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Why shouldn’t you buy your engagement ring on Helzberg in 77 words?

I believe in leading your team by faith, good reward, honesty, education, etc.’. Unfortunately, I found some very disturbing employees complaints about Helzberg… That was only the beginning if your employees are unsatisfied, how could your customer be? At that point, I can honestly say that the customer’s reviews I have seen got me shocked, unlike most others, at least one customer had got his diamond ring estimated outside as much as 50% of what he paid!

Why should you buy your engagement ring on Helzberg in 110 words?

A very good friend of mine is a typical rusher! He called me in the middle of the night to consult about his engagement ring purchase. At first, I asked if he knows what he wants? Or what she wants? What his budget is? Soon he got to tell that he is locked on one ring at a great price. So I asked some questions about the store: is there a guarantee? “lifetime” he said, financing? “There is,” return option? “Free return.” Well as you can always argue about the 4 C’s, it seemed that all background rules are filled to the high standard… and so it was!

Helzberg “I am loved” facts:

Helzberg Diamonds is a jewelry retailer founded in 1915 by Morris Helzberg that has over 200 stores in the United States. CEO is Beryl Raff, and the headquarters are located on North Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Helzberg customer’s complaints

We would describe this topic as a major problem with Helzberg. Since Helzberg is a large company with over 200 locations and a massive amount of customers, complaints are very easy to find. We found customers who complained about low-quality engagement rings, as setting stones are falling off, employees that describe how managers are motivated to sell care program for bonuses, whereas Helzberg are giving a hard time for actually taking care for problems and so on.

Is Helzberg a fraud?

If I spoke to you as your friend, I would say to you not to applicate for a job in Helzberg, since this is not “jobsthatsuck”, I would only tell you that with selling diamonds, Helzberg is not a fraud, with thousands of satisfied customers, it is reasonable to have some bad customers reviews.

Helzberg- the full Review

Helzberg has started as a one-man store about 100 years ago, which has now grown into over 200 stores all over us, in addition to Helzberg online. I like Helzberg’s goal, saying that once somebody sees the Helzberg’s diamond, would automatically ignite the feelings of “I am loved.” My special attention is given to Helzberg’s unique designs! I’ve seen a lot of companies that give you the option to pick a diamond yourself, but at first (to me) it all looked the same. Helzberg’s large variety of different designs, already made would sometimes be much better than trying to make one your own… Just like all other companies, you can always have a look and then just try your pick at all other stores. I must say on these lines, that a good salesman is a salesman that feels good- about his boss, his job and his surroundings. I am badly impressed by the way; Helzberg’s employees are treated if they make it loud on the web to complain… what would an outside customer say?

My conclusion

Helzberg has a very large audience of happy customers, who most of them are not even mentioned online. Helzberg’s sales volume is one of the highest on the market; we consider all complaints as limited justified. According to the very large variety, the special designs, and the very good value for money, we for sure recommend visiting and buying an engagement ring on Helzberg.

Helzberg ratings

User-Friendly 18/20

Helzberg is one of the most welcoming diamonds websites I have visited, and trust me. I have been there for quite a long while. On the landing page, without any unnecessary words or stories, you will find the exact reason you came for, whether for a diamond, a ring, a watch or any other pieces of jewelry. I must mention the very nice coloring of the website, makes it a pleasure to sail through the options!

Variety of diamonds 19/20

Helzberg has a huge variety of diamond products, especially considering the presented complete engagement rings, watches, loose diamonds, and other jewelry, in addition to the ability to have all diamonds In 4 different finishing qualities, makes Helzberg one of the larger varieties on the market.

Customer Shopping Support 12/20

Live chat and a phone number are available only on business hours; an e-mail is also only replied within those hours. Other than that very unique assistance comes in the way of an android/iOS app that helps the average excited male or female decide about what, how and where to propose, how to measure a ring, how to ask her/ his parents, etc.’.

Payment, Shipping and Insurance 18/20

Cash is available via major credit cards, PayPal and bank wire transfer and is protected by the most up to date online security companies. 3 different options make shipping: quick- for in-stock items, less quick- if shipped directly from the factory, the slowest shipping, is for those who require sizing.

Returns, Refund, and Trade in 12/20

Helzberg allows up to 30 days on the return for sizing and fixing, Helzberg allows lifetime guarantee program, in pay, which promises you free repair, polish and another necessary workshop. I did not manage to reveal the refund options held; I only found a lower price refund with no bonus.

4 Reviews

  1. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!! I’m not sure if we came on a bad day, but the lady that waited on us was the rudest sales person I have EVER met! One of my girlfriends had just gotten engaged, and wanted to get sized, since her new engagement ring was too small. She explained to the saleslady that she just wanted to check her size because she was pretty sure she was a 6 and her fiance thought she was a 5, and with being pregnant, she just wasn’t sure anymore. The saleslady then, very disrespectfully, asked why they didn’t get her sized when he bought the ring at the other store. Keeping quite calm, we replied that my girlfriend was not with her now fiance when he bought the ring, hence the mix-up. Again, the unpleasant saleslady replied nastily, asking why we didn’t just go back to the place her fiance bought the ring to get sized. At this point, needless to say, we were all pretty fed up with her patronizing remarks, but again replied that the other store had just closed, and that she was just curious of the correct sizing. The saleslady FINALLY, but still reluctantly grabbed out the sizing rings and began the process. This wasted about 5-10 minutes of our time with her unprofessionally procrastinating before we received anything besides nasty remarks. After the sizing, we left that place knowing that none of us would EVER buy from Helzberg in the future because of this incident. A couple of days later, my girlfriend went to double check on the saleslady’s sizing, because she was so rude and obviously untrustworthy, and it turned out she sized her WRONG!! The saleslady at Helzberg sized her at a 6.5, where she is really a 5.5 – 6. This could’ve been a mistake or oversight on behalf of the testy saleslady, but with how snide she acted, I wouldn’t put it past her for that ‘oversight’ to have been completely ill willed.

  2. My boyfriend at the time purchased a beautiful promise ring some time in October of 2016, almost a year later and my ring cracked right down the middle, I couldn’t believe it as I was sitting down talking with family. I am pretty disappointed only because I thought the quality was perfect and realized that obviously it is not. How can a jeweler sell rings that will break within a year? I shall never shop here again.

  3. Worst customer service ever!
    They sell to the masses and sell low
    Quality diamonds at high quality prices!
    I will never recommend them to anyone!
    Salesman lied and misrepresented return policy!
    Awful experience

  4. Helzberg appear to run phishing scams. They had a win an XBOX One X promotion that was supposed to be drawing on the 17th of December, and they completely removed it. No winners list, no rules, no notifications. It just vanished from their site. Now all that I have is continued spam from them. (At least 2-3 a day)

    I will never buy from them after this latest scam. They lost a customer with a wife and 4 daughters for some email addresses. Shame on them.


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