Effy Jewelry Engagement Rings Review

Effy Jewelry Engagement Rings Review

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  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Customer's Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance
  • Returns Refunds and Trade- In

Why Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Effy Jewelry In 340 Words?

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why Effy is still a globally renowned name in diamond merchants and marketplaces since decades. You should buy from Effy Jeweler because, Effy has

  • Lost-Wax Process: Craftsmen create a wax model of the jewelry as the base for replicating the original ornament. Plaster is then poured over and contained in a kiln to set overnight. Eventually, wax melts and leaves a specific hollow. Gold is poured in, which soon cools down and solidifies. Furthermore, it is polished prior to gem setting as well.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Customers must retain the original receipt after registering post the Effy Jewelry purchase to use this warranty service. Effy provides repair or exchange of the item if the reason for the same is manufacture defects. The warranty is active exclusive of wear ‘n’ tear, accidental/ physical abuse and theft or loss of center stones.
  • World Class Diverse Jewelry: Exclusive collections like Exotic Accidents (925 Classic Collection), Geo (Geometric designs), Diversa, Gemma Collection and Effy Limited Edition;

Additionally, each collection has unique to exquisite wedding engagement rings jewelry, which bears the exclusive hallmark of Effy engraved on it.

  • Multiple shipping Options including Free Shipping: Domestic and International Shipping Options are available with FedEx, USPS and 15 modes of International Shipping; Effy also offers free shipping options on all orders above $200 domestically and on standard orders lesser than $200, it charges $9.95. Effy also offers expedited 2-Day shipment for $14.95 and Overnight shipping at $19.95.
  • 100% Refund and Easy Returns: For ensuring 100% Customer Guarantee, Effy customers can apply for returns, exchange, replacement or refunds within 30 days of the shipment date. Effy authorizes the authenticity of the customer request and upon acceptance, provides 100% refund of the item exclusive of handling, insurance and shipping charges.
  • Special Order Cancellation: When canceling a special order such as a customized one, Effy accepts the item with a 20% restocking fee. These orders are inclusive of the items that are engraved as well re-sizing from the original.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Engagement Ring On Effy Jewelry In 197 Words?

In the recent times, there have been many Allegations against Effy, which adds up as the pivotal reason, why you shouldn’t buy at Effy Jewelry. Some allegations are

  • First allegation happened when a gemologist who is a contractor of Effy noticed that Effy stones were underrated. Reports suggest that Effy procures inferior quality rubies as well as faking rubies in some cases by adding glass. These are branded under enhanced rubies, composite rubies and hybrid gemstones.
  • Second allegation is that Effy sold gems called ‘black diamonds’, which are actually black sapphires.
  • Third allegation was the faux heating that induced artificial colors to make the gem look naturally procured.
  • Fourth allegation against Effy Jewelry was that the artisans even filled diamond cavities with other hard substances through laser filling techniques.
  • Yet another notable reason why should not shop from Effy is because the shipping fee at Effy is Non-refundable and hence a conflict when canceling the order.

Effy duly cleared its name off the allegations by resolving many and compensating the rest. Experts recommend that, when buying at Effy, make sure to double, triple or quadruple check prior to confirmation of the bill.

Effy Jewelry Facts:

Effy Jewelry is a Jewelry Designer, located at NY.
Address: 7 W 45th St #1105, New York, NY 10036, United States

Business Hours:

Friday 9AM–5:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–5:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–5:30PM
Thursday 9AM–5:30PM

Founded by Fatollah Effy Hematian in 1978, Effy has been designing expert jewelry for over 3 decades. Mr. Effy was a professional gem designer who created and extended the unique legacy of Effy Jewelers with unique collections and distinct designs at the count of a bold muse- the panther. Currently Effy sells 150,000 Carats per year with special expertise on sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Effy now operates under the banner of BH Multi.

Effy Jewelry- The Full Review:

Being a renowned expert in the world of global diamond merchants, Effy Jewelry is a highly sought after the diamond seller, all around the globe as well. An appreciative skill of the Effy staff is the eye for detail. When you shop at Effy, the expert staff will guide you through every step, to the decisive stage of diamond buying with a smile and 100% genuine assistance.

Yet another lucrative feature of buying your engagement ring online at Effy is that the company offers its own whole insurance for all designs. FedEx and USPS deliver the products, domestically. Effy diamond buyers also have an exclusive option of tracking their shipment virtually.

Effy Jewelry Customer Complaints:

Not accredited by BBB, Effy Jewelry has been, rated A+ by Better Business Bureau. In addition, there has never been any BBB complaint registered against Effy, in the past three years.

Is Effy Jewelry a Fraud?

Definitely Not. Although there have been many allegations regarding the credibility of Effy Jewelry, the truth is that, Effy is a trustworthy and reputed name globally in wedding diamond online jewelry. Effy provides amazing skills of artistry and exclusive packages to new as well as retaining customers. Although, some arguments vouch against the fidelity of Effy Jewelers, nothing has been proved legally yet. In fact, try clearing your doubts by having a chat with the Effy Staff right now- using Ask Effy option!

Effy Jewelry Final Conclusion:

According to our diamond experts, keeping the commotions aside, Effy has provided amazing jewelries for millions until now. It is without any doubt, a universal truth that many companies rise and doom due to bad staff. In the case of Effy, such a glitch has popped once in its history, although, the fact is Effy jewelry is fully insured and you need not worry your orders a bit.

