Find What Your Engagement Diamond Says About You

Find What Your Engagement Diamond Says About You

You have chosen the ring that looked most-dazzling and ultimately comfortable to wear. It matched with your fingers and accents your personality. But, what does an onlooker think about you by seeing your diamond shape on the engagement ring?

I have collected all the types of engagement diamond to find out what each one says about you. Are you ready to find out if the ring really matches your personality or not? Let’s begin!

11 Choices on What Your Engagement Diamond Says About You

Diamond shapes are chosen based on subjective notions of beauty. Simply put, that which looks pretty to you, might look extravagant to you. But, in the aesthetics of style, shapes of diamonds speak a universal tongue and today I am going to unveil your personality type based on the diamond shape of your choice.

1.    Round Diamond Says you’re Classy

Are you smitten by the round shape of diamonds? That’s because you’re a classy lad or lass. Round shape of diamond shows symmetry and order. You like to stick with the fashion rules and prefer order or chunky or gaudy looks. Am I right?

Who else is smitten by round diamond engagement ring?

Mila Kunis and Miranda Kerr, both wear round shaped diamond engagement ring.

2.    Square Diamond you’re Modern

An unusual style of diamond shape, square shows unique and different personality. If you choose a square shaped diamond for your ring, you’re outspoken and often go against the tide.

Who else is smitten by Square diamond engagement ring?

Not everyone is a fan of Square diamonds and one celebrity who loves it is Priyanka Chopra.

3.    Princess Cut Diamond Says you’re Trendy

A fancy shape, princess cut diamond makes the woman feel like a regal trendsetter. She combines vintage and modern, equally. You love to flaunt your engagement ring and you will definitely get compliments wearing a diamond ring.  

Who else is smitten by Princess Shaped diamond engagement ring?

Hillary Duff and Kate Bosworth wear princess cut diamonds on their engagement rings.

4.    Heart Shape of Diamond Says you’re Dreamy

The sweetheart diamond shape is a popular shape for women who love gorgeous jewelry. It always catches the attention. Heart shape of diamond says you’re a woman who loves fantasies and cheesiness in life. While some might say you’re too girly, we say your style is pretty!

Who else is smitten by Heart diamond engagement ring?

Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj flaunt this diamond shape.

5.    Oval Diamond Shape Says you’re Fashionable

A notch about classy, oval diamond is on the edge of trendy. It makes you stand out from the crowd. If you’re wearing an oval diamond, you are modish and up to the rage.  

Who else is smitten by Oval diamond engagement ring?

Christina Aguilera, Kate Middleton and Serena Williams wear oval engagement rings. 

6.    Bezel Setting Says you’re Outgoing

If you like the levitating head of your diamond, you have an outgoing personality. You are active, adventurous and without an ounce of dullness!

Who else is smitten by Bezel diamond engagement ring?

Scarlett Johansson wears a bezel diamond ring. 

7.    Marquise Diamond Says you’re Voguish

Beyond modern, marquise diamond shape of the ring says you love to look the best. You love the attention because you are stylish with a refined taste. Am I right?  

Who else is smitten by Marquise diamond engagement ring?

Catherine Zeta Jones and Ashlee Simpson Ross wears marquise shape diamond ring.

8.    Emerald Diamond Says you’re Choosy

If you’re going for the emerald cut of diamond ring, you are an independent woman with picky taste in fashion. Emerald cut is out of ordinary and you love being extra-ordinary.

Who else is smitten by Emerald diamond engagement ring?

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Anniston wear emerald shape of diamond ring.

9.    Pear Diamond Says you’re Bold

For women with unique and ultra-modern tastes with class, pear shape of diamond ring fits the best. It makes the fingers look elegant and you elegant.

Who else is smitten by Pear diamond engagement ring?

Kaley Cuoco and Katherine Heigl wear pear diamond rings.

10. Cushion Diamond Says you’re Traditional

A classic design improvised on vintage fashion, cushion cut diamond is a feminine choice of ring. It makes your fingers look soft while making your tastes look classy and upscale.  

Who else is smitten by Cushion diamond engagement ring?

Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara wear cushion cut diamond rings.

11. Baguette Diamond says you’re Creative

A unique shape of diamond ring, baguette is a motivating shape made for extra ordinary women. It shows you like artisanal shapes!  

Who else is smitten by Baguette diamond engagement ring?

Evan Spiegel proposed Miranda Kerr with a baguette diamond ring.

Before you leave …

Which is your fave? Share with us in the comments below!

So what is your choice of engagement diamond ring shape? Share it with us in the comments below!

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