History and Meanings of Purity Ring

History and Meanings of Purity Ring

The New York Time’s described as a ring that says ‘no, not yet’. That’s for the couples. But, what if you get a purity ring from your parents as a teenager? It means to keep yourself pure and treasure the ring like your own purity. It’s baffling, but the history and meanings purity ring is also fascinating. Let’s find out all about it in the next five minutes!

What is a Purity Ring?

History and Meanings of Purity Ring

Popular as ‘Abstinence Rings, Promise Rings and Chastity Rings, Purity Ring meaning is simple. It is a ring to protect and cherish your purity before marriage. A huge trend in the 90s, purity ring is a common present between couples nowadays.

What is the History of Purity Ring?

History and Meanings of Purity Ring

It was the Christian community of the 1990s that popularized the use and wear of purity rings. Worn by Christian girls, purity ring one’s lost also used to mean the loss of the purity of the girl. Such dark times, we’ve passed. But, the truth is purity ring is exchanged by lovers for a bigger meaning today. We’ll come to it in detail soon.

There were even federal grants for young women who wore purity rings and took virginity pledges during the times according to Wiki. The facts say, one of the evangelical church received $1 Million to promote the abstinence rings too.

How to Make a Purity Ring Proposal and Vow?

You can make a purity ring proposal with simple honest truth that you feel towards your lover. It needn’t be a proposal. It just needs to be cheesy and true.

I will give you an example of a proposal for purity ring

  • Will you be mine and mine only until I marry you
  • This is the seal that we will remain for each other until our wedding

Got it?

Let’s find out more about vows for a purity ring proposal now.

  • I pledge to abstain from the pleasures of flesh until communion with you.
  • I vow to be yours forever and ever

Go it? Make it special, alright!

What’s the difference between a promise ring and a purity ring?

A promise ring is given as a ring before the engagement or proposal. It is a ring to test the waters, if you must. A purity ring is offered out of consent from both parties as a promise together rather than a surprise from one person.

Purity rings are a kind of promise ring. It is a sign of commitment. When you abstain from sex until marriage, it is called a purity ring.

Why wear a Purity Ring?

History and Meanings of Purity Ring

Do you know why do people wear purity rings? It’s not out of fashion. In fact, celebrities today wear purity rings like Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra did before their wedding. Purity ring signifies a whole lotta things. Let’s find out what so that you can be sure of whom to give it to!

  • For Religious beliefs

Did your parents give you the purity ring? It is a sign of protection to safeguard you from bad things. Christianity considers it as a protective ring for young women.

  • For Chastity

You can wear a purity ring when you’re promising your beau to abstain from sex before the wedding. Chastity rings are same as purity rings as they say ‘no, not yet’.

  • For a Promise you made to yourself

You can wear a purity ring for the promise you made to yourself. It can be a symbol of your achievement or commitment rather than a romantic thing too. Give yourself a purity ring to appreciate yourself!

Top 7 Purity Rings to Buy for your Fiancé

·      Brilliant Earth Gold Rae Purity Ring

Image result for 18K Yellow Gold Rae Diamond Ring

Source: Brilliant Earth

A single diamond gold ring ideal for purity ring, this Brilliant Earth piece is one to behold. It is available in 14K Rose Gold, 18K White Gold and 18K Yellow Gold besides Platinum. The total weight of the diamond is 0.01 carat set in a scalloped pave setting. It is Made in the U.S.A.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Price: $550

·      Fascinating Diamonds Celtic Purity Ring  

Image result for Braided Couples Matching Bands

Source: Fascinating Diamonds

Braided matching bands at a fascinating price from Fascinating Diamonds, this Celtic purity ring is made for classy couples. It is a simple design with other metal options of 14K- white, yellow, rose, 18K- white, yellow, rose and platinum too. You can even check the verified yelp review of the item on the same source page.

Metal: 14K Rose Gold

Price: $782

·      Brilliance Curled Purity Ring

Source: Brilliance

Offered with Affirm Finance option, Brilliance is made with 3.5mm band width with a curled heart design in shimmering beauty. High polished to perfection for a comfort fit, this curled purity ring comes with Lifetime Warranty and FREE shipping too.

Metal: 14K White Gold and 18K White Gold

Price: $1,125

·      Brian Gavin Castle Monte shoulder

Source: Brian Gavin

Available in metal options of 18K White gold and 18K Yellow gold besides Platinum, this Brian Gavin purity ring is a beautiful piece. The total carat weight of the tiny diamonds on the ring are 0.152, set with four prongs. It can hold a diamond of 0.90 carat to 1.25 carats with a top height of 2.8mm.

Metal: 18K Yellow Gold

Price: $2,040

·      James Allen Pave Infinity Ring


The pave infinity purity ring comes in rose gold with 45 diamonds studded on it. The total carat weight of the rocks on the ring are 0.27 carats with F to G colors and VS2 to SI1 clarity. It is a stackable ring that will pair well with your engagement ring in the future.

Source: James Allen

Metal: 14K Rose Gold

Price: $1,350

·      Whiteflash Seasons of Love Purity Ring  

Set with four prongs, this purity ring comes within 4 weeks. The diamond size ranges from 0.50 to 2.00 carats. All the diamonds on the ring are round shaped that is resizeable up to one size above or below.

Source: Whiteflash

Metal: 18K White Gold

Price: $1,790

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