Candere Diamonds Review

Candere Diamonds Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping And Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade- in

Why Should You Only Buy Your Engagement Ring On Candere In 100 Words?

Candere offers a vast variety of online diamonds, earrings, gemstones and engagement rings, for sale from India and ships for free all over the world. Candere offers excellent customer service, including a Live Chat, an E-mail address, and a Whats-app service. At Candere collection, you can find many popular and unique engagement rings, along with DIY options, wedding sets, and other jewelry. Candere is mostly recommended due to its compatible prices, the amazing return and refund policies along with the large variety. Candere is a must have a visit when looking for your Engagement ring!

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Engagement & Wedding Rings on Candere in 100 words:

One major con for Candere is the annoying notification request, upon any page loading. In addition, psychologically it is sometimes weird to make a big purchase on the other side of the planet, without an agency nearby. When it comes to engagement rings, that feeling might grow bigger and make you recalculate your route! Candere is hard to figure when it comes to the company’s info, though its office address is published, a FB page and a phone No., it seems that some of the reviews are hard to reach, as we could only find a few and old ones.

Candere “Precious Creations For You” Facts:

Candere was founded in the last century, and its official brand came to the USA in 2013 with the, but now is only sold thru The headquarters are at the address: 501-502, Om Shakti Samrat, Plot No. 21, Shakti Niwas, Ramchandra Lane extn, Near Greater Bombay Co-op Bank, Kanchpad, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064, India.

Phone: +91 22 6106 6262 Whatsapp : +91 88796 52251

E-Mail: [email protected] Facebook:

Candere Diamond Engagement Rings- The Full Review:

Candere designs and crafts bravura & bespoke jewelry, that too with inputs of dedication and passion; a desire to deliver only the best.

All of Candere’s jewelry is custom made by goldsmiths and hallmarked and certified by any of world’s top 3 jewelry certifying laboratories namely GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), EGL (European Gemological Laboratory) or HKD (HKD Diamond Laboratories – Canada);

Candere stands for all the world’s top evaluation methods, making its products always shine and in high quality. As for Candere website, we must state the wonderful designs, the large variety of different diamonds and other rings and earrings. Candere offers a large variety of gemstones as well. The professional customer care team seems very friendly and is there for any issue. Making an order on Candere makes you happy as you get a great product, wonderful customer support, great return and refund policies, and a reasonably low price!

Is Candere A Scam?

Candere is a well known online jewelry company, offers a large variety of items, including some costly diamonds and engagement rings. Candere is a registered, legit, and existing company, which should not let you worry about getting your fortune at risk at any point. Candere is not a scam or fraud, and we recommend checking out their goods!

Candere Customers Complaints:

Candere has a very little online review pool to check out, but on those that we could find, we must state that all customers are pleased, mentioning especially the excellent customer care, the compatible prices and the endless variety of diamonds and engagement rings. Customers say that the very generous return and refund policies, aside from the low prices and secure payments, have set off any fears that were held against it.

Our Final Conclusion:

Candere is different in the online engagement ring business, as it is an India company’ which sometimes might create a lower quality impression than what we get on the American and European brands. A more in-depth research has got us to realize that most companies hold workshops all over the world, including the Far East, which makes Candere an ordinary player for the Engagement rings market. We recommend d checking out Candere collection for your engagement ring!

Candere Ratings:

User-Friendly 18/20

Candere endeavor to create the best of the most luxurious shopping experience for you from a comfortable ambiance – not just at home, but also on the screen in front of you. Candere intends to – and have achieved to a great extent – change how people look at diamond jewelry and luxurious stuff. Candere plays a catalyst in the revolution of making it feasible to the masses – to break the myth that diamond jewelry is unaffordable or expensive.

Variety Of Diamonds 18/20

Candere house more than 4000 bespoke jewelry designs for a visual appeal, and there is a constant addition/innovation to this. Candere gets inspired at the drop of a hat to deliver newness and create freshness on the move. When we say revolution, this is what it means.

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

Respect to designs, collections, and customer care, Candere offers online shopping assistance right as you get to visit the landing page. A major con is the auto notification request as you visit the site for the first time, which has to be turned off.

Payment, Shipping And Insurance 18/20

Candere is a constant revolution with the best services in the form of offers and speedy deliveries. Generally, it takes 7-10 working days for all items (there are a few items that will take 2-3 weeks). If there is an item in stock, it will sometimes deliver within 48-96 hours. You can see the delivery time for your chosen item when viewing that particular product. Every product on the is shipped absolutely free to all locations all across India, thru FedEx, DHL-Bluedart, USPS, and Others who are our “partners in customer commitment.” Candere ships all across India, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Returns, Refund and Trade- in 19/20

All jewelry is supplied with 30 days, no quibble, money back guarantee provided that they are returned as sold, i.e., unworn with all the supporting paperwork. A full refund will be issued. No refunds are applicable to customized jewelry.

Product Category 30-Day Returns Lifetime Exchange
Gold / Diamond / Gemstone Plain Gold Jewelry 100% of the Invoice value

Diamond and Gold Jewelry 100% of the Invoice value

Gemstone and Gold Jewelry 100% of the Invoice value

Plain Gold Jewellery 95% of Current Market value of the product

Diamond and Gold Jewelry 80% of Current Market value of the product

Gemstone and Gold Jewelry 70% of Current Market value of the product

Gold Coins 95% of Current Market value of the product

Solitaire will not be returned or exchanged under any conditions.

Shipping Complimentary 500

Candere has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality diamonds and jewelry and superior service. We stand behind each of our products with customer-friendly policies designed to ensure your satisfaction and make Candere your lifelong jeweler of choice. Candere jewelry can be exchanged or upgraded for any other item as under:

Only Gold Jewelry can be exchanged at 100% of the current market value of gold.
Jewelry studded with Diamonds can be exchanged at 90% of the current market value of all the materials.
Jewelry studded with Gemstones can be exchange at 80% of the current market value of all the materials.

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