Gemvara Diamond Engagement Rings Review

Gemvara Diamond Engagement Rings Review

  • User friendly
  • Variety Of Engagement Rings
  • Customer Shopping support
  • Payment, Shipping & Insurance
  • Returns Refunds and Trade- In

Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Gemvara in less than 300 words?

Founded in 2007, Gemvara is an exclusive online diamond seller with a quickly famous online history. Known for having overpriced rings, the same is the biggest disadvantage of Gemvara. With customers reporting hundreds of dollars price difference of items at Gemvara and outside, the company takes no blame for the same. To add to it, Gemvara explicitly discloses that they offer no Price Match for the products displayed.

The exclusive online diamond seller has an innate demerit of having ‘0′ brick and mortar stores, and hence, the sole online reputation has no trustworthy guarantee of Price Match, which is an unjust policy. The company involves in negligible discount offers and is known for high-quality diamonds.

Additionally, the website provides no 3600 rotational videos of the jewelry, which is a severe mistake of the exclusive online jeweler. Displaying nothing but 4 photos that provide a zoom-in snapshot of the product from various angles, Gemvara lacks the high-definition detailed video for quality virtual jewelry buying experience.

If you’re looking for a cheap or cost-efficient diamond from a trustworthy diamond geezer who would assure the best price for your bauble, you should not buy from Gemvara. Having nothing but one headquarters in Boston, the company has a lesser ensuring customer service as well.

Yet another important demerit of the Gemvara official website is its lack of Live Chat. Being a contemporary diamond seller, with negligible highlights and minimum transparency, Gemvara’s lack of instant chat is bound to leave a majority of its customers unanswered.

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Gemvara in 400 words?

Known as a reputable wedding jeweler with the best variety and uniqueness of designs, the style of Gemvara is striking. Providing a wide array of customizable jewelry from Rings to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms, Gemvara is best known for its nuptial collections.

The endless benefits of shopping from Gemvara are

  • One year warranty

Unlike most of its counterparts, Gemvara offers a 365 Days warranty on all its purchases. Known for intricate jewelry designs and quality artisanship, the jewelry makers at Gemvara offer the best flawless designs. However, provided the customer wants a resizing or change to it, Gemvara offers one year warranty for all repairs. All customers must make sure that the same jewelry is not repaired or handled by any other jeweler except the official staff of Gemvara. In such a case, the warranty will be void, and Gemvara collects a nominal fee for the repair.

  • 101-day satisfaction guarantees return policy

Another attractive feature of shopping at Gemvara is for its amazing 101-Day-Satisfaction Policy. The highlight of Gemvara is its customer satisfaction. The company has gone far and wide to make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied with their purchase.

Gemvara offers a 101-day time limit for a 100% refund/ replacement/ resizing of the jewelry. With most of its counterparts offering 10 to 30 days returns policy, Gemvara offers tenfold better service.

  • Free shipping

Offering a free of cost shipping, Gemvara standard shipping is a commendable fast delivery as well. Gemvara provides free shipping to destinations within the U.S and Canada. All customers can make a user account and track the shipment post dispatch.

For expedited delivery, Gemvara also offers exclusive shipping methods including overnight and Saturday delivery for additional costs.  In addition, as all products are shipped with insurance, the shipping is trustworthy and top-rated.

  • The United States made jewelry

All Gemvara jewelry is made within the United States of America and hence adheres to the U.S laws are regulations regarding jewelry manufacture, quality control, and export. The gems are acquired conflict-free through ethical sources as well. Very few items like chains and exclusive jewelry are imported while 99% of the jewelry is made by the best artisans of Gemvara diamonds.

Known for a variety of engagement rings, Gemvara offers Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Rings as part of its wedding collection. Some options, other than customizable rings, are based on style and Shape of choice. To create a ring, Gemvara offers options like engraving, gemstone, wedding, engagement, or based on gender or birthstone as well.

Gemvara FACTS:

Established in 2007 in Boston, Gemvara was founded by Matt Lauzon. With a well-established management system that is headed by the CEO Matt Nichols, Gemvara has risen to be one amongst the top diamond geezers today.

Having its headquarters in 141 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111, United States, the showroom remains open throughout the week from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM. With a slogan as ‘Designer Jewellery Your Way,’ Gemvara has had a striking fan base since its very start. Owing to its reputable customer service that is highly talented and knowledgeable, today, Gemvara receives about 14,624 visits per day from all over the world.

