Diamonds USA Engagement Rings Review

Diamonds USA Engagement Rings Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customers Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Diamonds-USA In 58 Words?

Happened to be one of the first online engagement rings shops, we find David Braverman being involved in every move that Diamonds-USA does. Every piece of diamond leaving the workshop is being examined and approved by David himself, along with responses to customers’ complaints and feedbacks. We find Diamonds-USA trustworthy, with some beautiful designs and high-quality engravings.

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Diamonds-USA in 53 words?

Diamonds-USA has been online for over 17 years, and still, it seems that they have not figured out how to make an excellent user experience. We spent a few hours navigating around some engagement rings of all kinds, tried the jewel designer, and we found it one of the less user-friendly online.

Diamonds-USA “Professional jeweler since 1979” Facts:

Founded on 1997, by David Braverman President of Diamonds-USA who have been in the business since 1979. The headquarters is located at 580 5th Ave, NY, USA.

Diamonds-USA – The Full Review

Founded in 1997, this online engagement rings retailer is an outcome of a 3rd generation jeweler who has taken his experience into the online world. Diamonds-USA offers a variety of engagement rings, on some very reasonable prices and at a high level of finishing. Once going thru the web-site’s policies, we have got the impression that the payment is secure, the shipping is set and appropriately insured, the fact that the co-founder and president are examining every piece of diamond on his own is outstanding. The “No question’s refund policy,” along with instructions on how to make an appraisal is great. We found many satisfied customers, and even managed to find some not so satisfied ones: we found complaints about delays in shipping, some about the customer service business hours, others of some medium quality diamonds- but the last one we found to be “that’s what you paid for” and for all others, even Diamonds-USA admits that sometimes you just have faults or delays, but they assured that every complaint ended up with doing the best they can in making the young engaged couple satisfied.

Diamonds-USA Customer Complaints:

Shipping delays (but by two days only), low diamond’s quality (at a meager price), disappointing customer service and some more. We at first want to mention the very multiple contact options of the customer service center, on various languages and international phone numbers. Second, we want to praise the president David for responding to all significant reviews, feedbacks, and comments online, with a sincere answer in our opinion. We found those complaints justified, but these are so little according to a large number of sales.

Is Diamonds-USA A Fraud?

Diamonds-USA is a legit business, has been online for over 17 years and supplies excellent engagement rings all over the world and in all range of prices, designs, and sizes. This company is trustworthy.

My Final Conclusion

Well, taking into consideration all our measurements, we believe that Diamonds-USA is an excellent website, although some fresh design is required, it seems that these guys are doing a fantastic job, allowing us, rich and more prosperous customers finding the engagement ring of her dreams. We recommend paying a visit.

Diamonds-USA Ratings

User-Friendly 17/20

This rating is low, for Diamonds-USA making the landing page very busy, offering dozens of links for so much information that is not required for most visitors. The search engine is straightforward to handle great with filters.

Variety Of Diamonds 15/20

The array of diamonds is not very large; maybe this suggests a good quality, for example, we found less than 30 pre-set engagement rings. We do approve that Diamonds-USA has a vast range of prices, cuts, colors and engraving levels.

Customers Shopping Support 18/20

We liked the online chat, the multiple countries, and languages phone numbers, e-mails (as they claim) are being answered within 24 hours, and most important is David Braverman- the president seems to be relying on every review published on Customer Care’s online forums.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 19/20

Diamonds-USA allows payment using the most extensive variety of credit cards that we have seen anywhere, along with Google Wallet, PayPal, bank wire transfers and some “layaway” options. Domestic shipping is free of charge while worldwide is available with an extra fee.

Returns, Refund, and Trade in 19/20

A 10-days refund policy is a standard; more extended periods are optional in some cases according to Diamonds-USA approvals. Lifetime trade-in is optional for a diamond that is at least doubled by the price.

5 Reviews

  1. Diamonds usa rocks! I got my engagement ring there and now looking for our wedding bands. I didnt get a set cause i was afraid that my fiancée wouldn’t like it so much, so now we are looking on some stores. I got a great engagement ring, the size was excellent and no changes had to be done. We both are happy with my choice. I used the trick and stole my fiancée favorite ring, and d-usa had it sized at a local store they sent me to. The price i paid was nevertheless lower in 20% than 2 bigger online stores that you all know. I recommend anyone to go to diamondsusa, they have made my day special and my fiancée happy!
    It took me almost a month, including j walking through stores and browsing online, when i finally got to a store that had all together- someone to talk to, beautiful designs and great reasonable prices!
    Thanks a lot diamonds usa

  2. Daniel and his team! I would like to say thank you, both for making the happiest day of my life very exciting and for being there all the way. As I first approached you, i was a bit frightened, but with the first respond e-mail i felt that unlike any store i stepped in, no one was pressuring me, and the variety is really impressing!
    The team that helped me also suggested some personal tips about proposal, kept updating me about the preparation of the ring and shipping, asked me to open it and make sure everything is in place and no damage has occurred on the way. In anyways, it is nevertheless important nor a must to only feel that there is someone on the other side… even though it was not necessary to anything with the rose gold engagement ring that i bought that was just perfect, but a peace of mind!
    we will definitely come back soon for our wedding band!

  3. team diamonds usa- thank you so much for making my journey easy. all from helping me on the technical details as ring size and for choosing together the right ring for my fiance!

  4. They low ball offers for your diamonds. Whatever they offer you, be assured you can sell the item on EBay for 3x more.

  5. Do not use Diamond USA to sell your diamonds. They make low-ball offers and have terrible customer service. Bought a ring for $5,700 and they offered $2,083. They asked for a counter offer and didn’t reply to my $4,400 offer and just emailed “your package is being delivered.” Had long delays in getting responses from them. Worst company I have ever dealt with.


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