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Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Diamonds in 87 words?

It seems awkward to me that diamons does not offer any funding options. As always, we entered diamonds with a dream of the perfect diamond ring, and we were willing to give it all in… the diamond that has caught our eyes was apparently a bit more expensive than what I could afford. I must admit that a funding offer would have made it easier for me to make up my mind, where as having to go look by myself for a loan has been a serious turn off 🙁

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Diamonds in 66 words?

“Create a moment that lasts forever”, is a great slogan we have seen at diamonds, it definitly describes the aim that we are all in for, and really caught our eyes. we believe that the large variety along with the very reasonable prices, good shipping options and a very friendly customer service staff, would really help you make yourself that moment that will last forever 🙂

Diamonds “Create a moment that lasts forever” Facts:

Founded 2000 in a small office in Las Vegas Diamonds has grown to become a large online retailer of loose diamonds and engagement rings. Diamonds still holds the store located on Las Vegas, NV, USA

Is Diamonds a fraud?

As for being bothered by the option that you would be fraud, literally when Vegas is involved, we have made some very strict research about diamonds, about the customer who have purchased and those who made complaints- good and bad.

Diamonds is not a fraud, I can honestly say under any level of confidence that making a purchase is safe. *no guarentee about losing your engagement rings savings in a casino online or nearby*

Diamonds customers Complaints

One of the most important issues for me when I am about to spend a large amount of money, is honesty and stand with us! Diamonds customer’s complaint mainly about being unable to have a paying offer online. As for professional complaints, I must admit I haven’t seen any complaints, that didn’t get the expected respond from diamonds, and believe me 😉 I know one when I see it!

 Diamonds- the full Review

Diamonds is indeed a miracle! A very young company who managed to make it through Las Vegas with a very uncommon goal on the strip: best value for money when shopping engagement rings. Diamonds has succeeded in changing the way we see Vegas by not only making you blow your fortune on the fancy shops, but they are a very reasonable option, and they are available online! Our score would definitely consider the long way from a small town shop to an online diamonder! If we could get diamond engagement rings out of Las Vegas, maybe next would be the spirit of “stepping into a church single and stepping out married” an online option 🙂

As for the educational part, what we have found that appear to be missing, is that unlike most diamonds engagement rings shops, it is just not available for the ignorance buyer… (and you might find some on the strip…).

Our Final Conclusion:

Diamonds has really impressed us with a unique location and some wonderful designs in a great value for money. The overall impression, has got us to recommend you visiting online if you plan on buying an engagement ring.

Diamonds Ratings

User Friendly 14/20

Diamonds is a very developed retail website, which specializes in not only diamonds, but rings, settings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, offering a very accurate search engine for those who are professionals and a top-10 for those who are not.

Variety of diamonds 12/20

A very large variety is offered via diamonds, including all the above. You will find yourself deeply impressed by the do it yourself diamonds, and some very nice and not so few designs are available as ready to go engagement rings, just try… you might get lucky!

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

A very disappointing point, a live chat is not available at any time; there is a landline for the office upon business hours, far back from 24/7 and an option to leave a massage via e-mail.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Let us start with the good news: shipping is free and insured for all purchases. On the contrary, payment options are at two credit cards and a wire transfer.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 09/20

A repair and sizing services are free of charge upon any purchase. Returns and refund are so: returns are available for a 150$ fine, but no refunds are optioned, meaning you will have to choose a different ring.

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