Known as the best customizable online jeweler of our era, if you shop with Gemvara, your every dream can come true! Based on the ideology that fine jewelry comes from love and hence none, but the wearer can design the jewelry the best, Gemvara offers custom-designing on all of its jewelry.

Estimated at an Alexa Rank of 53, 757, Gemvara’s official website is worth a total of $103,363. Known as the revolutionary face of the finest jewelry, Gemvara is the perfect nuptial jewelry for couples who love to dream together. Offering nothing but the best, Gemvara also has the least number of complaints when compared with other online diamond geezers. For more than half a dozen years of diamond selling, Gemvara has wooed an audience that totally loves their shopping experience on the website. To tell the truth, Gemvara has a perfect gem for everybody, regardless of what tastes, character, gender, race, or preferences you have!

The best of taglines to define Gemvara is it’s own- Just click, start designing, and see your unique piece of jewelry come to life in seconds!


Having almost a decade of experience being the world’s favorite designer jewelry, Gemvara has a place for everyone’s dream. Provided with exclusive bonuses like free shipping and ironclad insurance, Gemvara also has highly responsive customer service. We were pleased with the intelligence in the jewelry that the staff possessed and had a wonderful shopping experience on

We loved Gemvara for multiple reasons. It is one of the few online diamond geezers with an untarnished track record. The honest diamond seller has countless positive verified purchases and is a trend at present. Having engagement rings that are price affordable to luxurious, the pricing on Gemvara starts at $250 and ranges until $50,000! The ethically sourced diamonds on Gemvara are also conflict-free. As Gemvara is a strong and noted voice of diamond sellers abiding by the UN protocol for conflict-free diamonds, blood diamonds are unavailable on Gemvara.

The exclusive customizable option of Gemvara was new at the time that it started and currently, the company has proved its superlative expertise in jewelry making. Although Gemvara offers no Layaway plans, it offers a 100% PayPal credit plan, accredited by the Comenity Central Bank. The same is available to none else by U.S citizens. However, Gemvara promises that a fresh layaway plan will soon be added to its online portal.

Yet another striking feature for Gemvara Customers is the free of cost, authentic appraisal for all jewelry that cost more than $1000. If you’re looking for an appraisal to be provided for your jewelry insurer, merely add the same while talking with the customer care. If you think the exclusive goodies of Gemvara stops there, you’re mistaken. Unlike no other jeweler, Gemvara offers a 101-day satisfaction guarantee, but it also provides free engraving for any jewelry as well as the acceptance of Engraved Items as Returns! As most jewelers consider engraved items personal and low on resale value, engraved items are seldom taken back by the jeweler. Needless to add, the shopping assistance on Gemvara overwhelmed us. Offering multiple forms of payment, including Amazon option, Gemvara also offers various shipping options from free to expedited shipping!

The only fault that Gemvara does not budge to resolve is its lack of Price Match service. In fact, the transparent pricing on Gemvara is the perfect answer to customers wondering about the dark side of Gemvara’s lack of Price Matching.  All the sales conducted via the websites are final without any change in price relative to external pricing of the same jewelry. Furthermore, customers can utilize the option of ‘Reserve Today’s Price’ from the homepage by filling their personal credentials.


Rated A+ on the Better Business Bureau website, Gemvara has the reputation of having 7 complaints on its name in the past 3 years, all of which have been closed duly by the officials. It is an appreciable fact that amidst all the renowned diamond jewelers online, Gemvara is one with the least number of negative reviews. Unlike diamond sellers who never even bother to reply to the anguish of their online customers, Gemvara stands as an ideal.

According to the BBB report, Gemvara has received 42 positive reviews and13 negative reviews. Upon digging into the negative reviews, we found that Gemvara has responded to its distressed customers by even offering compensations for delayed delivery of the products.  With over 72% of customers recommending the jeweler, Gemvara is a sought after nuptial jeweler.

Is Gemvara a Fraud?

Definitely not. Gemvara is a trustworthy engagement jeweler, known for the expertise, superior skills, and vision. Recognized for providing custom jewelry with high-end equipment for any design desired by the customer, Gemvara is legit and sought after wedding jeweler. The legitimate jeweler also offers Gemma Gray jewelry and is known, or it’s custom designs rather than an independent inventory. Offering no layaway plan at present does not degrade the jeweler as the official website promises that a new plan will be soon en route to its online customers.

Surfing on Gemvara might seem overwhelming, and you might wonder if it’s all just a dream. We assure you, this is the reality and Gemvara is truly out of the world!


