25+ Tweaks to Clean, and Maintain your Diamond Engagement Ring

25+ Tweaks to Clean, and Maintain your Diamond

Why care for your engagement ring?

Diamonds are the most popular center stone for engagement rings as it is the hardest thing on earth with a 10 on MOHS scale. Even though a diamond requires 1300- 1650 0F to melt down, a touch of human sweat mixed with the body oils can tarnish its brilliance.

Engagement Ring

Want to keep your precious bauble at its sparkling best throughout the wear? You must then keep the diamond clean and well maintained using the right solvents, periodically.

If you neglect to care for your precious wedding rings, in the due course of time your precious stone will lose its shine and strength. As most of us wear the wedding ring on us all the time, it is impossible to keep it sparkling clean.

With our veteran tricks and techniques, learn to clean and maintain your diamond engagement rings forever!


14 Ways to Clean your Diamond Engagement Ring

Using a handful of things from your pantry, you can clean the engagement ring as well as keep it shiny clean. The focus of cleaning your diamond jewelry is to remove oil, dust, grime, salt and dirt from its surface. The same enhances the fire and crystal clear brilliance from within the stone to last longer than usual.

1.       Soap Water

  • What do You need: Dishwashing soap, warm water, tooth brush and drying fabric;
  • Method to clean:

Drop the dishwashing soap in the warm water for five minutes and lather it.

Soak your engagement ring in the solution for up to 30 minutes.

Next, brush the ring and the stone with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Wash the ring with warm water again and pat dry it with the soft cloth.

2.       Gin

  • What do You need: Gin, Warm Water, cotton balls Tooth Brush and soft Cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Dissolve the gin in warm water.

Dip the cotton balls in the above solution and smudge the ring the above.

Brush the twines on the ring using a toothbrush.

Wash the ring after with warm water and dry with the soft cloth.

3.       Steam Cleaner

  • What do You need: Steam Machine, Water and Soft cloth
  • Method to clean:

Fill your steam machine with water and drop the engagement ring into it.

After 10-12 seconds, dry the ring using a soft cloth.

4.       Ammonia

  • What do You need: Ammonia (1/4 Cup), Warm Water (1 Cup), Toothbrush and Soft Cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Dissolve the ammonia in water.

Soak the diamond ring for 15 to 20 minutes.

Scrub with the soft bristle brush.

Wash off the diamond engagement ring with warm water and pat dry with the dry cloth.

5.       Toothpaste

  • What do You need: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Warm Water and Soft cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Put toothpaste on the toothbrush and clean the engagement ring gently, yet thoroughly.

Continue for up to five minutes.

Wash the engagement ring after, with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

6.       Vodka

  • What do You need: Vodka (4-5 Drops), Warm Water( Half Cup), Cotton and Dry fabric;
  • Method to clean:

Dissolve the vodka in the warm water.

Dip cotton balls in the above solution and rub your diamond with it.

Brush off with a toothbrush after and pat dry using the dry cloth.

7.       Vinegar

  • What do You need: White Vinegar, Warm Water, Toothbrush and Dry cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Mix equivalent portion of water with white vinegar and stir well.

Soak your diamond ring in the above solution up to 15 minutes.

Take the brush and clean the ring for a minute.

Wash with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

8.       Baking Soda

  • What do You need: Baking Soda (2 tablespoons), Warm Water (1 Cup) and Dry cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Mix the baking soda with water and stir well.

Soak your diamond engagement ring for up to ten minutes.

Remove and rinse well with warm water.

Pat dry with a soft cloth;

9.       Beer

  • What do You need: Lager, Soft Cloth and Warm water;
  • Method to clean:

Dip the soft cloth in the ale

Gently rub your engagement ring with it

Remove and wash with warm water.

Pat dry with a clean cloth;

10.   Denture Pills

  • What do You need: Denture Tablet, Water and Clean cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Put a denture pill into a glass of water.

Place the engagement diamond ring into the above solution.

Let it soak for ten minutes.

Clean after with water and a clean cloth until dry.

11.   Detergent Cleaning

  • What do You need: Detergent, Warm water, toothbrush and Cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Dissolve the detergent in warm water and lather the solution.

Soak your diamond engagement ring in the above cleaning solution for twenty minutes.

Brush with your toothbrush gently for a minute.

Wash the ring with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

12.   Aluminum Foil

  • What do You need: Aluminum Foil, Soap Solution, Warm Water and Bowl;
  • Method to clean:

Line the bowl with aluminum foil.

Mix soap solution with warm water.

Soak your ring for 1-2 minutes.

Rinse with warm water and place it on a dry surface to sparkle.

13.   Quick Dip Technique

  • What do You need: Quick Dip (depending on the metal used in the ring, choose a compatible ne), Bowl and Dry Cloth;
  • Method to clean:

Read the instructions on the bottle.

Pour the quick dip into the bowl.

Soak your diamond ring for the amount of time suggested on the label.

Remove the ring from the bowl and place it on a dry surface and clean with a soft fabric.

14.   Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • What do You need: Ultrasonic Cleanser, Water and Detergent;
  • Method to clean:

Follow the instructions on the ultrasonic cleanser.

