How Durable Is The Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

How Durable Is The Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

If you wondered Why to choose Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Rings, we sat down with experts and found all the answers. Start choosing your diamond ring setting smartly for the engagement ring to get the most secure setting? Pave setting is sparkly but is it secure too? Find it out in the next five minutes!

What is Pave Setting of Diamond Engagement Rings?

The setting that mimics paved diamonds on the road, pave setting for diamond rings are the most popular setting in 2018. It is a fairytale setting with glitz and glamour adorned on it.

Pave (pah-vey) is a word from French that translates to ‘to pave’. The small diamonds are called melees, held by the sleek prongs. It is most popular for diamonds in the shape of round and princess cuts.

What is Micro-Pave Setting?

When diamonds smaller than you see on a pave set ring are used to make jewelry, it is called as a micro-pave set ring. Micro-pave shows a different look than the pave due to its tinier shimmers mimicking honeycombs. They look flawless and smoother than most of the other pave setting diamond engagement rings.

What is French Pave Setting?

Also called fishtail pave setting, French pave setting diamond ring for engagement represents a fishtail when looked from sides. The V-Cup that holds the melee diamonds in this pave setting is to applaud for the tiny diamond set without any show of metal!

French pave setting by design offers more sparkle than any other pave set diamond ring.

How much does Pave Setting Cost Vs Channel or Halo Setting in diamond engagement rings?


What are the Advantages of Choosing Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Rings?

Why is pave setting good for bling? What makes pave setting the best choice for a sparkling engagement ring? Are pave set diamond rings cheaper to buy? Why do pave setting diamond rings look so beautiful? Get all your questions answered now!

·         Shinier Than Other Settings

When compared with most of the setting for diamond engagement rings in the market, pave outshines them all. It is paved by many tiny diamonds and hence it offers the best sparkle you can ever get for your buck.

·         Make Your Center Diamond Look HUGE

Another benefit of going for pave set engagement ring is because it will enhance the size of your center stone. Pave set diamond rings make your center diamond inflated in size. In short, it will add to more bling, again!

·         Excellent Variety And Designs

Because pave setting is one of the earliest settings, it is frequently seen on the ring finger nowadays. From celebrities to the layman, pave set diamond rings are popular everywhere. That’s why pave set diamond rings for engagement are available in a plethora of designs.

·         Hide The Dull Diamonds

Another pro to choosing to pave setting for your wedding ring is if you have duller loose diamonds you want to hide. Going for a duller mix of tiny diamonds can help you save up on the costs of getting bigger diamonds in channel setting.

Why no to Choose Pave Setting Diamond Engagement Rings?

Are pave set diamond rings safe? Why do experts downgrade pave setting diamond engagement rings? What makes pave setting unsuitable for diamond engagement rings? Get the right answers to choose the right setting for your diamond wedding ring.

·         Easy to Loose Stones

Pave setting does not uphold for the most secure diamond setting for engagement rings. This is because you can lose your tiny diamonds on a pave set ring easily than the others. Moreover, you will not realize that you lost the diamonds or be able to search for it because it will take forever to know you’ve lost it.

·         More Crevices for Dirt

Because pave setting diamond engagement rings are made with tiny prongs with tiny pits and curves, it is easy to get dirty. Oil, sweat and dust or dirt will settle into your diamond engagement ring more if you choose to pave setting. However, it only means more cleaning, if you’re a diamond lover.

·         Expensive than other Settings

As pave setting requires extreme microscopic craftsmanship, the making charges of pave setting diamond rings can be alarming. So, ensure that you have the budget before your girlfriend jumps on a pave set diamond beauty!

·         Not so Comfy for Daily Wear

If you’re a person who needs hands throughout your day of work, pave design can be risky. The multiple prongs can prick through gloves to leather and plastic easily. If you want a durable design, brown our diamond education blog for help. We’ve amazing advice on the best diamond ring setting especially for engagement rings you will wear every day for the rest of your life.


Pave Setting or Not? When you’re wondering which setting to get for your engagement ring, running through all the settings is the best idea ever. Google Pave setting of diamond engagement rings and you will thank us later!

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