warranty: 18/20

Brilliant Earth provides interest-free installments for customers in the U.S.A. They offer incredible financing plans of paying with multiple credit cards and ensure two Fed Ex Eco-friendly shipping options, both of which are free for customers in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In: 17/20

Brilliant Earth offers free shipping and 30-Day Free Return on specific orders and re-sizing for the rings in its contract. Hence, this is by far the fairest deal because online customers often find fitting issues with their virtual purchases.

5 Reviews

  1. BE is definitley an awesome online store
    had my diamond from them
    must say that the customer care is perfect, i had some concerns but they managed to make me calm.
    shipping and tracking was easy and quick

  2. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE. I agreed to purchase a diamond only to be told 5 DAYS LATER that it was “unavailable”. They tried to upsell me a couple hundred dollars to another diamond and suddenly all listed diamonds on the site were $1000 more expensive than what I had agreed to purchase. The day after I cancelled the order the “unavailable” diamond was magically available again. LOL, THIS AN EXTORTION SCAM!!!

    • mn nm

  3. I was originally slightly hesitant about buying a diamond ring online however I took my time reading reviews and called in a few times to ask the important questions. Every interaction I had with a representative was positive. They took the time to answer my questions and guide me through my purchase. The website was user-friendly and I received my tracking information quickly after the sale. The ring arrived as described and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Never buy from Brilliant earth. They make it easy to purchase. However in my experience with them. When the ring arrived the center gemstone was a completely different color. Brilliant earth claimed it is due to lighting. Over $8k down the toilet. I should have bought local so I can see the ring before I buy it


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