Diamonds On Web/ Yadav Jewelry Review

Diamonds On Web/ Yadav Jewelry Review

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Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Watch and Jewelry Yadav Jewelry?

Before you check other diamond sellers to select your diamonds from, we would love to recommend you to go through the pros and cons of one of the earliest jewelry in the market called Diamonds on Web a.k.a Yadav Jewelry.

·      Signature Ideal Collection Diamonds Are Good

If you want diamonds that match the standards of GIA, you must go for the special collection on Yadav Jewelry called Signature Ideal Collection. That’s because this collection has diamonds with assured quality like no other diamonds on the website.

·      Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

You can create custom diamond rings for your wedding and engagement by selecting your choice of custom rings from DOW or Yadav Jewelry. All you need to do is give them a call and Yadav Jewelry will get back to you.

·      Yadav Jewelry Sells GIA Diamonds

Although Diamonds on Web used to sell diamonds with EGL certifications, it’s no longer the case. They sell nothing but GIA diamonds on their website now. Their lab graded diamonds are certified by IGI though.

·      No-Minimum FREE Shipping

If you don’t want to spend extra bucks on shipping, yet want to get a safe and secure shipping, you will be delighted to know that Yadav Shipping offers FREE shipping on all orders. There’s no minimum, so you can order without a worry in the world, however low you found the item on discount/sale. No questions asked!

·      Experienced Diamond Jewelers

Wholesalers and diamond jewelers since 1983, they have over 40+ years of experience in the diamond market. You can trust Yadav Jewelry to find you amazing varieties of diamonds that you can set on your dream diamond engagement ring.

·      Unlimited Lifetime Upgrades

You can upgrade any diamond you bought on Diamonds on Web or Yadav Jewelry throughout your life. The only thing to watch out for are the diamond prices because you have to pay the difference.

·      Yadav Extended Service Plan

While you can’t get a FREE lifetime cleaning or resizing on your precious diamond jewelry, you can get a Yadav Extended Service Plan called YESP. It costs $179.99 annually for diamond jewelry of $2000 and less. For jewelry worth $2000 to $2500, YESP is $199, and up to $399 annually for jewelry worth $7,001 and above.

·      Live Chat with a Human

Although really slow, the Live Chat option on Yadav Jewelry is with a professional customer care executive. However, they are not always online. Even if you chatted with them a minute ago, they can disappear and go offline in the blink of an eye L

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Yadav Jewelry?

If you’re thinking of investing your wedding fund in engagement rings at Yadav Jewelry, we suggest you WAIT. Hold on, read the following cons on why not to but from Yadav Jewelry at all to make an informed decision.

·      No Free Lifetime Warranty

You won’t get a lifetime warranty on anything you buy on Yadav Jewelry. While most reputed jewelers of diamonds offer the same online, this is a serious reason to rethink your buy if you want it to last a lifetime. Most diamond jewelry do! With Lifetime Warranty, usually comes the FREE cleaning as well. This is not offered by Yadav Jewelry.

·      Dishonest Sales Strategy

Melissa on TrustPilot says “Jim is a crook”. She goes onto explain that the owner sold the couple a diamond in 2014 saying it has just one flaw. After checking up with GIA gemologist, the were shocked by the results and the remark saying it was a scam trick to sell a low quality diamond. Hence, if you want your money’s worth, check your diamond with an independent gemologist or move on from Yadav Jewelry.

·      Bad Quality Jewelry

Many customers on multiple review sites complain about the diamond jewelry from Yadav being bad quality. Some of them complained about poor worksmanship and imperfections while others talked about defects on their diamond jewelry.  

·      Customer Service Team Does Not Respond

Lihul Cul on TrustPilot says that after trying multiple times to get in touch with the customer service for her order  # 67275, but no one contacted her for 2 weeks! After reading multiple reviews online about this company, we now realize Yadav jewelry goes MIA whenever they please. This has happened to multiple customers. Moreover, communication with them is time taking as they disappear in the middle of communications. Try their email or Live Chat!  

·      Charged Account Violating Agreements

Eric H on iVouch says, he purchased with 50% downpayment and the agreement of payment within 3 months with ZERO interest. However, Yadav Jewelry violated the terms by debiting Eric’s account twice, first for downpayment and next as a surprise. He tried to get in contact with them but the customer service team doesn’t respond and he is stuck with negative balance. This is unfortunate and we advise diamond buying customers to stay away from Yadav Jewelry.

·      Return Fee for Re-Polishing

When you return a modified or resized item, there will be a fee of $50 for re-polishing. Returns are not accepted for custom made diamond jewelry, rings with engravings, tension rings, eternity bands or special orders.

·      Wrong Estimated Delivery

S J on iVouch says that she cleared read their website details where it said- delivery within 4 days as all their items are on stock. However, when it did not arrive by the estimated delivery date, SJ called Yadav Jewelry, but they did not provide a clear tentative date. Upon going to cancel the order, the customer service team disclosed it will arrive on Monday, ten days from date of ordering. Her plans were ruined due to this.

If you’re buying your diamond jewelry and expecting it within their estimated delivery time, skip your plans and add a week more!

·      Item Does Not Look As Advertised  

Giovanni on iVouch claims that his jewelry ordered from the website looks 30% to 50% small than the dimensions that he was promised by the customer service. It was wrongly advertised by Yadav Jewelry by email to this person.