To us, Effy is moderately good to shop for the richest to the laid back customer; however, we suggest you give a check to the certifications before you buy from Effy. Effy is not the ideal diamond seller, owing to its recent allegations, nevertheless the top-rated skills of Effy also make it one of the ‘Okay’ diamond sellers at present.

Effy Jewelry Ratings:

User Friendly 18/20

Effy website management is the rock-stars of Effy’s revived brave new face. The website is designed to appeal and assist the commonest diamond buyer with knowledge and memorable purchase. In fact, Effy has appreciable and sassy color choices as well as an interactive design that choosing or even co-designing your favorite ring is effortless, when you choose Effy for the same!

The website provides trustworthy encrypted connections that are protected by SSL certificates and hence, highly up voted. Another important thing to note about Effy Website is that everything is mentioned in an ‘Easy To Read Language’ with cutting edge photographs of the gems and diverse engagement rings in necessary detail.

Variety Of Diamonds 19/20

A commendable factor about Effy is among the 150,000 Carats that it sells in jewelry every year, maximum ones are unique in its design. The same is the reason why you will find crazy designs called Exotic Accents, Exceptionally Chic, Elevated Sparkle, Royal Affair, Ingenious Design, Geo Collection, Bold Elegance and Watercolor collection as the the Effy hallmark varieties, online!

Whatever your fantasy is, when shopping with Effy, worry not because even the wildest of your dreams will be real soon!

Customer’s Shopping support 17/20

Effy provides no Live Chat feature, but upon requesting an Email contact form, Effy authorities contacted us personally in 12-15 hours, inclusive of the immediate auto-responded. The level of expertise and enthusiasm of Effy’s staff stunned us as they guided us adequately, to make our dream purchases efficiently!

Additionally, the website provides a detailed support for online shoppers with its special tab ‘World of Effy’. Effy also provides an exclusive package of- ‘Ask Effy at 1-877’. Exclusive newsletter option is also a unique value free gift for Effy customers.

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 20/20

Payment: SSL certified gateway that provides encrypted connections of utmost safety for conducting your secure banking transactions is safe when purchasing with Effy. If you stumble on any error, don’t forget to use the Email-request form!
Shipping: Effy offers FedEx Express, 2-Day Delivery and Free shipping Standard delivery options for its domestic customers while ten types of International delivery options, for its overseas customers.
Insurance: All Effy jewelry is covered under the Effy Jewelry Insurance and you need not worry about that extra bit of care needed when shipping your favorite jewelry!

Returns Refunds and Trade- In 18/20

Returns and Replacement: If Effy accepts the customer’s request for return or exchange as genuine, then assistance provided is immediate, to replace the item completely or as modified with respect to the demands of the customer.
Refunds: The Company offers a full refund on items, which are approved by Effy and returned within 30 days of the purchase.

Buy a Ring at Effy and get a PERFECT Care

11 Reviews

  1. Effying poor customer care, poor quality products
    will be dishing the dirt on next cruise unless they respond to issue of bracelet which fell apart after a couple of times wearing

  2. I recentlt bought a Effy necklace at Macy’s. Should I have received any papers on the authenticity of the necklace. Other then the tag attached to the necklace, I have nothing stating it is an Effy piece.

    • All Effy pieces have literally the word Effy stamped somewhere on the jewelry no matter how delicate the piece is.

  3. I have three Effy pieces that I have worn every day for the past 3 years. Each piece is still perfect: no loose settings, no fading, etc. I recommend Effy to anyone.

  4. I have the necklace, ring and earrings. I received for my anniverary some time ago. I want to say 10 years or more. I dont wear this set every day as I have severy diamond sets to wear. but I love my Effy collection, everyone still compliment me on it when I wear it.

    I love the look it is a smoky quartz and chocolate diamond set. still mind blowing.

  5. Don’t buy from them. Inferior quality settings means your stones constantly fall out.
    Sure they have a lifetime warranty, but do you want your ring gone for repairs 4-6 weeks at a time, every couple of months?
    They won’t even answer my emails or phone calls anymore.
    Wish I had read all the reviews on the various sites before we bought. NEVER again!

    • I am experiencing the same thing with my ring but I didn’t purchase the extended warranty. I have only owned the ring for 7 months. I took it to another jewellery store before going to Michael Hill and they said to fix claws and replace small emerald will cost 175 Cdn and there would be another cost to fix the claws on the other end. It’s one of their bands with diamonds and emerald. I have also seen it with blue sapphires. I don’t believe that the claws should wear down in 7 months. Very badly made in the first place. Been 10 days and still waiting for quote from Micheal Hill.

  6. Bought a multi colored stone and diamond ring and one of the diamonds fell our before the first week was up. Missed my return for repair window due to traveling over the holidays. Never had an issue like this with any other purchases. First Effie piece.

  7. I purchased two rings from the Effy jewelry line at Macys department store. Mailed both rings in February for resizing,only to find out two months later- SUPPOSEDLY ONLY ONE RING WAS RECEIVED. However, Effy knowing that all documentation included in packaging showed two rings, failed to inform me as the customer. So,needless to say Nicole C (MCS) wants to blame UPS for something that could have been handled in February had Effy done the right thing.

  8. I would like to know if the Vendor use radiation exposure to enhance the color of the germs and diamonds? If yes, than do they provide testing that its safe for people?

    Hope to get an answer from you,
    Thank you

  9. Just curious


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