Gemist Inc. Diamond Engagement Rings Analyzed

Gemist Inc. Diamond Engagement Rings Analyzed

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We’ve seen the best of natural diamond sellers and eve lab-grown diamonds that are simply gorgeous. Today, the focus is not on the diamond or the seller, but the shopping experience they guarantee.

A diamond seller that has been making the waves since the pandemic hit, Gemist simplified the art of choosing a diamond engagement ring by making it completely personal. How? They’ve designed an app and a way to collaborate with designers directly so that you can design your own custom ring. 

What else is great about Gemist? Let’s find out all about the pros and cons of this rising talent in the diamond engagement ring industry, their history, ways to buy from them, return policies, refunds, production time, and much more. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why Should You Buy From Gemist?
  • On The Hunt Program
  • Custom Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Handcrafted in L.A
  • Try it On!
  • Limited Warranty

2. Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Gemist?

3. History of Gemist Diamonds Jewelry

4. What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Gemist?

5. Can You Get Diamond Engagement Ring Engraved With Gemist?

6. Are There Pictures And Videos Of Diamonds From Gemist?

7. How To Buy Diamond Ring On Gemist?

  • Consultation
  • Pay the Design Fee
  • Check the Rendered Images
  • Production

That’s it!

8. How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Gemist?

9. Does Gemist Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options On Gemist?

10. Where Does Gemist Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options On Gemist?

11. Does Gemist Resize For Free?

12. How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Gemist?

13. How To Get In Touch With Gemist?

14. Gemist Discounts, Coupons, And Promotions

15. Is Gemist A Fraud? Is Gemist Legit?

16. Gemist- The Full Review

17. Gemist Customer Complaints

18. Gemist Final Verdict

19. Gemist Ratings

20. User Ratings 19/20

  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 17/20
  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 17/20
  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 19/20
  • Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In 19/20

Why Should You Buy From Gemist? 

Without much ado, let’s plunge into the top reasons why Gemist is a good option worth considering for your diamond engagement ring.

  • On The Hunt Program

Gemist has an exclusive program called the ‘On The Hunt’ program to ensure you can make your own custom ring that you want. Gemist offers this opportunity by teaming you with an expert designer to create your 100% custom ring. You can also use their app to design your ring, which is actually the first of its kind of experience.

  • Custom Diamond Engagement Rings

Can I design a ring that’s not on your site? Of course! Our “On the Hunt” feature allows you to work with a Gemist specialist to design your dream ring from scratch. Can you reset stones? Include a picture of the stone and the style you have in mind to make the process even smoother.

  • Handcrafted in L.A

If you’re thinking of supporting local businesses in this pandemic era, then there’s nothing better than Gemist to invest in. Truth be told, all their rings and diamond jewelry are completely ‘handcrafted’ in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Try it On!

Another unique thing about Gemist is that they offer a try-at-home opportunity where you can get the ring you like and wear it for 14 days for free. Keep in mind that you can only try one box at a time, so think carefully. You can get this in sizes 5 to 7. The best thing every kit comes with a ring sizer so that you can confirm the size when placing your order.  

Note that Gemist will ask you for $45 for the try-on that’s returned to you when you give back the box. What’s more, they’ll take care of all the back-and-forth shipping!

  • Limited Warranty 

At Gemist you also get a year’s worth of warranty on your engagement ring for defects related to craftsmanship. For this, Gemist will be requesting your $50 to cover freight charges. If your cause is genuine, Gemist will undertake replacement or repair without billing you any charges. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Diamond Engagement Ring From Gemist?

If you’re feeling ready to buy from Gemist, hold on a second so that we can discuss their cons too. 

First off, all the rings you find here are custom-made. That means you can’t return them unless they’re a generic design you saw on the site. When you’ve coped up with that, consider 20 days for rings that are ready and in stock too. 

Truth be told, three to four weeks is an absolutely normal time to get your diamond engagement from Gemist.

History of Gemist Diamonds Jewelry 

Sourcing natural diamonds isn’t a big deal. If you ask me, custom diamond engagement rings aren’t big deal for a few centuries too. The reason why Gemist is quite popular with the masses is that it actually lets you design the ring that’s in your mind with a proficient designer and advanced technology at your fingertips. 

All that happened thanks to Madeline Fraser, the CEO, and Founder of Gemist who already has two companies to her name. The multi-entrepreneur made Gemist for smoothening out the road for couples or whoever wants to create custom precious jewelry without any hassles.

