Diamond Ideals Review

Diamond Ideals Review

Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Diamond Ideals Jewelry?

Wondering about the best place to buy your diamond engagement ring from? We will recommend the pros of Diamond Ideals in this in-depth review. Now for the advantages of shopping with Diamond Ideals below.

·      30 Day Warranty

You don’t have to imagine being the disgruntled customer when you’re working with diamond ideals. In fact, you can return the item you purchased within 30 days of purchase for 100% refunds, no hassles. Diamond Ideals sticks to this policy.

·      Conflict Free Diamonds

The next pro of shopping with Diamond Ideals is how they only sell conflict-free diamonds. All the diamonds you see on the website have been processed by the United Nations and the Kimberly Process. They are not blood diamonds and you can trust it to be 100% natural. Diamond Ideals also do not sell any enhances, heat treated or high pressured diamonds on its store online or offline.

·      Famous and Recognized

Everyone has heard about Diamond Ideals because it is a diamond store covered by many wedding favorites. You can find Diamond Review on Diamond, Wedding Solutions, The Knot, Engagement 101 Magazine, Wedding Dresses, Brides.com and Long Island Weddings.

·      Custom Engagement Rings

Have a dream ring on your mind? The experts at Diamond Ideals can help you realize that dream in stone and metal. Being experts of custom rings, you can expect the best from this diamond geezer. Consult their customer service and detail your demands with the dream ring and they will satiate you, we promise!

·      Goes the Extra Mile

A recurring remark about the experience of Diamond Ideals is how the customer service representatives go the extra mile to cheer every customer. They are talented and intelligent to answer any and all questions to do with their engagement rings. You can expect a luxurious service even if you’re a beginner at diamonds or engagement rings.

·      Lifetime Upgrade

You can always come back to Diamond Ideals to get your diamond purchased at the original cost. They offer a lifetime upgrade for all their diamonds in case you want to get a bigger and better rock for your jewelry.  All GIA and AGS certified diamonds are included in Lifetime Upgrade, so as Elite Ideal Cut diamonds.

·      Affiliations

Being one of the industry toppers in the diamond market, Diamond Ideals has a strong footing in this industry. It has affiliations with the Jewelers Board of Trade – JBT, Jewelers Vigilance Committee – JVC, New York Diamond Dealers Club – DDC and Diamond Importers & Manufacturers Association – DMIA.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Diamond Ideals?

Now that you know all the good things about Diamond Ideals, it is time for the bad things. Why should you never set foot in a Diamond Ideals store? What’s so bad about shopping online for engagement rings on Diamond Ideals? Let’s find out!

·      No FREE Returns

When you’re returning an item you did not like on Diamond Ideals, you must strictly use the US Postal Service Registered Post with insurance, all paid at your expense. Diamond Ideals do not take accountability or responsibility of the return items. If you want to have a cost-free return experience, DI is not the place to shop.

·      No International Orders

We couldn’t find an option for ordering internationally from Diamond Ideals online. If you’re just like us, go ahead and place a call, they will help you out with the order internationally.

·      $75 Surcharge for Out of Size Rings

If you want to order a difficult size, be ready to count your currency because you’re going to be giving away some. There is a straight off $75 for off-size rings. Is your ring size generic?

·      Appointment Only

Another problem with Diamond Ideals is that it is not a store where you can just walk in and find your dream ring. You have to have appointments to discuss your rings at the timings: Monday to Friday 9:30 to 5pm. Got it down?  

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Diamond Ideals?

With engagement ring diamonds ranging in the prices of $500 to $25,000, Diamond Ideals has a lot to offer. Browse through the following options and see if you like any!

·      Loose Diamond by Shape

  • Elite Ideal Cut
  • Elite Ideal Cut Princess
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Marquis
  • Radiant
  • Heart
  • Cushion

·      Engagement Rings

  • Split shank rings
  • Solitaire rings
  • Halo Rings
  • Side Stone Rings
  • Vintage Rings
  • Traditional Rings
  • Cocktail Rings
  • Modern Rings
  • Custom Rings

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Diamond Ideals

No, there is no financing option for buying engagement rings on Diamond Ideals. Although, you can always use your credit card to buy your dream ring now and pay later!

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Diamond Ideals is both an etailer and a retailer. Started as a retailer for diamonds and diamond engagement rings beside other jewelry, they have quickly moved into the online space with 100% positive reviews.  

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Diamond Ideals Engagement Rings?

In order to process your returns within 30 days of purchase, you must first contact 1-866-IDEALS-0 (1-866-433-2570) with your order details. You will be provided a Return Authorization Code. Note it down. Clear all your doubts about shipping here.

Returns are required to be sent via US Postal Service Registered Post Insured Mail at your expense. You need to mark the Return Authorization Number or RAN outside the package. You will receive 100% refunds once the item is assessed as full credit, check or as you please.

Contact Information Of Diamond Ideals Engagement Rings

To contact Diamond Ideals, there are many ways

Does Diamond Ideals Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Diamond Ideals has two options for beginners with diamonds and diamond jewelry.

You can browse the section on ‘Learn about Diamonds’ or click on the Education tab. It will show you information on the 4Cs and how Diamond Ideals understand diamond chemistry. You can browse from Choosing a Shape, the 4Cs, Diamond Sparkle, Grading and Ring Size besides educational topics on Loose Diamonds.

Diamond Ideals Jewelry Full Review

A unique family run business with about 100 years in the Diamond Industry, Diamond Ideals is a reputable store with a long history. With its roots in Belgium, Diamond Ideals began in 1910 with factories in New York, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Lisbon and Antwerp. They do not sell clarity enhanced diamonds, heat treated, high pressure treated, laser drilled diamonds, so you can treasure them!

A unique store that even offers rental jewelry, that too precious diamond jewelry, this is a haven for brides-to be. If you’re thinking of cutting costs, this is it.

However, we found it disappointing that there weren’t any ASET images of the products to analyze it. We could not find more than one image per item and this is insufficient to make a decision.

Although, you have to commend Diamond Ideals on its highly personalized service. They are always recommended good by the customers who use their services. You can even find lower prices than others if you look well or track the festive discounts offer.

Diamond Ideals Jewelry Complaints

After assessing TrustPilot, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Yelp and BBB, we could not find any negative reviews against Diamond Ideals. This is a century old company that really knows well to take care of their customers. What are you waiting for?

Is Diamond Ideals Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

According to their link to BBB website, the company is registered as Secure Ideals LLC on the address 15 West 47th Street, Suite 1309, New York, NY 10036-3305. They are rated A+ since 3-3-2009 with zero reviews, ratings or complaints to their name.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Diamond Ideals Final Verdict

After checking the integrity of the website and talking with customer service executives from Diamond Ideals, we have come to the conclusion that this is an incredible diamond seller who just moved online. We should support them and create DIY custom engagement rings from them.

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Diamond Ideals

– User Friendly

A clean and neat website, Diamond Ideals official site is easy to navigate too.

– Variety

You will find a wide variety of diamonds and engagement ring styles to keep you engaged for days. Pay a visit to their store and you will be stunned!

– Shopping Support

No, there are no LIVE shopping support assistants on the official website of Diamond Ideals.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay via Wire Transfer, Certified Check, Personal Check, or Credit Card when shopping on Diamond Ideals.


Items are shipped via FedEx and UPS.


All the items shipped are also insured.

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