Based on the detailed analysis sans biases or prejudices, we have come to the conclusion that Gemvara is top-quality jewelry with breathtaking designs and personalized customer care with a lovely website. Filled with educational topics like Gemstone Education, How to Buy an Engagement Ring, 4Cs of Diamonds, Diamond Education, and exclusive sections on birthstones, the expert knowledge of the Gemvara crew is stellar!

Offering nothing but conflict-free diamonds and even recycled ones, Gemvara sells nothing but handpicked precious stones. Offering an exclusive line of masculine nuptial jewelry, Gemvara is truly a trademark jeweler of today.

We are pleased to recommend Gemvara to anyone interested in buying a truly memorable, everlasting, and never-seen-before jewel piece for your dream day!

Gemvara Ratings:


The landing page of Gemvara is an attractive portal, set in the standard colors of black and white. The page has easy to read content, inclusive of the technical jewelry education topics. We found the website to be easy to navigate and colorful, thanks to its clean and clear fonts as well as color choices. Every product on the website is accompanied by 4-5 pictures per product from different angles as well as one real-time image.

Variety Of Engagement Rings 18/20:

Offering the best of custom design jewelry, Gemvara claims to have no inventory offline. Priced $250- $50,000, the variety of jewelry such as

  • Gemstone: Sapphire, Emerald, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Black Diamond Amethyst, and Ruby.
  • Diamond: Princess Cut, Vintage, Pear, Marquise, Oval, Cushion, Round, Three Diamonds, Halo, Solitaire, Pear, and Emerald.
  • Wedding: Diamond, Gemstone, Platinum, Gold, Celtic and Wedding sets;
  • Women’s- Charms, Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and wedding bands;
  • Men’s- All-metal, Gold, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Cladaggah, and Diamond rings.

Customer Shopping support 17/20:

As aforementioned, we have had an appreciable shopping experience on Gemvara. The knowledgeable staff responded to our email contact form within 12 hours and also responded to all our queries. The staff also went the extra mile to suggest improvements and technical advice regarding the buy.

The various contact options available on Gemvara are:

Payment, Shipping & Insurance 19/20:

Payment Methods- Accepting multiple payments, you can use Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal, PayPal Credit, Amazon Payments, and Google Checkout while shopping on Gemvara.
Shipping- All standard shipping is free while Saturday and overnight shipping options are available for additional fees. Customers can also order items via phone.
Insurance- All shipments are exclusively insured by Gemvara prior to shipping.

Returns Refunds and Trade- In 18/20:

Returns- Gemvara offers a 101-day Satisfaction guarantee, and if the customer dislikes, they can opt to return the product within 101 days of receiving the delivery. All items must be returned in original conditions with the bill attached to it. Contact customer care via phone or email and proceed to return the order via mail.
Refunds- The diamond geezer offers a 100% refund on the item when returned within 101-days time, and in addition, a one-year warranty covering the defects of craftsmanship is also observed by the diamond vendor.
Trade-up- Currently, Gemvara offers no trade-up options for its diamonds.

3 Reviews

  1. We are currently in a dispute with Gemvara over sub standard stones used in our wedding set. The stones have turned dark and cloudy within 3 months of wear. And because we wore the rings and they aren’t “new and unused with the tags attached”, Gemvara stated that our warranty is void. We reported them to the BBB, and are now in process of going through the Attorney General. It has not been pleasant.

  2. i have purchased several pieces from Gemvara. I putchasd my engagement ring, my wife’s wedding bands, and a push present for when our first son was born. my wife purchased my wedding band there as well. I love that you can customize any piece on their site to your heart’s content, and their policies support the customer at every turn, offering free resizing & a one year warranty without any cost. i’ve found them to be not only reasonable, but helpful beyond measure.
    Gemvara is our jeweler for life.

  3. I spent almost $2000.00 with an order from GemVara in the spring of 2019. What I received was far below the quality product that I have received in the past. Most of the problem had to do with Emylee Rose, supposedly Customer Service. There is nobody at home at GemVara to quality check that products are sent to customers.

    Problems with the Gemvara Order:

    1. One of the ruby earring pair has a bent post and the back slides off the post.
    2. Rose Gold Ruby Pendant was placed on a silver chain but O-ring was to large to be able to removed from pendant from the chain.
    3. The small ring size 7 matching the above pendant and earring set, does not fit as well as the size 7 larger stone ring. The size appears to be off.

    Usually GemVara requests a review from its customers. I never received anything from GemVara to provide a review.

    I won’t be ordering any future products from GemVara.


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