Clever Ways To Find Her Ring Size Without Letting Her Know

Clever Ways To Find Her Ring Size Without Letting Her Know

So you’ve been digging for the perfect ring for proposing to her. It’s gorgeous and you know she will love it. But when is it the right size? What if she says ‘yes’ and the ring gets stuck? Don’t take chances because her ‘yes’ is the center of all attention. You need to know her style, and most importantly, her size. While it is the true approximate size of the ring is good enough, what if I could show you a handful of ways to find her ring size without letting her know or raising the slightest suspicions.

We’re real-life pros, so read on!

Why do you need to find her ring size?

The perfect ring size is important because not all rings can be resized. Having the right measurement will help you prevent wastage of the metal or cost of craftsmanship if the ring doesn’t fit.

Although rare, there are instances when lovers have drifted into riffs and feuds or over the wrong-sized ring. While some might consider it a bad omen, you can skip those risks and get the perfect ring that fits her flawless to make her feel the most special woman in the world. It’s not rocket science and I have got all the props you need to do it right!

Ways to find her Ring Size without Giving away the Surprise

Finding the ring size of her to propose to her is not tough if you’re creative? In my times, I have seen endless proposals and even women rejecting because the choice of the ring was ‘for the birds’. You don’t have to go through it, instead, follow the directions below and pick one technique to find her ring size without letting her know!

1. Ask the Help of Her Friends

If the stress of finding that perfect ring for engagement has already eaten you alive, you need support. And, who could know more about your girlfriend’s ring size than her BFF? Ring her and ask for help. If you’re clever enough, the BFF can help in checking how she likes the ring before you propose to her with it, too!

2. Check her Jewelry Box

This is what my fiancé did when he was looking for the perfect engagement ring to propose to me. He found another ring from my jewelry box and took it straight to the jeweler. If you don’t have access to her jewelry box, ask her directly if you can have a ring of hers. That will break the ice!

3. String it when she’s Asleep

Take a twine and ready to measure her ring finger when she’s asleep. I agree it is sneaky, but if you’re good enough to spend the rest of your life with one another, a bit of snooping will go a long way. The trick is to make no fuss and keep your gear ready without falling asleep. Are you in for it?

4. Go for a Surprise Ring shopping

If nothing works, one fine idea is the one my friend tried. He asked his girlfriend to help him find a replacement ring for his parents’ engagement ring because his mum asked for it. She totally bought it and he got a free-go at the shop with the help of salespersons to find the right ring size for her.

Easy, right? Try it the next time you go out! If you have a better idea, don’t forget to share it with our earnest readers hunting for clever ways to find her ring size without letting her know!

5. Use a Promise ring as Proxy

A ring of commitment, a promise ring is given before the engagement ring. It is staple jewelry exchanged by couples to ensure they are on the same page. You don’t have to sneak around with a promise ring as you can ask straight out. It is the best way to measure her finger size without giving away your surprise.

6. Print the Ring Sizes

Go to any recommended website for engagement rings on and find a ring sizer. Print the page out and make your own proxy rings to try on her fingers when she isn’t looking. It’s not foolproof, but can get the job done if you’re creative enough!

7. Get a Ring Sizer

It is easy to buy a ring sizer nowadays online. You can get it for under $10, right on Amazon! Click here to get it now!

You will have to make a story around it, I bet. What’s it gonna be? Share with our readers!

Before you leave …

It is always good to go for a larger size of the ring when in doubt because it is easy to resize a bigger ring than up a small ring to a big size. Got it?

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