Eternity By Yoni Diamond Store Review

Eternity By Yoni Diamond Store Review

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Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Watch and Jewelry On Eternity By Yoni Jewelry?

Thinking about getting diamond engagement rings that make a statement? You deserve no less than unique rings and we will tell you why Eternity By Yoni is one of the best diamond stores to check out before you move onto others.

·      Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings

The first reason why you must shop on Eternity by Yoni is if you want special diamond ring made in your dream design. It is easy to personalize your engagement ring at EBY. You can write to them with the details of the ring you want or the ring you are referencing. Email to seek inquiry about custom rings is [email protected].

Custom orders take up to a month to make, so hurry if you want it now. As EBY makes the rings in-house, it can be rushed if you have a word directly.

·      30-Days Return Policy

You can exchange or return your purchase for full refunds within 30 days of purchase. While custom orders are fined with 30% restocking fee, you can refund center stones over 0.75 carats for 100% refunds. EBY cares about your satisfaction above all.

·      Insurance Appraisal For Diamonds

For customers who want to get their engagement rings insured, EBY offers appraisals on all diamond rings of value over $1000 for free. You can give it directly to your insurance agent to insure it safely for life.

·      Lifetime Warranty

There are two types of warranty on EBY for customers interested in diamond engagement rings. Even after the 30-day return window closes, you can return the diamond you purchased with EBY for 70% value of the diamond within 2 years.

Lifetime guarantee covers you against defects and problems in manufacturing. If there is a structural defect found in the jewelry, EBY will repair or replace it for FREE.

·      Free Shipping with Overnight Options

Apart from Free Shipping on Eternity by Yoni, your can avail Priority Overnight shipping on FedEx where the orders arrive within one day of placing it. You can’t get this if your address is a P.O box. Signature is required for orders above and below $1000. USPS overnight delivery is delivered within 3-5 days without any signature.

·      Can Source Unlisted Diamonds

EBY also offers a unique deal of sourcing diamonds that are not listed on their website, provided the customer provides them the details about it. In short, you don’t have to worry about getting ripped, Eternity by Yoni will do your job.

·      Price Matching

Another unique reason why you should shop on EBY is their price matching offer. If you find an identical diamond at a lower price than that featured on EBY, you can get the EBY diamond for the lower price. They offer great value for money!

·      Complimentary Ring Resizing

You can avail the FREE of cost resizing for any of your diamond engagement rings within 60 Days of purchase. Contact this 855-383-7648 for ring resizing processes with your order number or bill. You don’t have to worry if the ring is a size small or big than what you measured!

·      No Sales Tax On U.S Orders

Except for New York, Eternity by Yoni does not charge any sales tax for orders placed within the United States. Proudly made in America, you can get your diamond engagement ring without tax here.

·      Custom Orders Can Be Returned

One of the best reasons why should get your diamond engagement ring on EBY is this unique offer that no one offers. You can return your custom made engagement easily for a restocking fee of 30%. That’s all! Sounds great right? Talk with their customer service today!

·      Diamond Upgrade

For Larger diamonds, you can easily use the diamond upgrade program on EBY. They offer a diamond trade up policy where you can get a larger diamond by giving up your older diamond at 70% value. For diamonds double in carat size of your current diamond, the older diamond will be offered 100% value.

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Eternity By Yoni?

The only reason not to buy your dream diamond engagement ring on EBY is if you want a big order, but have no option to do bank transfer. That’s because orders over $10,000 require Bank Wire as the payment mode.

Another reason to avoid EBY is if your address is P.O box or outside U.S (because sales tax will be a bother!)

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Eternity By Yoni.Com?

Featuring over 50,000 diamonds, there are many varieties of diamonds to choose on Eternity by Yoni. They offer Madison Collection besides the classic Engagement Ring section.

You can choose from split-shank, three stone, round cut, five stone, halo, bezel-set, channel-set, vintage, princess cut, emerald cut and cushion cut. In the custom diamond ring section, you can make your own ring with choice of diamond shape and setting. Easy right? Try your hand today!

