Genesis Diamonds Review

Genesis Diamonds Review

Why Should You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring, Watch and Jewelry On Genesis Diamonds Jewelry?

Genesis Diamonds Nashville is one of the premium diamond sellers online. Before you finalize on buying with them, here are some of the perks of shopping with Genesis Diamonds. It will make you drool and buy your engagement ring right away!

·      Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

Genesis Diamonds is awarded the Best Jewelry Store and Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring by Music City, Nashville. This is their 10-years-in-a-row award too so you can believe that customers love Genesis Diamonds.

·      Helpful Sales Executives

About a good majority of Yelp Reviews about Genesis Diamond shows the customer service staff can be of help, at needy times. Most of the customers had a good experience, sans some.

·      Holds Charities and Donations

Genesis Diamonds also gives back to the community. They are proud Supporter of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Official Jeweler of the Tennessee Titans and Official Jeweler of the Kentucky Wildcats.

·      Engravings At No Charge

When you go for an engagement ring from Genesis Diamonds, be assured you won’t have to pay any engraving charge. It is free of cost! Moreover, you can even get the engraving done in the handwriting of your fiancé!

·      Price Match

Genesis Diamonds has a guarantee that if you find a better price on a Designer Diamond engagement ring as seen on the store, they will beat it. Their Price Match Guarantee is only valid within 30 days of purchase date. The matched item must have identical color, clarity, certification, metal content and weight. Gray market vendor prices will not be considered. s

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Your Diamond Engagement Ring On Genesis Diamonds?

If you’re Smitten by Genesis Diamonds, I want to tell you some ugly truths about it. You might not like it, but you need to know it before you start shopping on Genesis Diamonds online or offline.

·      Pushy About Credit Card

The first thing a good majority of in-store customers talked about is how the sales people are too pushy about making you get a credit card for your purchase. You might feel uncomfortable is all that we’re saying. They’re too salesy!

·      No Assurance of Full Refunds and Returns

One of the peculiar comments we noticed was about a loophole in their notorious Returns and Refund Policy. One customer named Andy from Seattle bought a ring but when he tried to return it, he was denied refunds. Their excuse? Ring size except for 6.5 are charged as custom order. Who knew right?!

·      Long Delays in Resizing

Some customers also reported that it took up to 3 months to resize their rings. Others had recurrent problems with the resizing and had to keep coming back.

·      Missing Diamonds During Maintenance

Casey from Gilbert on Yelp reported that every time she send her ring for maintenance, a diamond was lost. She has also shared the picture of the lost diamond, before and after pictures of the maintenance-done diamond in her review.

·      Poor and Unintelligent Customer Service

Some customers reported absent-minded and stupid responses from the  sales representatives. When a customer says they want wedding bands, what’s the point of showing other rings? That’s what happened with Amy K from Berry Hill.

·      Poor Craftsmanship

Diamonds fall out on Genesis Diamond engagement rings. This is not an isolated case. One customer Liz D also reported that upon the delay in resizing, she was informed the ring was missing and currently overseas. They do not disclose any overseas maintenance as it is an NYC based engagement ring store.  

What Varieties of Engagement Diamond Jewelry Are Offered On Genesis Genesis Diamonds?

A whopping 30,000 diamonds are displayed on the Genesis Diamonds store. If you’re looking for diamond engagement rings from various designers, this is the place to be. Genesis Diamonds feature designers such as Tacori, Verragio, Gabriel & Co, A Jaffe, Christopher Designs, Henri Daussi, Simon G and Kirk Kara.

In the wedding rings category, they have Hers, Red Carpet Rings, Eternity Rings and 5-Stone Ring collections.

Financing Options for Engagement Rings On Genesis Diamonds

Genesis Diamonds offer Flexible financing plans for buyers. You can even buy your engagement ring of choice with 25% down payment. You will be able to avail convenient monthly installments with dedicated credit line not tied to your bank. They have plans such as

  • 12 Month Financing
  • 24 Month Financing
  • 36 Months Financing
  • 48 Months Financing
  • 60 Months Financing  

Retailer or E-Tailer?

Genesis Diamonds is both a retailer and an online diamond engagement ring seller. They have retail locations in Montgomery, Cincinnati; Nashville, Tennessee; Louisville and Brentwood.

What Are the Refund and Returns Policy of Genesis Diamonds Engagement Rings?

To ensure risk-free shopping experience online, Genesis diamond offers 100% refunds with 30-day return policy. If you’re dissatisfied with your engagement ring with diamonds, you can return it for a full refund. You won’t have to pay restocking or hassle fee in this case. Ensure that the ring is not anything other than 6.5 in size because GD do not offer returns for other ring sizes.

Genesis Diamonds also offer a unique policy called 110% Lifetime Upgrade. It means, your diamond will increase 10% in value when you decide to sell or exchange it for another rock. Besides 100% Refunds, Genesis Diamonds also offer Direct diamond Import Prices.  

