Can I shower with my Diamond Engagement Ring On?

Can I shower with my Diamond Engagement Ring On?

Water cleans everything right? So, what would a few sprinkles do to your engagement ring with the hardest stone in the center? Please don’t skip reading this article if you think so. From gold to diamonds, everything degrades. If you don’t want to lose your diamond ring into thin air, start caring for it. We’ve answered ‘can I shower my diamond engagement ring’ as well as everything to do with engagement rings and water.

What happens when I shower with my Diamond engagement ring?

Can I use my ring when swimming? What is the problem of wearing engagement ring underwater? Can I shower with my engagement ring? When to take off the diamond ring?

I know the endless number of questions you may have when you’re newly engaged. The number of questions double when you realize losing the diamond engagement ring can significantly affect your mood.

Why not touch water on the engagement ring?

Water is life-giving, but it can be life-threatening if you’re priceless and rare heirloom diamond engagement ring is affected. While it is true that not all metals degrade with water, most lose their shine and shimmer with repeated showers.

If your engagement ring comes in contact with water, take a soft cloth and brush it dry ASAP.  Water residue on the ring can be cleaned with white vinegar. Ignoring the water spots on your diamond ring will leave permanent marks if you don’t clean it.

Can I wear my Diamond engagement ring in the pool?

Swimming with your precious diamond engagement ring is a big NO-NO! As almost all swimming pools are filled with chlorine water, your diamond as well as the metal it is pronged in, are a threat. So DO NOT EVER wear your diamond wedding ring in a pool. Remove it and keep in the safety deposit box if you decide to dive into the pool.

With the survey showing Americans spend 2.5 days every year trying to find lost items, jewelry consists of the top 25% lost items across the country. Hence, don’t lose your precious ring in the sands or the water. There are many chances it could happen and the best you can do is carry a tiny, yet safe jewelry box with you when you go swimming or diving!

What happens when I bathe with Diamond Engagement ring?

When you’re soaking in a bathtub with your favorite fragrant bath salts, bubbles and soaps, the threat to your ring is great. Do you know what chemicals are there in your bath salts, soap or bubbles? Soaking in a bathtub with your engagement ring on will lead to the water seeping into the rock and metal. As a rule of thumb, longer the soak, deeper the scars.

Go ahead and keep a jewelry box to keep your ring next to the bathtub. You can bathe for as long as you want without ruining your fave jewelry.

Is taking off the engagement ring bad luck?

From nanas to mommas, most women believe taking your engagement ring out can harm your husband or vice-versa. Scientifically, there is no proof to it. Just as you will take the ring off when bathing your baby to prevent the prongs from harming him or her, it is logic that must reason you when to take the ring off.

Although, we believe not wearing the wedding ring directly shows your lack of interest in the marriage. It is not a superstition because the engagement ring is the symbol of your holy matrimony and union. So, don’t do that. Instead, take it off only for safety.

Why does my diamond look cloudy after the shower? Did I damage my ring?

Diamonds are the strongest stones on earth, but there are also stones with tiny pores and crevices. Oftentimes, when you’re bathing soap, gel and a variety of chemicals can enter these crevices. What happens when water seeps onto your screen guard on the phone? Just as it becomes blurry, your engagement ring diamond does too!

Cloudy diamond rings are not defects of the manufacturer. You cannot return such diamonds as it is the buyer’s fault of letting the water inside the diamond. Try cleaning with a soft bristle brush under running water for best effects.

When to take off your engagement ring?

You must not wear engagement ring when you’re working with water such as washing dishes, washing clothes, cooking, swimming, showering or bathing. Any work that might put your diamond wedding ring in contact with water must be done with care.

The best solution is to remove your diamond ring when showering or dealing with water. Ensure that you place it in its safe box whenever you remove the engagement ring to prevent losing it.

Before you go …

There are many dos and don’ts of using diamond engagement rings in the shower. When my friends ask ‘can I shower with my engagement ring’, I ask them back, ‘will you shower with your wedding dress? Well, then DON’T!

Ask us any doubts you have about showering with your engagement ring on!

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