Everything you need to know about Clarity Enhancement in Diamond Rings

Everything you need to know about Clarity Enhancement in Diamond Rings

Did you know internal cracks and illusion might look pretty, but might break or chip your precious stone sooner than later? Getting a precious diamond filled can reduce up to 70% cost with double the brilliance. So, find out if you’re cut out for clarity enhanced diamonds because it can save up hundreds and thousands of dollars otherwise spent on a rock. If you’re thinking about brilliance, read the brilliant points of pros in the post below!

What is a Clarity Enhancement?

The process of clarity enhancement for diamonds was developed almost half a century ago by Israeli Diamond cutters. It is a method to fill the flaws or inclusions in diamonds with diamond-like elements. The treatment completely changes the brilliance of the stone. Moreover, with crack filled diamonds, you can also get a bigger stone for a lesser price.

Should I get a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

When it comes down to buying you’re the one who should decide whether investing in the stone matters or your future road together. A clarity enhanced diamond will guarantee the prettiness with the brilliance without thinning your savings.

Moreover, inclusions and cracks in the diamond often change the otherwise-play-of-color of the stone. So, getting a clarity enhanced diamond is totally viable if you’re looking for ways to cut down on your engagement ring budget!

How to Test if my diamond is clarity enhanced?

All you need to do is shake the diamond vigorously under natural light. If you see a flash of purple to yellow under the microscope, what you have is a clarity enhanced diamond.

What is the Clarity Enhancement Process of Diamonds?

You can fill the cracks and inclusions in the diamond with laser or fractures. Enquire about it if you’re thinking of buying a Clarity enhanced diamond. Read more about the process on AFISHMAN!

Clarity Enhancement Diamond Value

Depending on whether your stone is fracture filled or laser-filled, the value of the diamond differs.

Diamond Clarity Enhancement Good or Bad

Find out whether clarity enhancement in diamonds is good or bad for trusted diamond users.

Pros of Clarity Enhancement in diamonds

Why choose clarity enhancement for your engagement ring and wedding band? Is clarity enhancement forever? How worthy are CE Diamonds? Find answers from our best diamond pros combined together, in the points below!

·        Natural Real Diamonds in Clarity Enhancement

Clarity enhancement is a process that uses real and natural diamonds that are conflict-free to give a makeover. The gemologist assesses the stone, mostly low clarity stone with a lot of imperfections and fills them with diamond-like materials. Once filled, the diamond will show ethereal brilliance!

·        Up to 50% Savings when you choose Clarity Enhancement

Getting a magic carat weight for diamond is pricey. So, is an ideal cut diamond with excellent clarity. Nobody wants a botched diamond, but if you want to change the shimmer of your botched diamond, CE or clarity enhancement is the way to go.

If you’re smart, you can save up to 70% by replacing your center stone with CE diamonds.

·        Zero Maintenance for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

When you take up the CE diamonds, you don’t have to worry about it like a rhodium or plated metal. Clarity enhanced diamonds are treated for life and you don’t need to worry about the diamond chipping off in the future.

·        Get Maximum Brilliance with Clarity Enhancement in Diamonds

When gemologists fill the diamond with imperfections and flaws, they ensure that all the inclusions are filled and corrected. That’s why a completely dull diamond can look prettier and fascinating after a bit of clarity enhancement on the diamonds!

·        Higher Carat Weight using CE Diamonds

When you fill the inclusions of a flawed diamond for clarity enhancement, you will add more to the carat weight of it. That’s an effective win-win for all. In short, your stone will look bigger in addition to brighter!

Cons of Clarity Enhancement in diamonds

Why not choose CE diamonds? Are clarity enhanced rocks bad? What is the value of CE diamonds?

·        Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are Susceptible to Heat

You might not know but depending on the fillers used when filled the diamond, your diamond structure differs. It will follow the properties of diamonds as well as the solvent filled in the rock. Hence, watch out for heat or ask your gemologist about the composition of your CE diamond.

·        Lower Value of CE Diamonds

In any market, a natural diamond without any heating or irradiation fetches up to 70% in prices. While you can whine about it or add it to your advantage by saving money on the stone with a CE diamond!

·        CE Diamonds are Considered Cheap

To be true, compared with diamonds that are untreated, clarity enhanced diamonds sell for cheaper prices independent of their clarity. Hence, if you’re battling with emotional cons on why you should invest in CE diamonds, choose what your gut says!

Before you go …

Finding the right stone is hard. So, save yourself and get booked with a clarity enhanced in diamonds jewelry ASAP!

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