Place your ring in the slot as described.

Clean for up to a minute.

Remove the ring from the machine just as you’re done. Never leave the ring unattended in the machine for a longer time than recommended.

How to Maintain an Engagement Ring in 15 Ways

Diamond rings often outlive other things and even become heirlooms. Earth’s most indestructible jewel can be preserved for generations only with strict maintenance and religious care. If you’re careful about the tiny sparkle on your finger wherever you go, keeping it safe is child’s play!

1.       Remove when using harsh chemicals

Diamonds are the hardest natural stone, however wearing the same when cleaning with harsh chemicals will tarnish it.

Moreover, also avoid using shampoos, moisturizers, body creams and cleaning gels when wearing your diamond ring. As moisturizer creates a slimy coating over the diamond, you must avoid contact with it if you want to prevent your engagement ring from tarnishing.

2.       Use gentle fabric that does not prick the prongs

When cleaning or matching your diamond ring with the attire, pick clothes with soft fabric. You can also select an anti-prick setting for your diamond ring prongs in order to prevent damage to the prongs.

3.       Storing your engagement ring

If you’re not wearing your engagement ring all the time, try to store it safely than shoving it in your drawers. Ideally, you must wrap the diamond ring in a tissue paper, if you do not have a satin cloth or special jewelry box.  Moreover, store it in a place away from direct heat or sunlight.

4.       Avoid when going in water or shower

Diamonds are sensitive to chlorine and similar chemicals found in tap water. It is highly recommended that you remove and store your ring safely before venturing into a swimming pool or shower. Moreover, not all bath salts are healthy for your ring and hence, repeat the same when entering a bath tub too.

5.       Chipping Off

Often, diamond wearers are too determined that their stones are unbreakable that they hit the stone deliberately to prove the same. The fact is that diamond, depending on its inclusions and structure can break when subjected to an undue force at the region of inclusions.

6.       Keep your ring away from other jewelry

Unlike it sound, keeping your engagement jewelry isolated is not a superstition. When you keep all your jewelry in one box, there are high chances of the jewelry getting scratched and hence tarnished with passing time. Ideally, diamond jewelry must be kept wrapped in tissue paper or satin cloth in a non-humid box.

7.       Regular Cleaning

Diamonds can easily lose their sparkle if our body oils settle on it. By making a tin film of oil and grime, skin also tarnishes a priceless jewel like the diamond engagement ring. You are advised to clean with a vinegar or vodka cotton swab at the end of the day to keep your diamond at its best brilliance.

8.       Check with your Jeweler once every two years

Yet another important thing to keep in mind is that all precious jewelry should be serviced 1-2 times every two years to keep it in check. From comparing the diamond with its original appraisal, recognizing weaker points or health of your diamond is easy. Take your diamond engagement ring regularly every year or two to your jeweler for testing the security of your ring as well.

9.       Remove it when smoking

A common misnomer amongst diamond ring wearers is that smoking is not a harsh chemical to your ring. On the contrary, de facto, if you smoke with your engagement ring finger, there are high chances that your stone will turn yellow just like your fingernails after a while. If you’re not quitting the fag now, remember to remove the ring before taking the drag.

10.   Take the ring off when applying perfume

Often neglected by diamond aficionados as well, perfumes are highly damaging to precious stones. Moreover, perfume coats the diamond with a chemical layer that also fades its fire and brilliance. Take your diamond ring before applying perfumes and colognes. Hair spray and deodorants contain toxins that eat up the sparkle on your diamond, making its surface rough.

11.   Remove before cooking

Wearing the engagement ring all the time on you is a symbol of eternal love. However, if you don’t take the ring off while cooking, your ring will dull soon. From heat to oil, there are many things that can settle on your ring when cooking, not to forget scratches. Always remove your diamond engagement ring prior to cooking.

12.   Resize when in need

An important tip to keep your diamond last a lifetime is by resizing it whenever in need. Most women lose weight after pregnancy. When the engagement ring is not resized based on your bodily changes, the inconvenience causes it to scratch and bump easily, leading to chipping off.

13.   Avoid it in the Gym

Diamond geezers often recommend against wearing diamond rings or jewelry when involved in strenuous sports. The reason to avoid your diamond ring when in the gym is because exercise is a time to sweat profusely. In short, sweat and diamond don’t gel!

Wearing your diamond during morning jogging or exercises session will lead to salt and body oils settling on it and discolor easily.

14.   Use a Tweezer when cleaning

When removing dirt, dust, grime and oil from your diamond ring, you should not handle the ring with your bare hands. If wearing gloves is not an option, hold the diamond with a clean cloth or tweezers to prevent your fingers from staining the diamond surface.

15.   Let it breathe at times

A golden rule never to forget is that a diamond engagement ring is for a lifetime. You don’t need to wear it all the time. You know that diamonds are sensitive to skin and hence, letting your ring breathe sans the skin at times is mandatory. An ideal way is to clean your ring at the end of the day and box it safely while sleeping.

Before you go …

As an additional tip, insure your ring. As insurance also comes with the appraisal, maintenance checks are easy too. Regular cleaning and careful carrying of the ring will preserve it for your grandchildren too!

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