Madeline is a fine art and interior architect who recently made the news for getting De Beers as an investor. Gemist is also popular for its ethically sourced diamonds and being homemade in the U.S.A. This is a highly creative diamond seller with a drive for ensuring a high-quality user experience in the world of diamond engagement rings.

What Types Of Diamonds And Diamond Engagement Rings Are Available On Gemist? 

All the natural diamonds on Gemist are sourced ethically. Their natural diamonds are also GIA certified and if you ask me, they curate their diamonds so well and sell them at a fair price too. 

You can choose from a wide range of colors and cuts of precious and semi-precious and even lab-made diamonds at Gemist. These are usually set in 14 K yellow, white, or rose gold gold or even rhodium plating to look like the real thing. If you’d like even better cost-effective options like solid sterling silver. You can also get Swarovski Zirconia or Ceramic stone for exploring different colors.

Can You Get Diamond Engagement Ring Engraved With Gemist? 

You can get your diamond engagement ring engraved online at Gemist for an additional $100 with your order. Keep in mind that the space for words on rings varies from one another with a maximum of up to 15 characters. Keep in mind that engraved pieces automatically become custom-made and are hence not returnable. 

Are There Pictures And Videos Of Diamonds From Gemist? 

You’ll find up to three pictures of rings from different angles, one real-time picture of a model wearing it, and a 360-degree view that’s easy to work around with. 

I particularly liked the long list of options you could select like price, stone, metal, carat, width, style, and size apart from designing and saving different designs to compare. Honestly, the custom-made option makes me want to redesign my diamond wedding ring completely and I just got married last year. 

If you’re getting hitched now, Gemist is worth checking out from every angle!

How To Buy Diamond Ring On Gemist? 

First off, do you know your ring size? That’s the most crucial part of online shopping that you need done. If not, there’s an easy way out. Get a ring sizer on Gemist for $4.50 or get it measured at a jewelry store around the curb yourself. How do I know which ring size to order?

Once you’re done, the following stepwise guide will help you order a diamond engagement ring from Gemist without any hassles.

  1. Consultation

This is the stage where you create the foundation of the engagement ring. You get 30-minutes of consultation free with a stylist at Gemist to discuss the shape, budget, design, stone, weight, metal, and so on about the ring. It’s always a good idea to keep pictures of a few rings you like before talking with the stylist.

  1. Pay the Design Fee 

If you want to discuss further, pay a $150 design fee. Keep in mind that this amount will be reimbursed to you when you purchase from Gemist finally. This fee also includes three follow-up consultations and up to three renders for every custom design.

  1. Check the Rendered Images 

The next step is for you to go through the rendered images and ask for any edits/modifications. Once you’re satisfied pay 50% of the quoted invoice amount to move further.

  1. Production

Within two to three weeks, Gemist will source the stone as agreed and create your diamond engagement ring. You can always discuss anything you’re worried about directly with Gemist during this time or just keep yourself updated. 

  1. That’s it!

[H2] How To Get Custom Diamond Engagement Ring From Gemist? 

Getting yourself a custom engagement ring with diamonds from Gemist is easy-peasy. Here, follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Choose from a wide selection of metals like sterling silver, rhodium plating, or 14 K rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold.
  2. Choose from stones like natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, sapphires, precious stones, etcetera in varied settings, styles, colors, bands, and cuts. 
  3. Choose from the three designs that Gemist sends you.
  4. Try on the rings for up to two weeks that Gemist shared with you before finalizing the buy.
  5. Additional Services like Engraving, Resizing, Complimentary Consultations, Follow-Ups, Renders, and so on are available for additional costs.

Does Gemist Offer Financing Options? What Are The Payment Options On Gemist? 

Yes, you can get help for paying off the huge cost of a diamond engagement ring on Afterpay on Gemist. Keep in mind that this isn’t applicable on items out of the inventory, i.e custom items. But even in this case, Gemist promises to help you out.

Where Does Gemist Ship To? What Are The Shipping Options On Gemist? 

For all the jewelry you purchase whether it’s a diamond ring or a sapphire earring, Gemist uses FedEx standard 2-day delivery. If you’re in a hurry, you can get expedited shipping too at extra costs.

Based on what you’ve purchased and the try-on option, most orders ship within a week of ordering it. Rings however takes two to four weeks. But don’t worry because you’ll get regular updates and notifications from Gemist when your order is dispatched as well as the tracking id.

The best thing is Gemist also offers international shipping via FedEx without any additional costs. However, keep in mind that expedited shipping isn’t available for international orders. Also, note that the total costs for shipping will be quoted at the end of checkout.

