Enchanted Diamonds Review

Enchanted Diamonds Review

  • User Friendly
  • Variety Of Diamonds
  • Shopping Support
  • Payment, Shipping and Insurance
  • Returns, Refund and Trade in

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Enchanted Diamonds in 87 words?


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As of June 2019, multiple complaints have been received by suppliers and shoppers, therefore you should definitely pick a different retailer, please see our recommended.

Enterprises, whose idea is how to make an online diamond ring shopping experience easy, made Enchanted diamonds. This newly online website has less than three years of experience. A huge factor for us is a long time customers’ satisfaction, as for the quality as well as optional trade in services etc’. Unfortunately, such a young website as Enchanted, is impossible to be determined.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Enchanted Diamonds in 55 words?

This online diamond rings website, has made the unique human experience with an emotional purchase, evolving large amounts of money, easier than it used to be. We find Enchanted Diamonds user friendly, with extra sections and topics for the newly engaged and those that are about to be, Enchanted is full of passion and ideas.

Enchanted Diamonds Facts:

Founded 2012, Enchanted Diamonds is a privately held retail company, distributing engagement rings. The co- founder is Jonathan Las and the headquarters is located at 147 West 35th Street New York, NY, USA.

Enchanted Diamonds- The Full Review:

Enterprises, whose idea is how to make an online diamond ring shopping experience easy, made Enchanted diamonds. Unlike other popular online retailers, who started as jewelry stores and went online as the internet became dominant as a shopping market, Enchanted are doing this upside down, and might sometimes set a boring designs impression. Enchanted provides stones and diamonds online. It also provides information about various diamond shapes, cuts, colors, clarity, and other important tips, topics, a nice blog and beautiful designs. Enchanted was founded in New York in 2012. Offering some hundreds of diamond ring designs, we found an Enchanted online website clean, clear, simple with very friendly search engine. As a newborn business, we found very little reviews or customers’ testimonials about enchanted, this plays both sides negative and positive, as there are no written complaints that we have found.

Enchanted Diamonds Customers Complaints:

Here is what we have found, under the note that these guys are new in town and only a few diamonds’ dummies have got the chance to experience with them: one- some claim about very low prices, compared to other big names online, which makes you wonder the quality. Two- it seems that some of the declared diamonds workshop procedures are not brilliant. Other than that, we found very pleased customers, concerning the personal service they have received, which is ten times more important than having a big brand behind your diamond.

Are Enchanted Diamonds A Fraud?

This online based company, has grew it nice and easy as a small retailer in a big sharks, ocean, creating a different shopping experience In a digital world. Based on our research, customers’ reviews, business reports and experience, we find Enchanted Diamonds legit and we would definitely recommend checking them out before making any purchase.

My Final Conclusion:

Not a scam at all, we find Enchanted Diamonds a new age online engagement rings retailer, we sure recommend paying a visit and buying from Enchanted Diamonds.com. As always, we must warn you when purchasing a “create your own engagement ring” as any repairs or returns could be rejected.

Enchanted Diamonds Ratings:

User Friendly 19/20

These people are definitely into customer care and internet based marketing. We find Enchanted website very convenient as all the information you wish to know is detailed and easy to find. An advanced search engine creates a supreme shopping experience.

Variety Of Diamonds 17/20

Ignoring the fact that this is a small diamond ring company, we would say that the variety is not enormous. Considering that factor, makes us change our minds, and claim that as being such a small, young and family online diamond store, Enchanted supply some very nice collections and designs.

Customer Shopping Support 17/20

An online 24/7 chat is missing, but we found the after hours “leave a message” commutable, as well as all the accepted methods. We must admit, that Enchanted are upfront with customers’ clearance and policies shown.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 16/20

Aside from all the major credit cards, bank wire transfer, free shipping and insurance of all deliveries, we found that Enchanted allow a very nice financing program, which might help you expand your limits in your diamond ring shopping.

Returns, Refund and Trade in 19/20

This online diamond store is delivering one of the best return, refund, trade in, warranty and price comparing policies that we have seen to it. We consider all major and cozy diamond jewelry stores to follow Enchanted, as giving you the complete peace and quiet with your purchase. We are talking about a 30-days refund, lifetime trade in (for twice the credit purchases), free resizing and repairing, all within a free both ways delivery. THAT’S HOW ITS DONE.

6 Reviews

  1. As a customer of Enchanted Diamonds I completely disagree with this article. Their customer service and quality of craftsmanship is disastrous.

    • Ohh wow I was about to buy a ring from there, Can you share what was the problem.

  2. I agree with Madeline. My wife had to return a ring she purchased with them because the quality was very shoddy. This article is a bit misleading.

  3. Hi “Madeline”,

    It’s quite odd that we don’t have a single contact from anyone named Madeline in our emails or orders. As always, every jewelry order placed with Enchanted Diamonds comes with a lifetime warranty: https://enchanteddiamonds.com/enchanted-diamonds-lifetime-warranty

    We would love to take care of ANY issues you may have with your setting – as always this is included with your purchase and we even take care of all the shipping and insurance costs both ways!

    In the case that you are an actual customer please reach out to us and we would be happy to assist you!

    • I appreciate Enchanted for replying!
      Would really like to hear how that turned out

  4. Prices at Enchanted Diamonds seem to be higher than other online retailers. Shop around before you commit to buying a diamond online.


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