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Eternity By Yoni

Yes, Eternity by Yoni offers many financing options for customers who don’t have the total amount to buy their diamond engagement ring. Use the ‘Bill Me Later’ option on PayPal when you check out to avail your diamond ring without any interest if paid within 6 months.

Retailer or E-Tailer?

First started in 1972 (according to Better Business Bureau), Eternity By Yoni was incorporated in 2012. They moved from brick and mortar stores to eCommerce stores swiftly. You can walk into an EBY store at 36 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Eternity By Yoni Engagement Rings?

For items that you are not satisfied with, you can return it for 100% refunds with FREE returns. All you need to do is get in touch with the customer service within 30 days of receiving it. You can also exchange the item you did not like for no added costs.

In cases you are trying to return a custom diamond ring, 30% restocking fee will be incurred.

Contact Information Of Eternity By Yoni Engagement Rings

You can contact Eternity By Yoni

Does Eternity By Yoni Have A Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes, Eternity by Yoni has an education blog that features 6 articles on how to choose diamonds based on cut, shape, color, clarity, carat weight and certifications. If you want to learn more about the diamonds, EBY is not the best place to look. The scarce number of jewelry education articles on the blog is definitely a killjoy!

Eternity By Yoni Jewelry Full Review

Selling conflict-free diamonds, EBY is a reputed jeweler who has been in business since 1972. They have a standard diamonds policy that filters out the blood diamonds. One of the unique diamond jewelry sellers around the world, EBY moved online a few years ago. Being a brick and mortar store from the beginning, you can still pay a visit to the store in New York.

Offering Free FedEx Shipping, you can get Overnight delivery via FedEx or USPS on this website if you want your diamond ring right away. While EBY sources diamonds from around the world, you can request Canadian diamonds on any stone of your choice if you have one on your mind. They also offer price match where you can get an EBY stone for a lesser price if a competitor product can prove so.

As EBY does not entertain drop-shipping, you can expect the best of quality when you buy here. It is crafted to perfect. For couples who want truly bespoke rings, it is best to go for their custom design.

If you want to treat your friend or lady love with a pricey gift, get a Gift certificate on Eternity by Yoni. They have exciting offers. The three gift card prices are $100, $250 or $500. Choose your pick!

Other advantages of shopping for your engagement ring on EBY is that they offer lifetime guarantee and upgrade. If you want to change your diamond for a larger one, EBY will offer 70% of the value while a diamond double the size of your current rock will retain 100% of value on the old diamond.

You also get 60 days complimentary resizing when you shop on Eternity by Yoni for diamond engagement rings. Besides Free shipping and returns, they also offer insurance appraisal for all purchases. If you are dissatisfied with the product you purchased on EBY, you can also return it within 30 days for 100% refunds. All you need to do is give them a call.

The only reason not to buy your dream diamond ring here is because they require bank wire for all diamond jewelry above $10,000 for security reasons.

Eternity By Yoni Jewelry Complaints

After checking all over online, we could not find one complaint against Eternity by Yoni. The only complaint online is on iVouch about the disappointment of being unable to buy a diamond jewelry over $10,000 as the customer did not have bank wire option.

Regarding craftsmanship and credibility, EBY is a great diamond geezer to shop at.

Is Eternity By Yoni Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

Although BBB has not accredited Eternity by Yoni, it is rated A+ with one positive rating in the past years. BBB also gives detailed information and dates on the establishment of EBY.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Eternity By Yoni Final Verdict

After researching for days whether EBY is a good and safe place to shop, we have come to conclusion that you will find great designs on EBY. As they are experienced and trustworthy, you can buy without any care in the world.

We highly recommend these diamond jewelers.

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Eternity By Yoni

– User Friendly

The website of EBY is easy to use with quick and effortless navigation. We love the theme and designs too!

– Variety

You can find over 50,000 diamonds and dozens of diamond setting and shape variety on EBY for selecting your diamond engagement ring.

– Shopping Support

There isn’t any shopping support on Eternity by Yoni online.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay with bank wire (for $750+), PayPal or credit cards.


Choose Standard FREE shipping or overnight priority shipping from FedEx or USPS.


Diamond is fully insured while shipping.

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