Does Gemist Resize For Free? 

Gemist also resizes their rings for free if it’s under warranty. However, if you take it to another jeweler, this automatically voids the warranty. However, by taking it to Gemist you may get a replacement, refund, or repair that’s prepaid by Gemist.

For genuine gold rings purchased from Gemist that are outside warranty, you’ll have to pay up to $75.

How To Return Diamond Engagement Rings Bought From Gemist? 

Gemist gets very less returns because of two reasons. First off, most of their buyers make their own rings, and secondly, you can’t return custom jewelry pieces. Their handmade pieces are not eligible for exchanges for the same reason. 

For returns, Gemist requires $14 in handling charges that will be taken from your reimbursement when approved. Have a talk with their customer service team (write to [email protected]) to receive the return shipping label and further instructions if you need to return any of your purchased items.

Any gift item you purchased can be returned or exchanged by talking with the customer service team within 20 days and it will be extended to 30 days for such orders by Gemist.

How To Get In Touch With Gemist? 

You can contact Gemist in many ways as shown below:

Gemist Discounts, Coupons, And Promotions 

Whether you’re a new user a regular buyer, you can get upwards of 10% off when buying from Gemist via coupon codes starting from signing up for their newsletter. There are many independent coupon-grabbing websites you can use for the same to get a lower bill easily by mining the web for a few minutes.

Is Gemist A Fraud? Is Gemist Legit? 

Gemist is one of the legitimate companies with a real goal and a success rate that proves they’ve fulfilled their promises and missions. This is a trustworthy company with strong backing from people with technical backgrounds aimed at guaranteeing convenience for the end user-us. 

I love their custom-designing app and process that beats all the competitors in a heartbeat.

Gemist- The Full Review 

Called the future of custom jewelry, Gemist is a good company started by Madeline aimed at simplifying the hassle of creating your own custom ring. Gemist gives an opportunity to collaborate with a stylist and ring-making specialist so that you can get exactly the engagement ring you want with natural diamonds, lab-made diamonds, and even precious stones or Swarovski crystals.

All you need to do is talk with them for 30 minutes and they’ll take it from there. The process involves sharing your specifics and paying 50% so that they can send you renders of the ring ASAP. While the process takes a few weeks, you get exactly what you want. 

We also loved their option of metals and gemstones. It’s great to work with a designer directly. I particularly love their home try-on option where you get to wear the ring of your dreams for 14 days before deciding on it.

You can get custom sizes, engravings, and unusual sizes and expedited delivery at additional costs here. They make the whole process smooth. Just talk to a customer care executive at Gemist and you’ll know what a cakewalk all of it is!

Gemist Customer Complaints

After digging the internet for hours, we couldn’t find even a handful of complaints against Gemist to show you. On the US Reviews site, 90% voted they’ll buy here and that’s a 10 on Ordering, Delivery, Pricing, and Service.

Gemist Final Verdict 

Gemist is a legitimate diamond seller company that’s a favorite for many people, especially during COVID-19 for all the right reasons. Who wants to go outside and shop nowadays right? 

The company aims at providing high-quality designs and jewelry with a try-at-home service. We love Gemist for how it focuses on the customers and our convenience. 

Making your own dream ring isn’t a cliche here. You get an expert who makes engagement rings for years to help you design your own. They also keep you in the loop every step of the way!

If you’re thinking Gemist, go for it.

Gemist Ratings 

  • User Ratings 19/20

A luxurious-looking site with a striking and loud design, Gemist gets its points across. Everything is neatly organized into the right sections and the fonts are great for every type of reader too. I found this website user-friendly.

  • Variety Of Diamond Engagement Rings 17/20

There are over 61 types of rings available for purchase on Gemist. While that may sound low, the number of customization you can do with these options is simply vast. Try it yourself!

  • Customer Service and Shopping Support 17/20

We found their live chat responsive and email even more helpful. Call on their phone and their executives will take all the time in the world to explain everything in detail. They aren’t pushy and try to make you comfortable every step of the way.

  • Payment, Shipping, Insurance, & Warranty 19/20

You can pay on Gemist via American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal. If cash crunch is your biggest worry, Gemist can also help you with Afterpay.

  • Returns, Refunds, and Trade-In 19/20

You can return items that are picked from the inventory and not customized in any way within 20 days of receiving them at Gemist. Custom pieces cannot be exchanged or returned. A warranty of one year is applicable on all types of jewelry covering its craftsmanship. 

Unfortunately, Gemist doesn’t mention any trade-in options.

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