·      Free Returns on Two Orders Per Year

While most jewelers offer FREE returns on all orders for customers, Yadav Jewelry limits Free returns to 2 per year for each customer. This gives us an idea that they don’t want repeat customers or buyers falling in love with their designs that they choose and buy again. It’s not a welcome sign!

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Yadav Jewelry?

You can find a wide variety of diamond jewelry on Yadav Jewelry such as

  • Loose diamonds
  • Lab grown diamonds
  • Round
  • Square Radiant
  • Asscher
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquise
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Trillion
  • Pear
  • Radiant

Yadav Jewelry also has diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants and diamond bracelets.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Yadav Jewelry

While Yadav Jewelry accepts credit cards, they do not have any financing or layaway plans. They financing based on your credit card options. You can opt from 3, 6 or 12 months’ payment plan with an interest of 10-30%.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Started as a wholesaler towards the end of 20th century, Yadav Jewelry is a jeweler who offers online and offline services for diamond and diamond jewelry buyers.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Yadav Jewelry Engagement Rings?

If you are dissatisfied with your order, all you need to do is contact customer care at Yadav Jewelry within 30 days of purchase for 100% refunds. However, if you purchased a loose diamond that is valued over $40,000 from Yadav Jewelry, the return window is shorter at 15 days.

Refunds are processed within 10 days of receiving the item. For credit card payments, it is best to allow a window of one month to appear. All wire transfers will be refunded via checks.

When you’re returning loose diamonds, don’t forget to keep the GIA certification you received with the diamond in the package.

Contact Information Of Yadav Jewelry /Diamonds On Web Engagement Rings

You can contact Yadav Jewelry via many methods. They are

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-888-968-8810.
  • Contact Form
  • Live Chant on the Website- Top Right Corner of the Screen (it’s perpetually hidden)
  • Email Contact Form
  • Address: 888 Brannan Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

Does Yadav Jewelry Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

The Yadav Jewelry Blog is salesy more than informative. Almost all of it consist of reasons to buy diamond jewelry than how to buy diamond jewelry by identifying the 4Cs of the diamond on the website. We were not impressed by the blog of Yadav Jewelry.  

Yadav Jewelry Full Review

Hailing from San Francisco, diamonds on Yadav Jewelry comes from all over the world, mainly from Botswana. These are conflict-free diamonds at great prices. While they offer FREE shipping for all orders, without any minimum window, you can only avail two Free returns per year. Refunds take up to 10 days and they do not have any priority overnight shipping. We also found problems of providing accurate delivery estimates. If you value punctuality or need your diamond ring quickly, Yadav Jewelry is not the place to shop for your dream diamond ring.

If you are dissatisfied with a jewelry you bought from Diamonds on Web, now Yadav Jewelry, go ahead and process a return. Yadav Jewelry offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. For loose diamonds above $40,000, the return window is 15 days for 100% refunds.

While you get lifetime Upgrades to exchange your diamonds any time in the future by no additional payments except for the difference in value, it is not excellent as they don’t mention the exact percentage in transparency.

Yadav jewelry sells nothing but conflict free Canadian diamonds, but their customer service executive said it comes from Botswana and other parts of the world. Canada was mentioned on the website.  

Another reason to shop on Yadav Jewelry is their Low Price Guarantee. If you find a similar diamond as advertised on Yadav Jewelry for a lower price on a competitor website, you can ask them about price match. You will get the diamond for the lower rate in that case.

Yadav diamond jewelry sells lab diamonds too, although these are not certified by GIA. The family-Owned and Run offers bad quality customer service with many verified customers saying they received poor quality products.

Another pro is their Free Resizing within 30 Days. You can get a Yadav’s Extension Guarantee with YESP if you need this for life.  

Do you know this jewelry changed names? They underwent a brand change. While we have no idea why, it was called Diamonds on Web earlier and the website mentions the brand name change has to do with internet. The name changed, but nothing about the brand or management did. It is still owned by Jim Yadav. However, they no longer sell EGL diamonds, it’s all GIA. This is proof that they are working towards a better brand too!

Yadav Jewelry Complaints

There are a lot of complaints on Diamonds on Web (previous name of Yadav Jewelry) on the web. From poor quality customer service to overcharged and mismatch of item from the advertised dimensions, there are many complaints on the predecessor of Yadav Jewelry.

Is Yadav Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

With 2 customer reviews that rate Yadav Jewelry 5 Stars, this diamond seller has a rating of A+ on BBB.

Engagement Ring Yadav Jewelry Final Verdict

We don’t recommend buying on Diamonds on Web. But, that’s the old version of this diamond jewelry. They have improved to offer changes to their customer service, structure and quality. After switching from EGL to GIA certification, Yadav Jewelry is commendable. If you’re willing to risk it, you might find good diamonds on Yadav Jewelry!

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Yadav Jewelry

– User Friendly

The website of Yadav Jewelry is easy to use with clean and clear text plus design. There are multiple photos in addition to AR technology so that you can actually check how it looks on your hand.

– Variety

You will find a wide variety of all the classic diamonds here including solitaire, pave, three stone, sidestone, channel, halo and bridal ring sets.

– Shopping Support

There is a live chat option on the website. Although, it gets disconnected for 10-20 minutes in between the chat. You get a human to clear your doubts.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


While you can pay with Apple Pay or Credit Cards, you can also use PayPal or Wire Transfer by Bank.


Yadav Jewelry uses USPS priority mail. There will be a $50 delivery fee for international orders. Free shipping for all the other orders!

While you can return your purchase to the San Francisco store, you can also mail it. Customer must cover the return shipping.

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