Everything You Need To Know About Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Did you know the three stone engagement ring represents the circle of life? It was first created to represent the hidden sides of union between a man and women. My parent’s wedding rings are made of three stone diamonds and now I know what holds them together is thicker than blood. But before you dive into other diamond ring styles, why don’t you listen to what the experts want to say about three-stone engagement rings including its pros and cons.

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  • Guide for Selecting the Best Three-Stone Engagement Rings
  • What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?
  • What does a 3-Stone Engagement Ring Mean?
  • Alternate Names of Three-Stone Engagement Rings
  • Pros of Three-Stone Engagement Rings
  • Cons of Three-Stone Engagement Rings
  • Most Popular Styles of Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Guide for Selecting the Best Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Trinity means many things in diverse languages, religion, and cultures. It symbolizes God, Son, and Holy Spirit in Christianity; Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva in Hinduism and even Actions, Thoughts and Emotions in Trinity of Consciousness.

Simply put, three stone engagement means much more than it represents. The number three can signify the timeline of your togetherness to ideals of consciousness. Let’s see everything it symbolizes so that you can select the most meaningful ring to represent your love.

What is a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

When an engagement ring is made with three stones stacked one against each other, it is referred to as a three-stone ring. It represents Past, Present, and Future of your relationship including the marriage. An antique allure that sparkles with meaning, three stone rings are created to represent friendship, love, and fidelity too.

What does a 3-Stone Engagement Ring mean?

Past, present, and future is the firsthand meaning of a three-stone engagement ring. But, it’s not as old as mankind. In fact, the three-stone engagement ring meaning of past, present, and future was a marketing campaign made by DeBeers in the early 21st century. That being said, it’s you who should decide what the ring means.

There are three diamonds or stones in a three-stone engagement ring. You can play around the size of the diamonds with the ideals you want to project. If you want to focus on your past together, make the first diamond big and vice-versa with future or present too.

Alternate Names of Three-Stone Engagement Rings

“Forever Ring” is the most popular synonym of a three stone ring. You can call it the Past-Present-Future ring or plainly 3-stone ring.  

Pros of Three-Stone Engagement Rings

What makes three stone engagement rings better than other settings? Are three-stone rings good for engagement? Should I get three diamonds on my wedding ring? What’s so special about a three-stone ring?

·      More Glitter than a Solitaire

If you’re looking for a brighter ring, three-stone is better than a one-stone diamond wedding ring, any day. It projects a brighter look with a shimmering allure. No doubt. Given that engagement ring is for life, three-stone is better.

·      Ability to Customize

When you select a solitaire, you have to restrict to one stone choice. You can either go for a white diamond or a colored stone, that’s it. Hence, three-stone rings give more room to personalize the size to shape and color or type of the stone you want on the engagement ring.  

·      Enhances the Central rock  

When you add side-stones, the central rock gets more light onto it. That way, you get your money’s worth and the rocks on your finger look more expensive and heavy than it really is.

Cons of Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Why should you avoid a three-stone ring? When not to get a three stone ring? Are three stone rings worth it? What is the problem with a 3-stone ring? Find out the expert reasons not to buy a three stone ring for engagement below.

·      Expensive than a Solitaire

Without a doubt, getting three diamonds instead of two is much pricier. However, with a three-stone ring, you can get a smaller diamond than a giant diamond on a solitaire and still make your ring look brighter and bigger! That way, your three stone ring will cost equal or less than the solitaire you have in mind.

·      More Maintenance than a Solitaire

Unlike cleaning one stone rings, you will have to spend thrice the time, effort and money to clean an engagement ring with three stones.

Before you leave …

The best shapes for three stone diamond wedding rings are round, radiant and cushion cut rings. Let’s look at the best Three Stone Engagement ring styles based on popularity and trend.

What’s your choice? Tell us in the comments below!

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