Contact Information Of Genesis Diamonds Engagement Rings

Contacting Genesis Diamonds is not an ordeal. You have many ways to do so

One– Cincinnati, 8060 Montgomery Road, Suite 500, Cincinnati, OH 45236, Phone: (513) 657-3000

Two– Nashville, 3742 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215, Phone: (615) 269-6996

Three– Louisville, 4600 Shelbyville Road, Suite 106, Louisville, KY 40207, Phone: (502) 891-0424

Four– Brentwood (Cool Springs), 1731 Mallory Lane, Suite 114, Brentwood, TN 37027, Phone: (615) 371-6765

Does Genesis Diamonds Have a Jewelry Education Blog?

Yes. They have in-depth articles on Diamonds Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat, Diamond Certification, Diamond Shape, and Conflict-Free Diamonds buying. You will be an expert once you finish reading all these blogs on diamond engagement ring buying.

Genesis Diamonds Jewelry Full Review

Started in 2004 in South, Genesis Diamonds is spread out across Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio today. Their incredible diamonds and one of a kind diamond engagement ring designs are worth dying for!

Led by President and Founder Boaz Ramon, Genesis has a legacy. With GIA certified diamonds in plenty, GD is the best place to go to, if you’re buying loose diamonds for your engagement ring or wedding ring. They have a good lifetime guarantee option too that covers resizing, repairs and maintenance. The many perks also Military Discount for veterans who have served the country. Proudly manufactured in New York, Genesis Diamonds features eye catchy diamond engagement ring designs. Their direct diamond import prices are staggering. They are authority to more than 700 jewelry stores across the U.S.A.

However, many customers complain about the quality of craftsmanship and customer service after care for engagement rings. It is typically rated low on customer service as the staff is considered pushy and salesy if you buy in-store. You need to watch out for impulse buying as well. Look for imperfections in your ring early to avoid mishaps. Always check your diamonds before sending and after receiving your ring from Genesis Diamonds after maintenance.

Genesis Diamonds Jewelry Complaints

Genesis Diamonds Lawsuit is when Genesis Diamonds were accused of using EGL diamond verification reports, unlike the claimed GIA reports. The lawsuit is described as a customer complaining against GD for selling a diamond overestimated for its value. They were in the news for fraudulently violating the Consumer Protection Law.

The customer in the lawsuit is Davidson resident James Wells who bought a diamond ring valued at $27,500. When he appraised the stone with an independent gemologist, he found the color and clarity was inflated by Genesis Diamonds.

Is Genesis Diamonds Jewelry A Fraud: Better Business Bureau Reports

A+ Rating is the official rating of Genesis Diamonds on BBB. It is an accredited business since 11-4-2012. Unfortunately, there are Zero Reviews against Genesis Diamonds on BBB and we cannot assert the value of the jewelry store.

Engagement Ring Jewelry On Genesis Diamonds Final Verdict

We find that Genesis Diamonds is a good place to shop online, but is the worst jewelry store to buy offline. If you watch out for the cons of Genesis Diamonds we have mentioned above, your purchase will be safe and sound. We recommend them if you want to buy loose diamonds.

Ratings Of Engagement Ring Jewelry Genesis Diamonds

– User Friendly

Yes, the official website of Genesis Diamonds is easy to navigate and buy your selection of diamond engagement ring.

– Variety

Over 50,000 loose diamonds are available on Genesis Diamonds. As there are a number of designers on GD, you will find incessant bespoke engagement rings too.

– Shopping Support

Although there is no live chat or shopping assistant option, you can directly contact Genesis to get help about it. They take up to a day to respond to emails submitted by Contact Form.

– Payment, Shipping & Insurance


You can pay on Genesis Diamonds Using

  • VISA
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Order
  • Wire Transfer (2% discount) supports Bank of America


Genesis Diamond is not a drop-shipper. Each item passes a high-quality control check before being dispatched to you. You need to sign at the time of delivery though.

You can also place rush orders if you need expedited delivery too. All the packages are shipped for free, including international orders.

Shipping is completed using FedEx.


Packages are insured during transit and 100% safe.

One Review


    I was referred to Genesis by a coworker of mine, and had a good experience purchasing an engagement ring. While shopping the manager David and salesperson Elizabeth, both stated how safe it was shopping there. If I wanted to upgrade the diamond later, I can. If need be, there was a 30-day return policy.

    Unfortunately, the proposal was not accepted by my ex. Devastated, I took the ring back ONLY 7 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE. What I found out is as I accepted a “discount” on the diamond and ring, THE “30 DAY RETURN GURANTEE” BECAME VOID! I was also only given 1 day for an exchange.

    The 30 day guarantee on the website and instore material deceptively leave out this stipulation. Their policy also states a 30 exchange period would be allowed, though they are denying me this as well.

    When leaving their store David the manager left me with the following words after a horrible week. “I did and said what I needed to make a sale, now this is just business.”

    If I would have known how shady the business practices are at Genesis and how they go against everything they advertise, I would have stayed far away.



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