History and Meanings of Promise Rings

History and Meanings of Promise Rings

Given to lovers, friends and even family to show commitment, promise rings are a beautiful accessory. It has deep meanings in almost every case. Do you know you can give promise ring to your boyfriend to symbolize your love? You’re in a relationship that’s going well, or you have hopes for a bright future together? Give a promise ring to mark your love.

Promise rings are not a trivial present. It represents history and there are all kinds of promise rings you have to know about. Did you know there are a type of promise rings for romantic poetry alone? Get yours now.

What a Promise Ring means?

Also known as Commitment rings, Promise rings are different from engagement rings. They don’t need to be extravagant and precious. You can even select a sterling silver or tungsten ring for a promise ring. Even a plain band ring without stones is a good promise ring to give your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Promise ring means commitment and an eternal vow of something. When I got my promise ring, my boyfriend said, ‘this is a seal you’re mine until the day I marry you’. Yes, there was so much possessiveness, but what is ‘I love you’ without it?

What is the history of Promise rings?

There are many histories to promise rings. One of the famous are Posy rings, given in England during the 16tth century. The peculiar thing about posy rings were that they had romantic poems engraved inside. It could be a verse or even a phrase.  

Another fable says Promise rings evolved from Acrostic rings. These are rings made of gemstones that spelled words out on them. To be clear, promise rings were adopted by jewelers by the 1970s. Promise rings are like Claddagh rings, which were rings given by the Irish for love and friendship as the symbol denotes.  

Types of Promise Rings

Are you thinking of giving your lover a promise ring? Don’t hurry although it can be tempting. Promise rings mean togetherness and an eternal bond. Are you ready to find out the best promise ring you can give the most special person in your life?

·      Pre-engagement ring

As promise ring is a sign of commitment, however little it is, before your marriage. Whether you marry or not, this is the phase before the fiancé. You can seal it with a pre-engagement promise ring!

·      Purity Ring

Considered a ring for abstinence until marriage, purity ring is also called a chastity ring. They are removed on the wedding day and replaced with your wedding ring. Purity rings can be presented to each other as a couple, worn by yourself as a statement or ceremoniously given by parents.

·      Friendship ring

A popular ring for friends, Promise rings are often exchanged between couples to show friendship. In this case, you can wear two rings of the same kind. Friendship rings can be exchanged between acquaintances to show how much you want friendship from that person.

·      Exclusive Commitment

When there isn’t any marriage, a promise ring signifies the exclusive common law companionship between the couple. It is a ring that seals your commitment of living together with each other. It won’t be replaced by the engagement ring.  

·      Promise Ring for Self

Do you know you can gift yourself a promise ring? If you made a promise to yourself never to drink or smoke again, gift a promise ring to mark your promise in style and reality!

·      Family Promise Rings

Family members can also give promise rings to each other to mark a unique moment or event in their lives. Be it a birthday promise or wedding promise, you can gift your brother, sister, mother or father a promise ring too.

Which finger do you wear a promise ring?

Promise rings are worn on the left hand until the day of your engagement. After engagement, move the promise ring to the right hand or completely remove it.

What to engrave on a Promise ring?

Popular things to engrave on a promise ring are poetry or verses such as

  • His queen and Her King
  • Song of Songs 3:4 (For I have found the one whom my soul searches for)
  • I love You
  • Forever
  • Your Initials like D & S for Dennis and Sarah
  • To my true love
  • To my soul mate

Before you go …

Are you ready to pick your promise ring for your boyfriend or girlfriend? It has to simple more than special, unlike an engagement or wedding ring. You are not going to wear it forever as you can remove it after the wedding too.

What’s your budget for promise rings? Share it with our community below!

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